Ten Best People Search Engines Websites Are Discussed Below

People Search Engines or Websites: – Search Engines technically described or defined as the software that search for matching keywords and strings provided to the web servers on the basis of generalized classes across the web. The entered keywords are processed by web servers and they search for the matching date and provide the output required. Technically and by definition as the name suggests People searching Engines or Websites are the tools that help us finding people across the globe using Internet. For example if we want to search our school friend who studied with us, our ex colleague, neighbor, relatives whom we have no information about in present time then there is a possibility that by providing or inputting very little information about them, web servers across the world may find and provide us the right information or output. For finding out or near and dear once there are many popular websites which can actually help us finding our old/ new mates because they store a pool of data about billions of people and other things also l. Billions of people all around the world visit these websites and use their services, hence, there is a high probability that we get the required results and find a bunch of happiness.

The Most popular 10 Best People Searching websites/ Search Engines are discussed below, please have a look:

10. Radaris: www.radaris.com

Radaris Top Famous People Search Engines Websites Are Discussed Below 2018

This application is quite comprehensive in its approach to provide the information of people search. It is a well designed application that is used as a people search engine. This year in the month of May, it is ranked number 10 among its competitor websites. Its estimated visitors are approximately 3,800,000 across the Internet. Since it is a people search engines so by using it we can search our college friends, colleagues, distant relative and any other person our choice.

09. Pipl: www.pipl.com


Pipl is people search engine that is popular for its comprehensive and best results. It is one of the reliable people search engines where we can expect the required output to be generated. There are approximately 4,000,000 visitors who get benefited by its comprehensive results. It is positioned at number 9 on the rank scale.

08. Peek you: www.peekyou.com

Peek you

It is one of the most popular People Search Engines that successfully created its visitor or user base around 4,100,000. The Peek you was ranked and positioned at number 8 among the competitive search engines in this category.

07. My Life: www.mylife.com

My Life

My life people search engine is ranked number 7 and its unique monthly visitors is approximately 4,200,000. This is a very popular search engine among the users where they can get wide range of information from various categories.

06. People finders: www.peoplefinders.com

People finders Top Popular People Search Engines Websites Are Discussed Below 2018

As the name suggests People finders is a search engine that lets you search your school and college friends, distant relatives and other people. The estimated unique monthly visitors of People finder search engine is around 4,250,000. Its high reliability and fast speed makes it one among the top 10 people search engines. It is ranked number 6 by average of alexa survey and United States of America survey.

05. People smart: www.peoplesmart.com

People smart

This search engine to search people across the Internet is ranked and positioned at number 5 and its current estimated unique monthly user base is 4,500,000.

04. Intelius: www.Intelius.com


is also a people search engine that searches the profiles/ people by using public domains that provide the information about people all around the world, it manages and satisfy its strong user base and visitors. The estimated number of its visitors is 5,500,000. Since it fulfills the user need for searching people and other things so its large user base and reliable results make it positioned it at number 4 among its competitor people search engines.

03. Instant checkmate: www.instantcheckmate.com

Instant checkmate

This website is basically a people search engine; however, to its visitors it serves as a tool to find out anything on the Internet. There are many unique features in instant checkmate kitty. It serves its services to approximately 10,000,000 unique visitors on monthly basis. State, Federal, and local public records, professional licenses, criminal records etc can be searched by using this one of the best people search engines. Perhaps it is the reason it successfully earned the number 3 position in a survey that was done on the basis of the collective average of Alexa rank and the rank in United States of America.

02. Spokeo: www.spokeo.com


Spokeo successfully stands at number 2 position in May-2017 survey that is done to find out the top 10 most popular and best people search engines. Its estimated regular visitors are around 18,000,000. The challenge to Spokeo is to maintain and constantly improve its performance. It provides people search on the basis of some of the general online and offline sources for example white-pages and identifiers such as the first name and the last name, phone numbers, locations etc. Spokeo’s unique monthly visitors are more than 17 millions. It is ranked number 1 website for its fast speed by Google. Earlier the scalability issues surfaced but now everything has been sorted out.

01. White pages: www.whitepages.com

White pages Top 10 People Search Engines Websites Are Discussed Below 2017

This is basically treated as a provider of directory service. Its user base is very strong. In the North region of United States of America alone it serves to more than 28,500,000 users. By using white pages we can find out the frauds, corruption, Fake identity and many other faults because white pages do provide directory services using a large public data available on the Internet. This useful web directory provider was founded in 1997 in America by Jason Eglit. There are more than 130 employees working day and night to serve the best of its services to its visitors and that is the reason it has become number 1 website among other websites in this category in 2017 survey.

In above written article people searching tools are explained and the top 10 most popular people search engines ranked on different rating websites are highlighted. Happy searching your near and dear ones!


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