The article carries top ten most funny websites and about their launching date, creator, Headquarter, owner and about their popularity on the internet or on any other social sites. These sites carry funny jokes, animated videos, links, amusing articles, humour shows etc. A website is said to be funny if it provoke laughter and these all sites are expert in that. Here are the top 10 most popular funny websites in 2022.

10. 9GAG –

Best funny websites 2019

It is an online social media podium. This website was launched on 1 July, 2008 by Ray Chan in Hong Kong while its Headquarter is also in Hong Kong. It is very popular among people and have about 35.5 million likes on Facebook. The website is also very communal on Instagram and Twitter, have about 33 million and 8.4 million likes respectively. The slogan of website is “Go Fun Yourself” an awesome slogan created by Mr Chan. The website has about 164 million visitors in last month of 2015 in which maximum are from Germany and United State. The company have many investors like 500 Startups, Benjamin Ling, Box Group, Freestyle Capital, James Hong, YCombinator and had raised $24.5 million in total funding. The intention of creating this website was only to create an alternative to email on which people can easily share amusing photos or videos to entertain everyone.

9. TheOnion –

Best funny websites

Theonion website was created by Tim Keck Christopher Johnson on 29 August, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin (U.S.). The Editor of this website is Cole Bolton and its Headquarter is in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.). An American news satire organisation originated as a weekly print publication in Madison on 29 August, 1988. It became online in 1996 and started publishing satirical news audio and video online in 2007 as an Onion News Network. Comedian ‘Bob Odenkirk’ complemented by saying that “It’s the best comedy writing in the country” in 1999. The two supplement of The Onion are The A.V. Club and ClickHole, in which The A.V. Club is a pop culture publication and for entertainment that contains reviews of newly released media and interviews while ClickHole is a satirical website.

8. CollegeHumor –

Best funny websites

The website CollegeHumor is owned by IAC (InterActive Corp) and based in Los Angeles. It was launched on 7 December, 1999 and was created by Ricky Van Veen and Josh Abramson with the help of web developer JakobLodwick. Mainly site deal with comedy videos and article created by its production team, also article or videos submitted by its users. The website has its own TV Show on MTV as a name of The CollegeHumor Show and operated by a New York Company ‘CHMedia’. The site is very popular among people and has monthly visiting of about 7 million visitors. Their aim was for creating this site is to create a humour site that would easily advertise by college age people. The site was nominated for Webby Award and many of their individual videos won Webby Awards. The two parts of their short stories “Furry Force” won the Ursa Major Award for Best Dramatic Series or Short Work in 2014 and also in same year the site was listed on New Media Rockstars.

7. Smosh –

Best funny websites

It was originated in Carmichael (California), created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. In 2003 Padilla started posting flash animation, later he joined by his friend Hecox and after that they became one of the most popular channel on YouTube due to their videos which were posted by them on YouTube in autumn of 2005. Smosh became 7th most subscribe channel on YouTube on January, 2017 and has more than 6 billion views on videos and also about 22 million subscribers. “Pokémon Theme Music Video” was Smosh one of the earliest video released in November 2005 and instantly video got huge popularity, it received over 24 million views. The website also received many Awards like in 2006 “YouTube Awards for comedy”, “Social Star Award in 2013” as a United States Social Media Star.

6. Cheezburger –

Best funny websites

This site deals with videos and image macros usually involving animals and is a blog format type website. It was created by Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami from Hawaii in 2007. The site is very popular and received about 1,500,000 hits daily. The site derived its name from a picture of Happycat with a wording of cat asking, “I can have Cheezburger”. Website gained by a group of investors for US $2 million in September 2007. The site also produced a book in 2008 named as ‘I can have a Cheezburger?: A LOLcatColleckshun’ and its second book published in 2009 was ‘How to Take over the World: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning’.

5. FunnyorDIE –

Best funny websites

The site was found by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy on 12 April 2007, deals with comedy videos and film production. The TV shows made by Production Company are truTV’sBilly on streer, Comedy Central’s @midnight, and Zach Galufianakis’s. Its Headquarter is in Los Angeles, California (USA) and own by Gary Sanchez Production. The first video of site was named as “The Landlord” and received about 84 million views. They received venture capital funding from ‘Sequoia Capital’ in June 2007 while in June 2008 with HBO they announce partnership. Like other funny sites they also invigorate viewers to score video by giving it ‘Funny’ or ‘Die’ vote if video got 80% vote for Funny in 100,000 views then video went in Immortal section while if it get less than 20% then it went in Crypt section of the site.

4. eBaumsWorld –

Best funny websites

The site was created by Eric Bauman while the owner of website is ZVUE Corporation. It is based in Rochester, New York dealing with entertainment media like videos, web games, Adobe and Flash cartoons. Its content is taken from other resources with informing to eBaum’s world logo due to which it is controversial. The ex-owner of site Mr Eric “eBaum” Bauman and his father Neil sold this site in August 2008 for $15 million cash and $2.5 million in stock to ZVUE Corporation. The site has celebrity soundboard in which by pushing a single button viewer can listen phrase or quotes spoken by their celebrity. For feedback of users, the site have “Moron Mail” where user can sent their feedback.

3. Break –

Best funny websites

It was launched in 1998 and CEO of site is Keith Richman, site deals with comedy videos, flash games and pictures. Mainly the target of site is people of aged 18 to 35, and previously its visitor could rank it from 1 to 5 scale but now they changed its feature by thumb up or thumb down system. In 2006 site introduce new system in which visitor can share his or her files and in August 2006 it partnered with Showtime to promote Weeds. create a new show named as Record Breaker with the help of Fear Factors and Big Brother producer Endemol USA in April 2007. Break was in 300 most viewed sites list in July 2008.

2. Cracked –

Best funny websites

Cracked is comic website founded by Jack O’Brien in 2005 while it is currently owned by E.W.Scripps. In 1958 Cracked was found as a magazine, in October 2005 Mr Jack O’Brien launched as a separate website. The website had 3-4 million page viewer in 2007 and it upload 3 to 4 four article daily along with short-form content and videos. The made an app for iPad to allow users to views its contents in 2010. Its writer once upload an article titled “How to Kidnap the President’s Daughter” and questioned by the FBI and United State Secret Service. Its Slogan is ‘America’s Only Humour Site Since 1958′.

1. theCHIVE –

Best funny websites 2019

It is the funniest website and owned by Resignation Media LLC. The website was created by Leo Resig and John Resig in 2008. is a photo-entertainment website and its name was born from joining two cities in which its creator lived. Chicago (CHI) hometown of Leo while John lived in Venice Beach (VE). Charity organization named as Chive Charity runs by TheCHIVE and raise fund for needy people. They help children with birth defect, rescue squads, veterans and other people who need help.

The above article accommodates Top Ten Most Popular Funny Websites and important information about them. We hope that you enjoyed the entire information about funny websites. Good luck.



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