This article will introduce you about top ten most popular Sports websites where Billions sports lover goes online and search for their favorite sports and sportsman. These sites continuously inform their visitors all type of information related to sports. Almost all these sites have millions of visitors per month while these are very popular on social media and people are a die-hard fan of their blogs which are uploaded by them related to sports. Here are the top 10 most popular and best sports websites in 2022.

10. Rivals –

Best sports websites 2019

This is one of the best sites for sport lovers to know about their interesting sport. Mainly it is a network of websites in the United States, started in 1998. The website is owned by Yahoo while created by Jim Heckman, the site informs its users about the latest news of sports. It has about 300 employees who mainly focus on collage sports like Football and Basketball. The site offers all the information about sports and also sports devotee can post here whatever information they want to share with people. It also informs about live scores of sports and latest sports article posted by sportsman or newspapers.

9. Skysports –

Best sports websites

is a fabulous website for sports lover launched on 25 March, 1990 and owned by Sky plc. It is a sports television channels group and deals with information about all type of sports like football, cricket, basketball, hockey, WWE, Rugby, tennis, golf, boxing, etc. The site is also very popular on social media like on Twitter and Facebook. The website is very thoughtful for visitors who love betting due to its impulsive sports news. Its main programs are Sunday supplement, Goals on Sunday, Fantasy Football Club, Cricket Extra, Rugby Union, Formula one and WWE events like Raw, Smackdown, Main Events, etc. So it is one of the best websites for Sports lovers.

8. The Sports Network – The website

Best sports websites

is like an encyclopaedia of sports, content all type of information about sports; it has broad, intense, and skilful research sports knowledge. The site continuously updates information about live sports like there score, Ranking of teams playing particular sport, particular players information, etc. It contents all type of sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, WWE and tennis also it include Rugby, NFL, and MLB. The website got huge popularity on social media and love by almost all sports lovers; contains every type of news related to any sport.

7. NBC Sports –

Best sports websites

The site also is in competition for famous sports site in Alexa rank, Compete Rank, eBizMBA rank and Quantcast Rank. It has about 19 million visitors per month and is in one of the bets sports sites on Internet. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American Broadcasting Network which supplies all type of sports related information on the Internet while its president is Jon Miller. Its Alexa Ranking is 1059 while it’s ranking in the US is 255; the website is a very popular website on Internet which is responsible for sports news and all type of pastime information.

6. Bleacherreport –

Best sports websites

The site was founded by sports fans in 2007 and their main aim is to provide all type of information about sports to their visitors. The CEO of this awesome site is Dave finocchio while the president is Rory Brown. They inform fans by writing a very useful article about sports while fans can also show their feeling about an article and they can also do comment or debate on the site. The site is very popular among sports lovers and has about millions of visitors each month. Fans can also ask for their need and if the website does not have content which is searched by a fan then they create it; simply it creates whatever its visitor want from it. Its Alexa Ranking is 275 while in the US its Ranking is 90.


Best sports websites

The site was found in 1994 and deal with information of all types of sports like football, motorsport, tennis, golf, cricket, wrestling, etc. Its main coverage is National League matches while it is a segment of Fox Broadcasting Station which specialises in news. The website is in demand on social media like on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is very popular and special among people due to its breath coverage and analysis of the sport is free or off-the-hook while it also received millions of visitor per month and the counting is still on.

4. ESPN Cricinfo –

Best sports websites

The site deals with all sports but especially it deals with Cricket and it is leading cricket website in the World. The site was created by Doctor Simon King in 1993. Its main feature is it show live cricket score ball-by-ball and its registered office is in London while main headquarters are in Bengaluru and in New York. The site is in demand among people and reaches over 20 million visitors every month. It was obtained by the Wisden Group in 2002. The site is famous for ambitious pictures and consistency in updating live scores. Its Alexa Ranking is 252 while 28th in India.

3. Sports Illustrated –

Best sports websites

The site owned by Time Warner and deal with all type of sport related news like live scores, Latest news or breaking news and sports investigation. It receives about twenty million visits per month and builds on Magazine about 3.5 million subscribers. The photos and information which found on this site are very explanatory and amazing. The site is very popular among sports lovers and its Alexa rank is 1068 while Quantcast rank is 121. It offers information about all type of sports and also loved by its fans on social media.

2. Yahoo! Sport –

Best sports websites

The website does not have need of initiation due to its popularity among sports lover. The site launched on 8 December, 1997 and it was launched by also Yahoo. Its Alexa Rank is 4 while in the US its ranking is 5. The information which shown on this site is mainly from STATS, Inc. Between the age of 2011 to 2016, its brand is used for US sports radio network which is now named as SB Nation Radio. The site show lives score of games, tittle-tattle and investigation on all type of sports; recently on 29 January, 2016 it launched The Vertical subsection for NBA news.

1. ESPN –

Best sports websites 2019

The website was launched in 1993 and almost no other site for a sport which is in competition with it. The site’s Alexa ranking is 81 while it’s US ranking is 16. The website offers all type of sports live coverage such as NHL, NFL, NASCAR, NBL and many another type of sports. It got huge popularity on social media like on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter due to its consistency in showing news and uploading information about live scores of all type of games. The site has millions of visitors per week and almost loved by all type of sports lovers.

This article contains top ten leading sports websites which are most popular among sports lovers. These sites inform their visitors about all recent news related to sport such as live scores, Gossips, and research about a sport which will help them to know about any particular game or about any particular player of that game.



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