They steal, rape, kill and cause all sorts of mayhem with or without security apparatus. Criminals! The name rings a bell, maybe you have heard an encounter somewhere either personally or a close friend of yours.

Today criminals have even become part of the news on every media platform everyday. But did you know that the rates of criminal activities vary between regions? That you are safer in certain places when compared to others? Social factors, weak security systems and increased sate of lawlessness are among the key factors that provide a breeding ground for prevalence of robberies alongside other crimes.

Being at the scene of crime is one of the most fearful encounters. The experience is horrible not saying the risk at hand. Robbers are always determined to get what they target even when it means brushing with death. Among the things that can enhance your safety is understanding the high risk areas and in such way avoid them. The list of top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies in year 2022 aims to give you the most prone areas and in such way avoid them or be cautious when you visit such areas.

10. Belgium

Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World 2019

Unknown to many, Belgium is one of the countries with high robbery rates in the world. Taking the tenth position, the crime in this known peaceful society takes a unique and hard too detect technique. Most of the incidences are what may be referred as small crimes. Thieves and pickpockets usually snatch away bags and wallets from unsuspecting victims. The offence is mostly done in subways and train stations. With the overcrowding in such places, it offers the perfect place for the offender to commit the crime and disappear in between the multitudes fast before the victim realizes and calls for attention or assistance.

9. United States

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

Despite being a superpower. US also suffers from extensive and rampant cases of theft. Statistics by the FBI indicate that in every 100,000 at least 45 have been victims of a robbery incident especially in the states of Michigan and Detroit. This is despite the high technological advancements that have been put in place to curb the practice. This includes installation of surveillance devices that the robbers have devised ways to cheat and in some instances commit the act without care or concern to the devices installed.

8. Uruguay

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

A popular tourist destination in summer, Uruguay is a hot crime spot especially targeting visitors. It is a common practice that during summer visitors flock the beaches with intent to get a taste of the sun and leave the beaches with some tan or bleach. The robbers in the same regard follow suit but with intent to steal from unsuspecting tourists. Police patrols are conducted on regular basis but this does not deter the robbers who always monitor and strike when there is no law enforcer in vicinity. Tourists and visitors are also advised to be alert and take caution and care to safeguard what maybe in their possession. Crime statistics indicate that in every 100,000, 45.34 persons are victims of crime in Uruguay.

7. Ecuador

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

A country that is riding back after the high effects and impact of zuka virus, it is also among the leading robbery hotspots. Pick pocketing and other forms of non-violent crimes are more prevalent in the country a factor that makes them less recognized. Among the most recent and common incidences include the victims being lured to withdraw cash from ATMS by robbers who pretend to be Taxi operators or other service providers.

6. South Africa

Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

Reeling from effects of racism, poverty is deep-rooted among the black majority in South Africa. This has equally given birth to high crime rate that normally includes robbery. Street gangs are known to patrol different sections within the country where they abduct and rob helpless civilians. According to security reports, around 2015 and 2016 the average occurrence of crimes was at 148.2 on each day. Annually, 98.4 persons out of every 100,000 are robbery victims. This comes despite the efforts being made by the government and security agents to curb the ever rising prevalence of crime in the streets.

5. Mexico

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

One of the countries attributed to illegal drug trade, Mexico is also reeling with robberies and other forms of crime. According to a security survey, 73% of the residents within the country expressed feelings of insecurity. Street gangs are known to patrol the streets and invade homes at the slightest provocation. While fighting insecurity is among the key government priorities, the trends continue to rise with the gangs inventing new ways to dodge the security systems. Statistics indicate that in every 100,000, 617.4 persons are victims of crime in every year.

4. Costa Rica

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

Costa Rica is one of the most inviting places in summer. Spending time along the casts as you enjoy the sweet rays is in every tourist’s wish list. However, criminals are also a major concern in the city; they roam the beaches and steal from unsuspecting tourists. In some instances, this is done at gun-point increasing the risk for tourists. Gangs also collude with taxi drivers and have them deliver them tourists at set locations for a fee or split of cash robbed from victims.

3. The Dominican Republic

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

A drug invested country, Dominican republican is also grappling with insecurity and other forms of crime. Robberies are prevalent right from the city centre to the highways and back to the villages. The most common form of crime is the “Drive by” robbery. This involves targeting unsuspecting victims robbing them and driving away before an alarm is raised. The situation is also prevalent on the highways where victims are duped to stop and give assistance or to slow down to avoid an accident.

2. Argentina

Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World

Despite being among the wealthiest countries in the world, Argentina also holds the second position with crime especially robberies. This is more prevalent in summer and normally targets tourists. Robbery and theft account for over 70% of the total crime reports to security agencies in the country.

1. Chile

Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies In The World 2019

Chile is known to be the most notorious country as far as robbery is concerned. A country that has gained popularity in the recent past as being politically stable, safety and security systems are wanting. Statistics indicate that in every 100,000 persons, 467.3 are known to have experiences with crime with robbery being the highest. The extent of the situation is grave in such away that anyone falls a victim at any point. A clear example is alighting at a railway station and a thieve offers a helping hand to hold your briefcase, runs away and disappears with it.

Million often fall prey to unsuspecting thieves. Millions have been lost over the years including important documents. Understanding the high risk countries is ideal to ensure adequate caution when you visit. It is also a call to respective governments to have in place adequate measure to curb the situation. Top 10 countries with highest robberies in 2022 are an indication that security and safety systems require to be improved accordingly.


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