Since Science is the base of Universal existence be it Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Human life, Gases, water, Flora and Fauna etc. etc. everything revolves around and structured in a disciplined fashion, Everything has its limits, Functioning n very well designed and structured in a disciplined manner and follows rules.

Since we are not aware and neither have sufficient knowledge of our base so weed information to be rich and aware of our base or fundamentals of our universal existence. To fulfil this aspect of our knowledge or to gain and be rich in terms of awareness we need sources that provide proved information we need books, science based audio and videos etc.

In tows world since computer science or its application are on the finger tips of most of the educated or literate people at least. It has become very easy and affordable to use its services, science websites here play very crucial role to provide information. These are just a click away so here we discuss about the websites dedicated to Science and its applications. Science Websites are as the name suggests are the websites dedicated to provide information of science related to any given Science subject. Be it Astronomy, Nuclear Science, Zoology, Botany, Anatomy, Mathematics, Statistics, Algebra, Bio Metrics, Palmistry, Physics, Chemistry, Computer/ Binary science, and Artificial Intelligence etc. etc.

The top ten most popular enlisted Science websites of 2022 are discussed as below. These websites ranking is based on the survey of all the science websites visitors in average. There are many websites or portals that do this survey on the basis of visitors in numbers and the quality of content, and rank accordingly.

10. Popular Science:-

Best science websites 2019

This Science website is one among other interesting and wonderful websites in this category. It is ranked and positioned at number 10 in this latest survey that was done in the month of May-2017. Its estimated regular visitors are 2,800,000 according to the survey. It lets you get to know the interesting and unknown before facts.


Best science websites

This website is interesting and provides the useful information about physical sciences, health sciences, earth and environmental sciences, biological sciences, and other wonderful unknown facts. It stands at the number 9 and its estimated visitors are 3,100,000.

8. Scientific American:

Best science websites

The estimated regular visitor of this science website is 3,300,000. Scientific American is ranked at the number 8 among other science websites on the basis of its popularity, content, and visitors.

7. Space:

Best science websites

This website is ranked number 7 and its regular visitors are 3,500,000. It covers a wide range of topics for example Science & Astronomy, Space flight, Search for life, sky watching and other useful news from across the globe. Science Direct website is its closest competitor.

6. Science Direct:

Best science websites

Science Direct directly tells you to search and explore information related to Medical Research, Technical, and Scientific. It openly lets you open access content of books, chapters, and Journals. Its estimated visitors and user base in numbers is 3,900,000. Ranking was done in the beginning of 5th month of the year 2017.

5. Science Daily:

Science Daily Top Famous Used and Popular Science Websites 2018Best science websites 2019

This website is positioned at number 5 and its estimated user base and visitors are 5,000,000. Science Daily covers about the topic and useful information related to Health, Environment, Society, Technical, and other news.

4. Live Science:

Best science websites

Live Science is also one of the most visited science websites. The ranking of Live Science is based on the survey done in United States of America, and Alexa ranking average. Its estimated regular traffic of regular visitors is 5,250,000. Discovery communication is its closest competitor. Live Science is an interesting, useful and wonderful science website because it constantly improves and serves its visitors the required and timely information of any topic. Lives Science covers a wide variety of interesting topics such as Health, Culture, Animals, Planet Earth, Solar System, Nuclear Science, Strange News, Information Technology, History, and Space. It is but obvious that it will earn its credit for providing latest, reliable, and interesting facts of our beautiful and mysterious universe.

3. Discovery Communications:

Best science websites

Discovery communication and its channel need no introduction. Even illiterate people are the lovers of Discovery Channels from the time when we were not aware of its official website. The regular visitor traffic of Discovery Communication is 6,500,000. According to the survey done it is ranked number 3 among the science websites. This ranking is based on its raking and visitors in United States of America and Alexa, an Amazon company’s ranking. Discovery Communication covers the interesting and adventurous reports and its videos plus full episodes of the topic we missed or want to see again. In that way it provides us a kind of ‘Live transmission’ feel. This website is simply wonderful and loved among its visitors.

2. NASA:

Best science websites

NASA needs no introduction as we all knows. It is the second most popular and wonderful website that provides awesome and interesting information especially about space science. Its estimated visitor traffic is 12,000,000. It covers Aeronautics, Space science, Journey to Mars, International space stations, Education, History, Earth, and other technical and useful topics to be discussed about.

1. How stuff works:

Best science websites

This Science website is simply wonderful. It covers a wide range of topics for example Animals, Health, Culture, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Life style, Science in general, Adventure, and different category quizzes. Simply awesome and perhaps this is the reason that it is ranked number 1 science website among the websites in the same category. Its regular visitor traffic is around 19,500,000. It is continuously progressing because it serves its visitors with reliable, useful, and latest information.

This article contains very helpful and valuable information about top ten most popular science websites. All the websites are quite popular among the users. I hope that you enjoyed the above given information.


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