Basketball is a game that many people can relate to because they love it. It is a game that only needs ten players; five players on each team. This means that it is effortless to spot the best because there is enough room to snoop all over the players. Trust me; you can even watch from a distance and tell the sexiest of them all. That is beside the point.

It is good to acknowledge and even appreciate the massive talents these players have. It is equally important to acknowledge their looks. This list gives you some of the 12 hottest UAAP basket players in 2022 that make girls go crazy with thoughts.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players 2019

Ricci is a rising star in the basketball sector that we all need to keep watch of. Yes, he has a great body that is why he is on this list. But other than this he is also talented, skilled and very charismatic. He is a great guy to hang around with. He is very agile, and he can pull off anything on the court.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

Quinito is a proud DLSZ team player. You should see how great he rocks his green and white shirt. He is one of the most talented and skilled basketball players we have, and this is why he is on our list today. He has an amazing body, and you can agree with us that the 6’0” height suits him perfectly. His most preferred position is the shooting guard though he can be moved if the need arises.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

Talent check, skills check, great body check, great height check. Mark has all qualities that can impress anyone. What makes me wonder though is what happened during the 77th season finals of the UAAP games. What happened? But even so, what went wrong does not disqualify him from our list today. If you are sexy, it cannot be disputed.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

This player is who is not only talented and sexy, but he is also very smart. With a height of 5’9”, he has risen to the UAAP spot with hard work, talent, and skill. The position that he plays is the point guard. To see him flaunt all his skills on the court, then the last UAAP the 77th season is what you must watch. It was a magnificent thing to behold. We can watch out for this player because he is getting girls twisted in their minds with daydreams.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

Philip is yet another great talent that we have in the UAAP. The world took notice of him after playing the UAAP the 76th season. If you are looking for someone willing to put in that extra work and extra energy to the game, then this is your guy. There is no joking with this guy, and this is part of what makes his sexiness even superior. The potential he has is great, and we can be sure he is heading places.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

Wendell is a great basketball player but with a few areas that need to be worked on. One of the areas is his selection of shots. Even so, he has a great potential, and he is quickly rising, and soon enough he will be a force to reckon with. The best thing about Wendell is that he can score from anywhere regardless of the spot where he is. This guy is cute and if you add this to his skills, you will have yourself excellence.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

First things first, take a look at his jaw line when you can. If you do not know how a perfect jaw line looks like, that is it. Paolo is part of the Ateneo Men’s team, and he plays the Forward position. The seriousness on his face is also very enchanting to a great extent. He is well built, and his body size is perfect for him. He is also a skilled player who knows how to take care of business on the court.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

Javi is a multi-talented and multi-skilled basketball player that would not miss out on our hottest basketball players in UAAP list. He is 6’5” tall, and his special place on the basket court is the forward position. He once had a dream of being a swimmer. I thank God he turned to basketball. Is this what we would be missing in case he chose swimming? That would not be cool. Please note that of all the Gomez De Liano’s players, he is by far the most promising.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players 2019

Matt is yet another hottie that girls cannot help but dream of. Matt is 6’0” tall, and he plays the position of a point guard. Other than being hot and sexy, he is also a very talented and professional player who can get the victory for his team any way he can. This can be seen in the game3 where he delivered victory for his team. Have I mentioned that he can shoot from any place as long as he is on a rectangular court? Now you know.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

This guy is young, but this does not discredit him as one of the best, famous and hot UAAP players we have around. His young age has almost everything to do with his sexy charms. Have you ever seen the perfection of beauty on a young man? Well, this is who you should look at. Kent is a talented basketball player and a student of marketing management. He plays forward in the UST team for men. He is 6’3” tall. Any girl will drool over him anytime.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

It is indeed true that you can look at this guy and see a little of Tom Cruise in him; of course the younger version. If a girl can watch basketball and feel as if Tom Cruise is in it, this is a treat. Kris is a hunky with a very intoxicating smile. He is a talented player, and he is a Blue Eagle who plays center or forward. He is 6’2” tall. You need to see this guy in action and then see him smile after a win. You will get what I am saying.


Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

I will give it to this guy the first position in our list. He is well built and with a perfect warm smile. His smile will make you smile. Other than his looks, he is also very talented and plays like someone who knows their game. If you look at how he plays, you will see some ‘Bacon Austria’ in Him. His height of 6’2” complements his body size perfectly. Looking at him play among other not so built players will make you appreciate his body size.

These UAAP basketball players are worth our notice, and they indeed qualify for our list today. Watching stars do their thing on the basketball court is a sight to desire always. When the players are hot and sexy, then you just have to walk with some cold water to cool the temperatures when they rise. You can never tell what watching them may do to you.


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