Ten Best & Most Beautiful Places To Get Married In The World To Turn Your Dream Wedding Into Reality

With the concept of destination weddings gathering pace, the place where the BIG DAY is celebrated has increased in terms of significance. Apart from your loved one and the family members, a dream wedding destination has lately become highly integral to build up the perfect stack of memories one has always fantasized about. There are several destinations across the world which serve as the best wedding destinations and help to make the marriage even more special. Choosing the perfect destination for marriage also helps in building the foundation of a more romantic relationship between the couple. However one should also be well aware that the destination wedding would allow only selected family members and relatives to attend the event since not all can afford to travel overseas for the same.

Among the wide range of exotic dream wedding destinations, the following would definitely help in making your marriage day very special and romantic too:


IRELAND Top Most Famous Beautiful Places to Get Married In The World 2017

For couple wishing a peaceful and an exotic destination for their wedding should straightway head towards the serene Ireland. Filled with a large variety of flora and fauna along with the aquatic wildlife common off the coast, Ireland provides a scenic view for the perfect marriage. The luscious green scenery and the waterfronts will provide the best place to tie your knot. If have been longing to have a royal wedding, this place also has provisions to give the required feel. The churches and the castles sprouted across the map of Ireland help for the purpose. Moreover, the people here are quite hospitable which would definitely lead you to choose this place as your ultimate marriage destination.



Often referred as the most romantic of the places across the world, this wedding destination would definitely fill your marriage occasion with love and memories. This breathtaking destination offers the love birds to speak their heart out and make the best memories together. The rich culture and tradition in France would also compliment the ambience at your wedding. The favourite spot for all the couples to celebrate their love is no other place than France. So why not hitch up at everyone’s dream destination where you can feel the love in air. Make your wedding a love-filled and a fun-filled one at this romantic country.



The memories made in a wedding are beautiful and so is the ambience. So why not celebrate it in an artistic and extravagant way in the city of Rome. This place provides the best and tasty food in the world to add the much fantasized glitter to your wedding. To bedazzle your pious day and your guests, choose Rome, one of the best venues on the earth which has a good number of ancient castles and manors all adding up to the charms. The people here are friendly and fun. Italy provides the most symbolic and religious wedding destinations all over the world. Have an alluring wedding at the city of love, the Rome.



The beautiful country has the best white sandy beaches one would have ever dreamed of while thinking of his wedding. The perfect picture locations starting from the beaches to the mountains would startle you and would definitely provoke you to make this as your ultimate wedding venue. The country provides the exotic beaches for that romantic wedding you so much wanted to have. This is the perfect place to tie your knot and make possible those outdoor wedding dreams come alive. You will surely enjoy the place and will love to be married at this destination once you google the name and have a glance of the visuals.



An island wedding has always been the most beautiful and unique one. This location could easily double up as both a wedding venue and a honey moon destination. The beautiful climate and the perfect sceneries could make anyone long for this option of wedding destination. One can easily grab attractive travel packages at affordable prices to visit this dream wedding destination which would definitely give a feel similar to that of paradise. The charms of this island can make your wedding a lot more beautiful and the day would always remain green in your mind.



South Africa is an ideal location for nature lovers which is emerging as the fresh new and unique destination for couples to get married. The rich diversity and the perfect landscape around make this nation a perfect venue for your wedding. One could have wild as the theme or the waves to add a perfect backdrop to the wedding. This adventurous and beautiful place bedazzles everyone present here. Why not celebrate your love in this unique destination at cheaper rates and serene backgrounds. Choose from a number of dream destinations present in the country to jazz up your wedding day celebrations.



This is the country where you get a chance to get married in style. The entire country is renowned for style and fashion, food and sandy beaches and this is one of the best locations to get married drenched in fashion, enjoying the taste of authentic Mexican cuisine and wonderful sea shores all around. The romantic weather and romantic views can make your outdoor marriage ceremony the most memorable event of your life, for sure. One can choose from a number of packages that are specially designed for destination weddings so that the expenses fit your budget.



Jamaica is one of the most frequently chosen marriage destinations around the world, all credits to the marvellous sea shores and the mesmerizing views. The beautiful and helping local people and the beautiful culture that prevails here is the best of all. If getting married on a beach found a place in your bucket list, then do not hesitate to book your tickets before the wedding. The soothing sea waves assists the couple get lost in each other and enjoy their dream wedding to the fullest. The food and people here would definitely leave your guests in awe. This is the place where the best events can be well organised with the perfect style and package costs. So why not start a new life having memories filled with adventures and fun in Jamaica.



This religious city of Indonesia serves as one of the best places to start the new chapter of life. With a wide range of wildlife and fauna, one can spend the most peaceful and quiet days together after enjoying the dream wedding. One of the most beautiful places in the Asian subcontinent, this place is the best for couple willing to get married in a religious style. The extremely efficient event organizers and the perfectly peaceful climate would definitely add to the grandeur of your destination wedding. One can avail exciting travel packages to Bali and accomplish his dream of destination wedding.


HAWAII Top Most Popular Beautiful Places to Get Married In The World 2018

When it comes to beaches and mesmerising natural views, Hawaii is the first name that strikes everyone’s mind. This is one of the top romantic destinations in the world for the love birds to have a romantic time together. It is the place which has been conducting thousands of marriages every year and that is the reason why this nation is perfect one for conducting the wedding ceremony. This location perfectly fits for an outstanding and a cheerful wedding event. It’s an exotic place to have fun with your loved ones and to add some great memories to life.

A lot of marriages are conducted all over the world, but a few choose the dream destination to celebrate that auspicious day. Wedding destinations play a highly influential role in every couple’s life. Add some beautiful days and memories to your new life by choosing the top venues all over the world to get married. Marriage by itself is a pious and beautiful thing. Do make sure to make it more beautiful and unique by choosing the perfect romantic destination for the wedding. Cherish, live, love and celebrate!


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