Ten Magicians Who Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In The History

Magic show is one of the best forms of entertainment for people of all age groups since ages. Magic provides a twofold thrill i.e. the way they accomplish the magic performance by ricks and illusions and magicians pass from serious danger in which they place themselves in. While people may assume that majority of the danger is for show, there is a repugnant history of magic performances that killed some magician. Such magicians who passed away during tricks intended to wonder and please audiences and educated the hard way what occurs when illusions go incorrect. If nothing else, the below list demonstrates that magic is a hazardous profession needful of widespread knowledge.

10. Balabrega:

Balabrega Top Popular Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks in The History 2018

This magician was born as John Miller in Helsingborg, located in Sweden, he was later known as Balabrega and he moved to America in year 1868 with his family. He was a well-known magician, recognized for his exclusive and inspiring magical trickeries. In year 1900, he made a tour to Brazil for displaying his magical abilities to the audience living there. It is known that he bought “The Moth and the Flame” magic from one of his associated performers named as Harry Rouclere. For this pyrotechnic disappearing hoax, Balabrega needed to be very cautious as it demanded gas-bags filled with acetylene. Throughout that act, a gas-bag was burst and this magician with his assistant named Lew Bartlett deceased at the spot.

9. Tommy Cooper:

Tommy Cooper

Since years, the name of Tommy Cooper is still remembered in Britain with honour because he was a renowned magician ever. This magician who was killed while performing magic tricks in history was recognized for his exceptional magic tricks. For great amount of time, he made performance on television as well as performed in several stage shows. In one of his performances, Cooper faced a sudden and severe heart attack. It is known that he died while accomplishing the magical trick and the entire death event was broadcasted on national television. This is done to demonstrate people how he died as he was one of the favourite magicians among people.

8. Chung Ling Soo:

Chung Ling Soo

William Robinson was a renowned magician from America who reaped global status for his stage character named as Chung Ling Soo. This magician was frequently seen performing the role of a Chinese illusionist on stage as well as off the stage. His life came to finish during the act of his appropriately titled act named as “Condemned to Death by the Boxers”, which was a bullet-catch hoax. In year 1918, Chung unfortunately fired up a real bullet which got stuck right in his chest and he immediately deceased at the spot. This bullet stabbed his lung and for the very first time in his professional career as magician, he delivered speech in English on stage.

7. Madame DeLinsky:

Madame DeLinsky

Out of many magical tricks, Gun trick is considered as one of the finest and most eminent magical tricks. This is the trick in which the magicians pretend to have slayed by the blast of a gun. The same incident was actually took place with Madame DeLinsky in year 1820. She was engaged to carry out a trick in Arnstadt, located in Germany with help of his gun. She became very unlucky as the bullets were focussed to her breast. The incidence was such that she could not even grab the chance to pretend his death, as she lost his life instantaneously. The incident made the viewers to go in fear, and the magician’s body was instantly buried out.

6. Janaka Basnayake:

Juanaka is a magician who also deceased while performing one of his magic tricks. He was basically the inhabitant of Sri Lanka, however he moved to America in year 2010 to transform himself as a practiced magician. Around year 2013, he expired in a misfortune while carrying out his magical trick. This trick was essentially that Juanaka need to bury in wood and soil. Regrettably, Janaka failed to get out of the soil and wood within time and ultimately he died as he lost his breath. In year 2012, he got his family to entomb him in a mine three meters deep, and then conceal it with wood and soil.

5. Dr. Vivian Hensley:

Dr. Vivian Hensley

As compared to his competitors, Dr. Vivian Hensley was regarded as one of the amateur magicians. He deceased while performing with dangerous blades as the application of sharp blades was a portion of his hoax. Basically, he belonged to Australia, and in one of his magical act he faced misfortune that lost his life. The incidence was such that blade cut his throat and tongue and the blood began cracking out. He was unable to be saved timely consequently expired at the spot. Being a dentist he perhaps should have identified the risks of stabbing non-food items inside his mouth, but yet, he died a very throbbing death from what he absorbed in mouth.

4. James Keller:

In period 1978-1987, this nine-year-old James Keller worshiped Houdini. He was provided with a pair of cuffs at a garage auction from his parents while they resided in Kankakee, located in Illinois. His father had a fear that this little boy will hurt negatively consequently the father had concealed the manacles from James. While performing one of the tricks with his father, James sealed himself in the cuffs and scaled into the clothes dryer which resulted into an accident. What happened is he was unable to get out of it timely consequently deceased at the spot due to suffocation.

3. Jeff Rayburn Hooper:

In year 1984, when Jeff Rayburn was just 24 years old magician, he faced misfortune and had to lose his life. The incident took place when he was performing a magic trick and attempted to discharge from his self-made fetters. While accomplishing so, spectators supposed that this was a share of his performance; however he really failed to save himself. Jeff sunk in the deep lake and ultimately lost his life. When he was rehearsing the stunt, he cuffed himself and hopped into Winona Lake, outside of Fort Wayne, located in Indiana. At that time he whirled out around 100 yards distance from the shore.

2. Charles Rowen:

Charles Rowen

Charles Rowen was a magician and exceptional artist from South Africa. This magician was practiced to give amazing artistic touch to his magical trickeries. In year 1930, Charles expired when he was trying to carry out a hazardous stunt. The stunt involved plunging from a fast running car at high speed of 70km/hour and he was unable to manage to dive in some seconds. The incident made him to fall down and the car traversed up on his entire body in front of the audience. He was incapable to discharge in time and car ran over him, which nearly detached his leg.

1. The Great Lafayette:

The Great Lafayette Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks in The History 2017

The Great Lafayette (alternatively identified as Sigmund Neuberger) was a quick-change performer and magician of all time. It is believed that he was one of the supreme magicians of era of 20th century in comparison to his competitors. Moreover he was the maximum paid stage magician, who passed away throughout a stage fire held at the Empire Theater, situated in Edinburgh in year 1911. The body of this magician could only be recognized because of his decorative sword. It is known that this magician loved animals, but valued his terrier Beauty the maximum out of all.

Magicians described above passed away while performing span generations, and they belong from various culture and countries. This actually provides a sense of the public captivation through the medium. Assuredly that fascination arises, in part, directly from absence of understanding of the way illusion and tricks work.


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