Ten Best Tea Brands in The World That You Should Buy For Health and Refreshment

With the growing health consciousness in the world, people are tilting more towards the adopting a healthier lifestyle and a proper diet. Hot beverages like green tea play an important role in enhancing the metabolism of the body, and helping us reduce weight.

And with the increasing number of brands and flavors of green tea in the market, one can only image their popularity. Several brands are introducing new ingredients which can help boost metabolism and can also help in fat reduction. All these companies are trying to one up each other by offering something new or different hoping to attract new customers.

Here is a list of 10 established names of the best tea brands in Tea industry in the world based on their popularity.

List of top 10 most famous and Best Tea Brands in The World in 2017-2018

10. Tetley

Tetley is a subsidiary company of beverages section of TATA Global, which is known for selling best quality tea across the globe. This is a popular English tea brand, which was founded in 1837. Tetley is the second largest tea manufacturer and distributor on the planet. It is consumed and loved in more than 40 different countries across the globe. They offer 60 different tea flavors. These flavors are tasteful, soothing and refresh your mood. It holds a strong market in Canada and United Kingdom.

9. Yorkshire Tea

It is a popular black tea brand, founded by Harrogate’s Bettys and Taylors Group. It was established in England in 1886. They are known for using the best quality tea leaves from Assam, Kenya and Sri Lanka, which are specially imported, to add the raw, black essence of tea, in you water. This adds a delightful taste to the beverage, which will leave you with a rejuvenating vibe. It is also popular for selling fine quality coffee. It is the best black tea brand in the world. They have recently extended their categories and are entering the snack market offering biscuits and cakes.

8. Bigelow Tea

This is a popular American tea brand; it started off as a family business, which has grown into an empire today. The brand offers multiple varieties for its products. Green tea, herbal tea and black tea, are the most preferred tea variants consumed by the users. Despite being a private company, Bigelow, earns average profit revenue of $90 million. They keep their products authentic and avoid any use of spices in their tea. In 2009, they had approximately 350 employees, which have increased, considering increase in demand and sales.

7. Lipton

Lipton Top Popular Tea Brands in World 2018

Lipton is considered as one of the oldest tea brands, which has built its name selling tasteful green tea, for over 125 years now. The brand is owned by Unilever, which is a renowned international company. Lipton was founded in United Kingdom, which later explored its market spreading its name in the whole world. It was founded by Thomas Lipton, who expressed his love for tea by introducing a brand which offers you ecstasy with each sip. Some of its variants offer weight reducing ingredients, which has helped in increasing its overall sale.

6. Dilmah

The Sri Lankan brand has established itself as an emerging tea company in the world. Dilmah was established in 1974, and has grown to become a popular name in just 3 decades. Today, it has multiple dealerships in over 92 countries across the globe. Their Green and Black tea are most recommended products manufactured by the brand. Some of its regular importers include Pakistan, Russia, UK, South Africa, Poland, Canada and Australia.

They basically produce Ceylon tea of high and refined quality. They specialize in producing every kind of tea from herbal to most gourmet designed tea. The tea got international fame in 1985, where its founder convinced a Australian retailer Coles, to stock up his tea, which eventually spread in 35 of Coles store in Woolworths and Victoria. Australia is responsible for garnering 10% of Dilmah’s total revenue of their global sales.

5. The Republic of Tea

It is an American private tea company, which is popular for producing organic tea, which promises multiple health benefits. They offer both tea bags as well as lose packs for its tea in a cylindrical can. This is the first tea brand which introduced multiple flavors like White, Red and many more in the market, which was later adopted by every other company. They have started manufacturing tea only since 1992, and have turned it into their specialty. Earlier the company was popular for wine and other alcoholic productions.

4. Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons was founded in 1983, and since then has established itself into a well known brand. Usually the brand is known for setting a high price to its tea, which will become justifiable, once you taste them. Due to its high price, you will only find them in high end shops and hotels. There is a book based on the whole journey of how this tea was introduced ‘Harney and Sons to Tea’. They spent a few extra cents on the packaging of the tea, which sets it apart from the other brands, as it reflects the luxurious taste of tea. It is available in standard tea bags as well as silken sachet bags.

3. Tazo

Tazo was started by a Portland owner in 1994, who later sold the brand to Starbucks. Starbucks added a brand name to Tazo, which has now turned into a brand in itself. Tazo is headquartered in Kent, Washington. The company offers multiple flavor variants, each pack consisting of the same quality and tasteful essence. They launched small packaged tea bags especially for people who like a certain tea quantity. Tazo is considered a favourite brand for all health conscious people, as its natural herbal ingredients promote high metabolism, leaving your skin with a healthy glow, with regular consumption.

2. Celestial Seasonings

It is the second most consumed tea brand in the world. Their herbal tea is consumed by millions of satisfactory users. Some of its other flavors, loved by its users include white tea, green tea and black tea. The company is based in Boulder in America which specializes in organic and herbal tea. The tea brand was established in 1969, by parent company Hain Celestial Group. They make an annual profit of $100,000,000 only through the sale of their tea products and refreshments.

1. Twining

Twining Top 10 Tea Brands in World 2017

Twining is considered the best refreshment manufacturing brand in the world. A large portion of their sales comes from the English market. It is owned and maintained by a Food Association of Britain. The company has been using its logo for almost 2 centuries, which hasn’t been modified once. They have been producing and selling tea since 1706, which makes it the oldest official tea brand in the world. They are the oldest players surviving in the market. They offer multiple flavors and choices in their tea, which holds a different taste for different customers of the brand.

We can conclude, looking at the popularity and sales of these brands, that tea is one of the most loved and used beverage of the world. It is consumed in all parts of the world. They can range from expensive to cheap, offering for your depressing to fancy moods. Tea has been around since centuries, which pretty much turns it into royal drink that we learned to prepare from our ancestors.



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