Politics simply means the affairs of the cities. Politics is a practice of distributing the power and resources among the different members who controls and regulates the policies and plans beneficial for the human community. Political changes directly affect the economic situation, social norms, laws etc.

It is very important to know what is happening in the political circuit in order to stay updated. But in our busy schedules it becomes very difficult to know about the political situations of our country as well as the world. In such cases Online political websites comes in handy and helps us in stay connected with the political world. Let’s look at the top 10 most famous and best political websites in 2021.

10. TheBlaze: www.theblaze.com

Best Political websites 2019

It’s an American conservative news network which is available on television and internet. Its office is based in Texas. TheBlaze was launched in 2010 with an aim to provide original reporting, engaging videos, breaking news and other stuff including History and cultural aspects. It is available on regional cables throughout the America. Its live television stream is available on iPhone and Android phones. More than 7,700,000 visitors’ traffic per month was seen.

9. Salon: www.salon.com

Best Political websites

It was launched in 1995 owned by Salon Media Group. It is based in California. This website focuses on U.S. culture, current events and politics including progressive and left-wing perspective. The SALON covers many fields and provides articles on books, music, films, human sexual behaviour, friendship, relationships, and technology and off course politics. The website has sometimes been criticized for providing lots of sex and other provocative stuff. In 2008, The Company launched an interactive initiative called Open Salon which provided a blog network for its readers.

8. The Daily Caller: www.thedailycaller.com

Best Political websites

It’s an opinion based website which was founded by Tucker Carlson. Its coverage ranges from business, world news, outdoors, politics, sports, education and entertainment. It was launched in 2010 as a conservative news platform as an alternative to the more liberal HuffingtonPost website and offers coverage on different fields other than politics. The website has monthly average traffic of 7,700,000 visitors. It ranked 25 on Quantcast Rank and 3211 on Alexa Global ranking list.

7. DailyKos: www.dailykos.com

Best Political websites

It’s an internet forum which focuses on liberal American politics. It also has a political encyclopaedia which gives additional knowledge on political matters. It was launched in 2002 by Markos Moulitsas. The company has started a fellowship program which funds the new progressive activities. It has an average of thousands of visits per week. It ranked 170 as per the Quantcast Rank.

6. Slate: www.slate.com

Best Political websites

It is an online magazine which covers politics, cultural news and current affairs in the U.S. It was launched in 1996 by Michael Kinsley. Its French version was also launched in 2009. The online version is regularly updated which covers arts, culture and politics. This online website helps the visitors analyze, understand and interpret the world with its entertaining and witty style of writing. The ratings of this websites are as follow: 732- eBizMBA rank, 1041 Alexa rank, 121 Quantcast rank.

5. The Hill: www.thehill.com

Best Political websites 2019

This website is published in Washington. The hill is an American political newspaper and website. It was founded in 1994 by Jerry Finkelstein. This website focuses on Politics, business, policies and international relations. Its coverage includes the election campaigns, the presidency and the policies of the U.S. Congress. More than 20,000,000 people visit the website on a monthly basis. It has been ranked 367 by eBizMBA rank, 89 by Quantcast Rank and 964 in Alexa rank.

4. Politico: www.politico.com

Best Political websites

Is an American political and journalism company. It is based in Virginia and was founded in 2007. It is owned by Capitol News Company. Politico offers news through radio, television and podcasts along with website. Its coverage includes the presidency news. The company has also launched a Brussels-based European edition which is popularly known as Politico Europe. This websites ranks 464 as per eBizMBA rank, 795 as per Alexa Rank and 103 at Quantcast Rank.

3. DrudgeReport: www.drudgereport.com

Best Political websites

Is also an American political news aggregation website. It was launched in 1995 in California, United States by Matt Drudge. The websites majorly provides the stories and news of US and international mainstream political news along with entertainment, current affairs and columns featuring many popular columnists. Before being commercially hit website, Matt Drudge started the email-based newsletters from a small apartment. Approximately 30,000,000 people visit this website monthly. It ranks at 366 at eBizMBA rank and 723 at Alexa Rank.

2. Breitbart: www.breitbart.com

Best Political websites

It is a Los Angeles based commercial political websites which offers news, opinion and commentary. It was founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart. He got the idea to start the website during his visit to Israel. He started this political website with the aim of being unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. It ranks 236 on Alexa Global rating. More than 2 million people visit this website on a regular basis.

1. HuffingtonPost: www.huffingtonpost.com

Best Political websites

It is now known as HuffPost is an American News aggregator and blog website. It was launched in 2005. This websites offers local as well as international news, blogs, satire, columns, lifestyle and health information, technology based articles etc. HuffPost has been ranked no.1 at many times by the various prominent rating companies like Alexa global traffic rank, us traffic rank and eBizMBA rank. HuffingtonPost became the first US political website to win a Pulitzer Prize. This websites ranks 149 as per eBizMBA rank and 203 according to Alexa rating.

Above mentioned websites are the best among the hundreds of political websites. All these websites have the best ratings as per many popular rating companies like Alexa Global Traffic Rank, Quantcast Rank and eBizMBA rank etc. These websites have always provided the best and correct political information to its visitors. In our busy schedules, websites has been a boon to the people. It allows us to access the websites on the go from the phone and laptops. Politics websites not only provides us the political information of the globe but also other information like entertainment, education, technology, outdoors, business and many more.


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