Ten Best Health Insurance Companies in World – Best Medical Cover for Individuals and Families

With the growing healthcare costs every year, getting a health insurance right now seems like a rational idea, this can help you deal with multiple health related uncertainties. Health Care Insurance has become a vital need in the modern day life, where everything is a possibility.

As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, health insurance offers you a chance of choosing a safe life, without any worries of your family. Insurance provides security, reduces business risk, encourages savings and gives us peace of mind.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and biggest insurance providers in the world, which have been ranked according to their popularity.

The list of best and largest top 10 health insurance companies in world in 2017-2018

10. Humana

The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and was established in 1961. In 2014, they crossed over 13 million customers. They have a man power of more than 52,000 employees. It was ranked 73rd on Fortune 500 list in 2013, for maximum revenues earned by a company. They are the third largest insurance health care provider in USA. They provide their services in more than 50 US states including Puerto Rico and D.C. They also hold a sterling reputation in international business with Asia and Europe.

9. Allianz

One of the most popular, insurance providers in the World it is a Germany based company, which was founded over a century ago in 1890. They are seen as the brand which brought the idea of health care insurance in the world. In 2014, Forbes declared it as the largest insurance and financial service group in the world. They have over 1, 42,697 employees in their multiple branches, which are spread across the Globe. They are estimated to have made revenue of over 95.76 billion Euros in 2015. They have multiple subsidiaries which specialize in providing insurance to various selective categories from business to health to even accident. Their insurance claims have a reputation of getting processed within 48% hours. More than 95% of their new clients end up satisfied with them, and thus keep on renewing the policies.

8. AIA Insurance

This is a subsidiary of AIA Group limited, based in Hong Kong, which is the largest independent pan Asian health and life insurance group. They have a solid presence in 18 markets of Asia Pacific, which are wholly owned by the company. It is headquartered in 1 Connaught Road Central. They made revenue of over $172 million in 2015. They also offer long term care for all listed critical illnesses like stroke, cancer, kidney diseases and heart diseases etc, which other companies usually drop after first claim. They also offer plans which can help you compensate some or whole amount of your lost money.

7. Aetna Foundation

This US based insurance company is headquartered in Connecticut. It was founded a century back in 1853. They solely focus on healthcare plan and life insurance. It has a man power of more than 48,600 employees, who are distributed in its different branches across the globe. In 2016, they were recorded to have a membership of more than 23.1 million users for medical insurance. They offer all kinds of health benefits covering dental, pharmacy, disability, group life and employee benefits and long term care insurances.

6. Blue Cross Blue Shield

The US based company was formed under 37th federation of BCBSA (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association), which included health insurance companies and organisations in USA. Blue Cross was established in 1929. It emerged with 1939 startup Blue Shield in 1982. They are responsible for providing insurance to more than 100 million Americans. BCBSA is probably the world’s biggest health insurance company, which also acts as an administrator for Medicare, providing health benefits in several regions of the country. They have over 2253 employees, who work to maintain the name of the brand.

5. Axa

Axa Top Popular Health Insurance Companies in World 2018

Axa was founded over 200 years ago in 1817. It is headquartered in Paris, France. They hold an employee team of over 166,000, who are spread across the world. They are popular for offering a wide variety of private health care insurance plans for families, individuals and businesses. In 2012, Axa’s PPP Healthcare plan was awarded with the Best International Private Insurance plan by UK’s government. It has a strong hold on Gulf regions as well as other regions of Asia. They made revenue of over 93.53 billion Euros in 2015. It has strong grip on UK’s market where it works as Axa UK.

4. Aviva

Aviva is a multinational insurance company, based in UK, it is headquartered in London. It was created by merging two British providers CGW plc and Norwich Union in 2000 as CGNU, which was later renamed as Aviva in 2002. It has a customer count of more than 33 million customers from over 16 countries. Aviva is the largest insurance organization in Britain, which provides amazing life insurance plans and also offers pension plans. It is the second preferred insurer in Canada. Aviva has a head count of more than 29,500 employees working for the company across the globe. As of 2016, Aviva’s net worth was estimated around 859 million Euros. They are slowly growing in South East Asia and China. They offer general insurance, with life insurance and other pension plans.

3. United Healthcare

The company is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, which is considered the biggest health carrier in USA. It was established in 1977, which solely deals in health care. More than 70 million people have a registered membership with the company. They also offer employer’s programs which covers their insurances. They provide state sponsored health care services for Medicaid programs as well as other beneficiaries. They have over 2, 30,000 employees. They made an income of over $11 billion in 2015. The company was named as ‘2010’s Best Health plan provider’ by Readers Choice. In 2011, they were awarded with the highest employer satisfaction for their self insured employer’s health plans.

2. Express Scripts

It is a US based insurance company, headquartered in Missouri. They are popular for providing integrated pharmacy benefits and management services. They offer benefit design consultancy services to help consumers decide the best deals for the users. They also offer drug utilization reviews to prevent sale of harmful drugs, formula management of drugs, with medicine data analysis. This ensures creation of the best health plans by government agencies. They also have a tie up with government, including the department of Defense.

1. Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in World 2017

As of 2013, the company has been holding the 75th position as the world’s largest company. Zurich is the biggest insurance company in the world, based in Switzerland. Apart from providing health and life insurance, they have also set up their name as they provide refunds for broken bones, fractures, offering multiple lifestyle plans, including holiday insurance, safeguard plans. There ‘peace of mind’ plan helps in reducing the risk of shareholders, and also offers life insurance plan for death or any redundancy. They cover family in a single insurance, providing senior as well as critical disease care.

Through these insurances, one can not only get access to better health care, but also peace of mind, to live life care free. Life comes with its own mysteries, insurance just adds an assurance that everything will be alright, and we would still have the same stability and funds.


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