It is vital for a person to wear a helmet while going for a journey with two-wheeler. Even the slowest animal i.e. tortoise knows how important a Helmet is. Helmets comes with a surety to protect our life from head damage caused due to accident. It is a form of protective gear worn to protect the head injuries and also aids in protecting the human brain.

The two-wheeler helmet has two principle parts. The first and foremost is a thin hard outer shell which is made up of thermoplastic or fiber glass i.e. Kevlar or carbon. The second part is insider shell which is made up of soft thick protective padding foam called polypropylene. The hard outer shell is made to prevent penetration of helmet by pointed object during accident whereas soft inner shell act as shock absorber and protect our head from catastrophic injuries. Checkout the top 10 best Helmet brands in India in 2022.

10. Wrangler

Best helmet brands in India 2019

Wrangler is the next generation leading helmet and bike accessories producing brand in Indian market. It gains a prominent stature in this competitive Indian market with its premium top quality products and its design with affordable price. It uses modern casting methods and customized product development facilities in their production.

Its helmet range includes Open Face Helmet, Concept Helmets, Open Visor Helmets, Head Protection Helmet, Safety (Helmet), Kids Helmet, Baby Helmet, Secure Helmet, Zach Helmet, Bulletproof Helmet Secure, Secure Helmets, Riding Helmet. Wrangler produces cheap products with high performance and quality. Pricing starts at 600 INR to 5,000 INR according to model we prefer.

9. HJC

Best helmet brands in India

HJC helmet is one of the top selling helmet company worldwide due to its innovative ideas, experience and reasonable pricing from 1971. Since 1992 it has succeeded in maintaining the status of number one helmet brand in North America. It has now eyes on Indian market to fulfil the needs of Indian consumer. The pricing of this HJC helmets start at 3,499 INR if we buy it from online stores. It provides well designed helmets for bike lovers which contain multiple type of models. Nowadays, marvel series helmet is popular among Indian consumers.


Best helmet brands in India

SHOEI is a Japanese company that produces a line of motorcycle helmets since 1959. All of its helmets are designed and manufactured in Japan and are distributed and sold globally whether it is Europe or America or the market place of India. It is one of the first helmet manufacturers to introduce carbon-fiber helmets in the mid of 1970s. SHOEI’s GRV helmet was the first helmet to use carbon fiber and Kevlar. Despite their success, SHOEI remains relatively small company with a workforce under 500 people. It produces attractive product with high graphic design. Its pricing starts from INR 4,500 which varies according to different models.

7. Royal Enfield

Best helmet brands in India

Royal Enfield as the name suggest “elite” in its term and commitments. It is basically a bike manufacturing company which produces bike accessories most importantly helmets. It manufacture unique helmets with classic design. The comfort of these helmets feel us like a royal member. Now it spreading its roots in Indian market. The pricing of these helmets according to its official site is starts at INR 1,800. It mainly produces Open Face helmets with classy look.

6. Aerostar

Best helmet brands in India 2019

Aerostar is an ISO certified company with ISI whole mark in its various products. It is Indian company which is located in Bhiwadi Industrial Area 60 km near to Delhi airport. It is most trusted Indian helmet brand which growing from 1995 and become a lovable brand for Indian customers. It delivers good quality products with cheap pricing for Indian market with pricing start from 400 INR. This brand also offers two-wheeler accessories like Helmet Locking Devices and Motorcycle Side Boxes, at reasonable rates.

5. LS2

Best helmet brands in India

LS2 is one of the most premium helmet manufacturing brand globally. It was founded by Arthur Liao in the year 1990. And produces high quality premium helmets with advance design and engineering. Its main objective is to give luxurious as well as high performance products to its customers. It produces helmets with three different methods Polycarbonate, Composite bers and Carbon Fiber. Its main elements are external shell, shock absorber and various accessories. is the prime distributor of LS2 helmets in the country. The price starts at 4,600 INR to 10,000 INR according to numerous models and design.

4. THH

Best helmet brands in India

THH acronym for Tong Ho Hsing, is a Taiwanese brand which manufactures premium quality helmets around the world as well in Indian market. The company started its operation from 1974. It makes helmets from high technology material like, Carbon Fiber Kevlar. The product are designed using latest 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Its products starts from 1099 INR in this Indian market which is suitable for Indian customer. It offers best in class quality and durability.

Different E-commerce platform offers different pricing according to model which consumer picks.

3. Studds

Best helmet brands in India

Studds is one of leading manufacturer of helmets in India and leads the way with dealership across the country as well as across 35 nations includes North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It produces various different type of helmet such as Full face, Flip up full face, Flip off full face, Off road full face, Industrial and Open face helmet products with multiple design and high quality. Its endeavor is to produce genuine and premium products which full fill the customer need. The pricing of this brand helmets starts from INR 870 which varies according to different models and design.

2. Steelbird

Best helmet brands in India

Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. (SBHT) is an Indian brand which was founded in 13th March 1964. It emerges as the oldest and trusted leading manufacturer of two-wheeler helmets and bike accessories. It has PAN India distribution channel together with presence in 2-tier and 3-tier cities too and it sells large quantity of products to government agencies. Steelbird has a complete range of 47 Helmet models and 17 Pannier Boxes models, each having 3 to 9 color variants. The pricing of this brand helmet in online platform amazon starts at INR 699 and varies according to needs of customer.

1. Vega

Best helmet brands in India 2019

Vega helmet is a brand which is most popular in Indian market. If we look at the popularity every three out of five wearing a Vega helmet. It is most trusted as well as reliable brand in Indian market. It is founded in 1994 and established itself as a most trusted and reputed manufacturer of premium helmet in India. It produces helmets in its own factory which is located in Ningbo, China.

It offers multiple design of helmets and have comprehensive range of quality helmets such as Off Road Helmets, Modular Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Open Face Helmets, Dual Sport which ever fits the need of customer. It also manufactures helmet accessories such as Parts, Shields, Head Wraps, Liners, Bungee Nets and much more. This brand also deals with apparels which includes, Snow, Men’s Jackets, Safety Vest, Rain Paints, Snow etc. Pricing of Vega helmets varies with different-different models and designs from 1000 INR to 4000 INR as per requirement.

Helmets are not just to wear on head but also it protect us from drastic injuries caused due to accidents. It is act as a protecting film to our head. But some people just don’t care about themselves. They are not worried about their family if something is happens with them then the whole family has to suffer. So, it is advisable to wear a helmet while riding a bike or a two-wheeler. Your life is so precious don’t be lazy in wearing helmet. Try to find out most suitable product as per your requirement with the famous brands across Indian market. If possible then take trial of each brand listed above. Lastly, always wear a helmet to gear your life.



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