Time has been changed so the way of preparing Quizzes and tests. Now one need not to give long hours to prepare questioners as there are several tools available online with the simple steps. You can create your own quiz or test with help of below given websites without piling of paper. Listed below are the 10 most popular quiz websites which can accomplish your task in a very easy way and within less time.

10. Braineos: www.braineos.com

Best quiz websites 2019

This website is suitable for preparing exams as it suitable for language vocabulary and remembering facts. This site is designed in such a manner that helps you to create quizzes on different subjects based on flash cards in a fun way. Here you don’t need to sign in, you can simply login with your existing email id. Created tests and quizzes can be embedded into other sites and portals,participants can access with unique URL and submit their answers.

9. Quiz Star: www.quizstar.com

Best quiz websites

Quizstar is one of the sites for creating quizzes where you have to sign up first. Here teachers can create quizzes for their students and administer to them. Teacher can create questions in multimedia format along with using multiple languages. Students can then access the quizzes from any computer with internet connection, compete and submit the quizzes. Students can also review them. This site also grades the quizzes automatically. Quiz star also provides you option of duplicate questions for editing purpose to save time and use them in future or for other students.

8. ClassMarker: www.classmarker.com

Best quiz websites

ClassMarker is secure and easy to use online test maker. Here you can create quizzes for training and educational assessment. Quizzes and tests can be customised with this tool according to your purpose. It instantly grades the quiz. It is not only effective for teachers in creating online courses, practice tests, distance learning as well as for businesspeople in making recruitment assessments and training tests purpose. This one of the best web based testing service.

7. ProProfs: www.proprofs.com

Best quiz websites

It is one of the best site for creating online tests and quizzes. Though it is not that easy like other sites but is still the amazing one to create quizzes. Its advanced features like student tracking, privacy settings and many more makes it the excellent one among others. You can create your quizzes and tests in more than 70 languages, thus this is one of the best site for online training and assessment.

6. GoToQuiz: www.gotoquiz.com

Best quiz websites

This is another easy site for creating Tests and quizzes online. Quizzes created here are embedded in the World Wide Web(WWW) can be accessed by others using a different / unique URL generated. Without having to study the technical aspect of the platform, it is widely used in creating quizzes and tests for ones’ online profile, Twitter, blog, forum or even website.

5. Testmoz: www.testmoz.com

Best quiz websites

This site is another easy one and user friendly. There are four quiz types to create questions with unique URLs generated for each to accessed by others. It generates detailed reports characterised by simple interface and automatic grading of quizzes. Here you do not need to pay for registration as it is free for all whether you are a teacher or student. Simply sign up and build a functional test with Testmoz within a single minute.

4. Quibblo: www.quibblo.co

Best quiz websites

It is a unique site, an easy to use and funny one used in social networking platform to create quizzes that can be shared, graded, rated and embedded into another website. It is the best option for you to create and also interact with not just quizzes and questions but also surveys, polls and many more other interested contents.

3. Zoho Challenge: www.zohochallenge.com

Best quiz websites

This site has some enhanced and fancy tools which makes it more user friendly and appealing. Here you can create questionnaires and surveys on your personal computer and can be embedded with other websites. It has unique tools for optimizing surveys to suit respondents with mobile phones, thus respondents can submit their answers from anywhere. Responses even can be collected offline if there is no internet and can be uploaded later once the internet is available.

2. My Studiyo: www.mystudiyo.com

Best quiz websites 2019

This is another website suitable for preparing exams and quizzes. This site is designed in such a manner that helps you to create multimedia quizzes that can be shared, graded, rated and embedded into another website. Here you can create quizzes for training and educational assessment. Quizzes and tests can be customised on this site according to your purpose. Quizzes are graded automatically and instantly. It is an effective for teachers in creating online courses, practice tests and exams.

1. Google Docs: www.googledocs.com

Best quiz websites

Here is the Google Docs, one of the best among all. This is an ideal site where teachers can prepare and create tests, quizzes and exams which are embedded into student’s portals and sites. You can format the documents the way you want with the help of advanced styling and editing tools. It is most easy to use site and supports instant reporting. Editing can be done offline and then uploaded when online. It also has mobile version which is convenient for ones who cannot access a computer in the given time frame. It is free too.

There are various websites to create quizzes and tests online. Some of them are free but not all. You can choose any of them as per your requirement and convenience. Some sites are paid as they offer advanced and unique features. Few of them have options like free version, trial version and paid version. Visit the above listed top websites in the world and choose the one fulfils your need.


  1. One of the newest quiz websites and one of the best for both quizzes and fun facts is “Fun Facts & Trivia”

    Website: https://funfactsandtrivia.com

    It offers a wide variety of quizzes from general knowledge, history, art and literature to film & TV, music, science, and nature. The website is colorful, offers something for everybody and the questions are of a moderate to difficult level. I Highly recommend it.


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