In present time, entire WWE is adorned by some of the beautiful divas who boost reputation of this organisation by their hot looks. These WWE divas possess excellent talent inside the ring and moreover, they are very gorgeous. Till date, these divas have won many championships titles and fought the battle in the ring. This indicates that apart from being excellent in their look, they have done well in their fight.

Discussing about the WWE divas, many of you know that few of the hottest WWE divas such as Stacy, Trish, and Lita have now retired and arrived into the prestigious WWE hall of fame. If you want to know the details of most famous and beautiful WWE divas in 2022, you will be fascinated by its beauty and talent, to get complete information refer below:

10. Charlotte:

Hottest WWE Divas 2019

Charlotte (alternatively known as Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr) is a renowned American professional wrestler and previous personal trainer, presently contracted to WWE. The WWE diva is the daughter of the previous professional wrestler as well as former WWE World Heavy Weight Champion named as Ric Flair. It is known that she became WWE Divas Champion once and also she became WWE Women’s Champion for four times. She is presently reigning over the Divas partition in WWE and this is the reason why she received the 10th position in the list of gorgeous and hot looking WWE divas right now. Being a teenager, she made appearance with her father in WWE during various fights.

9. Alexa Bliss:

Hottest WWE Divas

Alexa Bliss is a beautiful diva who has been involved in NXT since year 2013 and lately she has been recruited to the chief roster other than Smackdown Live. It was in year 2015 that she began to gain more popularity when she collaborated with the NXT tag team champions. She collaborated with Murphy and Blake which is the time she turned away from her baby-face device of putting on a tutu and being all around sparkles to becoming a topmost heel in the company. In year 2013, Alexa agreed for a contract with WWE and she was also allotted to WWE Performance Center as well as famous developmental brand called NXT in Orlando, located in Florida.

8. Eva Marie:

Hottest WWE Divas

Eva Marie (alternatively known as Natalie Marie Coyle) is a famous American actress, professional wrestler, fitness model, who is presently signed to WWE. Apart from her hot looks, she is famous as she has also won the Powertech Model & Fitness Competition in year 2012. Moreover, she has even made appearance on some magazine covers comprising Import Tuner Magazine, Ruckus, and Glam Fit Magazine. Additionally, she even appeared in the September edition of popular magazine- Maxim, adding to her fame. In year 2015, Marie started wrestling in form of a part of the NXT women’s department. Last year, Marie returned to the main roster, formally becoming a share of the brand -SmackDown in year 2016.

7. Maryse:

Hottest WWE Divas

Maryse (alternatively known as Maryse Mizanin) is a French Canadian actress, glamour model apart from being a former professional wrestler presently signed to WWE. Maryse appearance in world of glamour model and acting truly depicts ho hot and gorgeous she is. It is known that Maryse won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada title in year 2003 and she was even presented on the cover of prestigious calendar-Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada calendar. Moreover, Maryse has won many beauty pageants, and she is even intending to launch her own clothing and jewellery brand known as House of Maryse. She is even skilled in wrestling and she was recruited to the Raw brand and she received the Divas Championship in year 2010 for the second time.

6. Summer Rae:

Hottest WWE Divas

Summer Rae is known as an American professional wrestler, actress, model and former American football player presently hired to WWE. Due to her hot appearance, she was even featured in the popular movie like The Marine 4: Moving Target, with WWE superstar named Miz. Apart from that, she has been also featured on various magazine covers and been encompassed in the list of the hottest WWE Divas ever. It is known that she remained as a main cast member on the reality show entitled Total Divas for complete two seasons. Moreover, before joining WWE, she performed with the Chicago Bliss of the popular organization called Legends Football League.

5. Emma:

Hottest WWE Divas 2019

Emma (also known as Tenille Dashwood) is an Australian based professional wrestler presently hired to WWE. The reason of her high popularity is that Emma won several championships in WWE. Besides, she started a cooking show on YouTube known by name- Taste of Tenille. Last year, she declared that she is in a relationship with celebrity of WWE- Zack Ryder (known as Matthew Cardona). Because of her hot look, Emma has been featured on several renowned magazine covers. Emma also won many WWE championships title which depicts that she performs well in fighting as well along with her beautiful look.

4. Renee Young:

Hottest WWE Divas

Renee Young (alternatively known as Renee Paquette) is a Canadian based sports broadcaster and beautiful actress. Yet she is not considered as a professional wrestler, she has been contracted by WWE in designation of commentator and interviewer. Based on her beauty and hot look, it would be an intelligent decision to provide her the 4th position in this list of topmost 10 WWE gorgeous divas. It is known that Young was the leading full-time female to deliver commentary over a decade. Presently, the diva stays as host of a show entitled Unfiltered, in which she interviews various WWE superstars.

3. Paige:

Hottest WWE Divas

Paige is basically an English professional wrestler and beautiful actress known by her fair look, presently hired to WWE. As of now, she is the longest ruling NXT Women’s Champion (for period of 308 days). Her performance suggests that Paige is talented and greatest of all, she is a very gorgeous athlete. Due to her hot look, Paige has appeared in various movies for WWE such as Santa’s Little Helper. Furthermore, she has even won the prestigious title-Diva of the Year by Rolling Stone in year 2014. Paige is a two-time Divas Champion as well as she was the first NXT Women’s Champion in developmental branch of WWE named as NXT.

2. Nikki Bella:

Hottest WWE Divas

Nikki Bella (alternatively known as Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace) is an American actress and professional wrestler, presently hired to WWE. Moreover, she is formally the lengthiest reigning WWE Divas Champion (for period of 301 days). While glancing at her personal life, Bella has been dating fellow wrestler named John Cena since year 2012. The diva with her twin sister named Brie was presented as guests on MTV series entitled Ridiculousness in year 2012. The reason of her high popularity is that she has been constantly entitled as the hottest WWE divas by year 2022. It is known that Nikki started her debut on SmackDown in year 2008 and she became WWE Divas Champion for two time.

1. Lana:

Hottest WWE Divas 2019

This position clearly represents the hottest WWE Divas of present time and the name is Lana. She is an American actress, singer, model, dancer, professional wrestler, and professional wrestling manager, presently signed to WWE. It is known that Lana was recently married to WWE superstar named as Rusev. Apart from wrestling, she is also an acknowledged singer, dancer and has made appearance in many girl groups. Besides, Lana has been featured starred in many T.V programs like The Millionaire Matchmaker because of her hot look. Basically her name is Catherine Joy Perry, but after being hired to WWE under the ring name- Lana, she gained much popularity and she made appearance on the SmackDown brand.

The world of WWE wrestling involves agitation, fight, win and defeat, so a bit of glamour in this can make it more fascinating. This has been accomplished by some of the hot and gorgeous WWE Divas of present time and they also have wrestling talent.


  1. This list suck why an’t Alexa Bliss at #1. The people you put over Alexa Bliss are insane. Alexa Bliss is way prettier than Eva Marie, and Meryse, and definitely Summer Rae, Summer Rae is ugly as fuck, also Alexa Bliss is prettier than Emma, Emma is overrated, Renne is kinda pretty but defntly not as pretty as Alexa Bliss, Paige is pretty but not as pretty as Alexa Bliss, Nikki same, and Lana is funny looking. And where is Liv Morgan and Mandy Rose they should be in here. Also Summer Rae is ugly and she is now released and same as Eva Marie who is not as ugly as summer but is pretty ugly and has been released also.

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