Of all the most exciting phenomena in the entertainment world, the rise and rise of female DJs has to be the highlight of the story. With a worldwide presence and huge fan-base, female DJs are slowly creeping up in the male dominated industry.

It helps if you are splendid at your job, it’s even better if you are super-hot and sexy. Once a female DJ steps up, the crowd will dance. Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying that female DJ’s are just as good as their male counterparts, some of them being even better. Talent notwithstanding, a strong social media presence, international recognition, and super sexy looks are the combinations that make females in the industry a force to reckon. Let’s check the list of the top 10 most beautiful and hottest female DJ’s in the world in 2022.

10. Lisa Kensington

Hottest Female DJ's in the World 2019

Lisa Kensington does not mix business with pleasure when it comes to DJing. After going to production school to learn how to make her own music, she settled on jockeying in clubs. It did not take long before she went international. She has featured in multiple clubs around the world, having played in major music festivals. If you are intimately acquainted with Esquire Magazine’s ‘’women we love’’ features, you have probably listened to the experienced DJ perform.

Among her major gig locations include Miami, Ibiza and New York. Her sexy appearance and erogenous mixing style light up the DJ booth with fans from all over the world travelling far and wide to her shows. She specialises in electronic house music. She is also a fashion model, probably going on to improve her prominent DJ profile.

9. Teri Miko

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

Probably one of the fastest rising stars, a diamond in the rough and one of the prettiest faces in DJing is Teri Miko, alias DJ Teri. She specialises in electro music and house music. The Ukrainian-born artist started off uploading remixes online until she took her jockeying skills professional. She has featured in high profile festivals and performances in multiple continents especially in European and Asian countries including France, Russia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Her talent began to show when she won the Vestax DJ Battle back in Ukraine. Her social media activity is minimal but when she starts her playback, be sure to feel her presence.

8. Gina Turner

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

DJ Gina Turner is a DJ veteran and one of the most experienced female DJs around. The former radio DJ rose up the ranks in the business specialising in house, electro and dance music. She would later host gigs in clubs before making her mainstream breakthrough after winning hearts of fans around the country. She is married to DJ Laidback Luke and together they run Turn It Records. Together with her husband, she is also part of the group Nouveau Torican, and the DJ duo Staccato. She is also a yoga inspiration to her fans and a fitness enthusiast, probably the reason why she has managed to stay young and sexy all the way up.

7. Dana Jasmine

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

Ukraine is known for its beautiful women. With Dana Jasmine, they even go further to confirm that fact. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she is one of the few Ukrainian females in the business promising to take over the music scene especially in the male dominated industry. Amongst her most notable achievement was her sold out headline show at the UEFA Euros in 2012 when she headlined in front of a 60,000 capacity stadium.

She also headlines the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix. She has left a music mark in every country she has visited including Brazil, Dubai, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, India, and Egypt. Her recording works include the hit single ‘’Rock That Sound’’. She is also a radio host with her own house music show.

6. Gloria Ansell

Hottest Female DJ's in the World 2019

Gloria Ansell is not just a DJ, she can play the Piano, guitar and drums; a rarity with DJs. Watching her perform is like watching an orchestra only this time it’s one hot and sexy instrumentalist doing all the work. She has earned the title ‘’enthralling performer’’ for her versatile, show-stopping performances.

Gloria started off playing residential DJ roles at clubs in Southern China. She partly owns the Pepper Club in China where she regularly performs. She would later move to Ibiza where she is a residency DJ at Club Bora Bora. Her scintillating performances won over millions of fans, adding to her already illustrious career.

5. Niki Belucci

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

Niki Belucci’s appearance on this list was imminent, as evidently, she has made quite a name for herself in her post-porn times. The adult film star turned DJ would go on to become a household name in Jockeying. At age 19 she had already featured in 30 films, and her fans followed her to the world of music. She would go on an ‘’Orgasmic Tour’’ in 2003 which was a huge success.

One of her most lucrative gigs includes being the resident DJ at Amnesia Night Club in Ibiza back in 2010. She was AVN Award’s choice for Best Female Performer of the Year in 2005. Although she no longer strips down for the camera, she has never shied away from her porn background. She plays all around the world and is a prominent feature in high profile publications.

4. DJ Sexation

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

If you have the guts to call yourself DJ Sexation, you’d better be exhilaratingly hot and sexy. Well, if you happen to be Olga Ryazanova, you can do that comfortably. Probably one of the hottest females in the industry, the Russian Jockey maestro hails from Russia’s capital Moscow.

She is known for her electrifying house music mixing skills. She has dared abroad, having played in almost every other city in Europe including Barcelona, Frankfurt, and Paris, Madrid and Asia including China and India. She might be little known on social media, but best believe her worldwide fans know a little more about her than her Twitter handle.

3. Rhiannon

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

Rhiannon is Canada’s number one female mix master. She started off holding residential gigs in night clubs in and around the USA, Canada, and Mexico while stretching as far as Japan. She has a prolific social media following with over 18 thousand followers on Twitter, and over 130 thousand page likes on Facebook.

She is also an actress, director, script writer, and producer, with the short film ‘’All Girls Do It’’ to show for it. She also appeared in TV Series Smallville back in 2008. She has established herself as a brand, being an entertainer, recording artist, actress and producer. Rhiannon is widely regarded as Canada’s finest female DJs and her resume is extensive and very impressive.

2. Mari Ferrari

Hottest Female DJ's in the World

Get ready for a jaw-dropping and eyebrow raising experience if you happen to experience Mari Ferrari on the decks. Armed with a strong social media following and an impressive resume, Mari’s career traces back to 2007 when she performed in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

She would later make her international presence felt in France, Italy Germany among other European countries. Her ever enthusiastic personality won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, and her skills in mixing House music is well known. The super sexy diva has a strong Instagram and Twitter presence, and it is not that hard to see why she makes the list of the Top 10 hottest female DJs around.

1. Seherezade

Hottest Female DJ's in the World 2019

Make no mistake, she might not have the most industry appropriate names, but when it comes to looks, she will sure turn more than a few heads around. Known for her prominent limelight lifestyle Seherezade hails from Budapest, Hungary and has made a name for herself mixing commercial house electro and progressive pop.

The reality star cum DJ has featured tremendously in both film and music, having starred in a Hungarian reality TV show Real Life. She also has a modeling background having features in magazines, most notably FHM. She is a close friend of Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal and has featured in high profile Playboy events. With close affiliation to Playboy it is not hard to see why she is one of the hottest properties in the music industry.

Female DJ’s are taking over the industry, with their male counterparts having a hard time keeping up with these fast rising stars. The life of a DJ is similar to a performing artist’s. Female DJ’s are fast gaining traction in the industry, fast giving male DJs a deserved run for their money. Research has it that an event hosted by a female DJ attracts more male fans than a male DJ highlighted show, owing to the cliché that is male dominance in the industry.



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