Your shoes show your journey, your class, your passion, and your personality. A shoe lover can always find some space in his room for a new pair. If you also love to try designer and best-quality shoes that raise your fashion quotient then there are oodles of shoe brands available in the Indian market. Let your shoe become the essential part of your legendary journey. A perfect pair of shoes always supports you in every step you take.

Shoes must be chosen wisely as a wrong pair can create trouble for your pace and comfort. When you have comfortable shoes, you feel confident. Today, the leading sport shoe brands in India are not only standing tall in the supermarkets but entering the small town as well to cater to the comfort and style needs of more and more customers every day. Here is the list of top 10 sports shoe brands in India in 2022 that you must check out if you are an athlete or love sports.


Best Sports Shoes Brands In India 2019

Nike is a globally popular brand which avails the global customers with footwear, accessories, apparel, services and equipment. The brand was established in 1964 and it is more known as a reliable and stylish sportswear brand. Nike makes trendy and enduring shoes for men, women and kids. The giant sports brand has a huge workforce and a plethora of franchise sports across the globe generating overall revenue of around US$30.601 billion. If you are ready to spend some good bucks for a great pair of shoes that drives attention and takes good care of your feet, you know where the ‘Blue Tick’ brand is available.

2. Adidas

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

After Nike, Adidas is the second largest seller of sports shoes. The leading international brand primarily makes shoes, accessories and clothing. The brand was founded in 1924 and it is probably one of the oldest shoe brands that have shown a magnificent growth with the course of time. Adidas creates ultra-comfortable shoes for athletes and general people. The sports shoe line of the brand is innovatively designed for the major sports like NBA, Cricket, tennis and to name a few. Adidas generates global revenue of €19.291 billion. The three black stripes are the official sign of the brand. Adidas shoes are available in every country. There are several Adidas stores across the globe employing over 53,731 people.

3. Reebok

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

Like Adidas, Reebok is also a globally popular and preferred sportswear and accessory brand. With a dream to reach a big customer base and serve them with fashionable and extremely comfortable shoes, Reebok was founded in 1895. That time, the spikes shoes were very much needed by the athletes and Reebok was one of the brands coming up with the ground-breaking spike shoe line. In 2005, Reebok became a subsidiary brand of Adidas and the already awesome products from the leading sports brand became more worthwhile and extra comfort delivering. After the Adidas-Reebok merger, the total revenue of the combined value reached the sky-high levels.

4. Puma

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

If you are familiar with the Adidas brand then you must have a fair idea about Puma. Before the World War 2, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, the two brothers used to run a common shoe-manufacturing business as a company called Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. The duo parted their ways during the world war 2 and two separate companies found their inception – Puma and Adidas. Puma, the Rudolf Dassler German shoe, sportswear and accessory manufacturing company which always had the first-rate style and comfort associated with it was founded in 1948. A total of 11,351 employees are associated with the brand to serve the world-class sports shoes and accessories. The 2015’s revenue of Puma was €3.387 billion.

5. Asics

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

Asics is a giant Japanese athletic equipment company which has stores in many parts of the world. The brand name is the short form of “anima sana in corpore sano” which is a popular Latin phrase about a healthy soul and body. The brand name may not be frequently taken by the common mass but in the sports arena, it is a pretty familiar name and millions of people’s trust is associated with the brand. Asics makes first-rate sports shoes, accessories and equipments using the advanced technology where style is equally important as the quality. The company was founded in 1949 and has annual revenue of ¥428.4 billion. The maximum part of the brand’s revenue is generated through its sports shoe lines.

6. Liberty

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India 2019

Liberty is one Indian brand that is giving a tough competition to its international peers since 1954. The brand’s headquarter is in Haryana. Liberty is primarily focused on the shoe manufacturing. Liberty started from a small shop manufacturing 4 pairs of shoes every day due to the poor workforce. With time, keeping the quality, comfort and innovation as their priorities, the company grew phenomenally and today it creates around 50000-60000 shoe pairs each day. It generates a big revenue of 600 CRORE every year and the brand expects to increase the bar to 1000 Crore by the year 2022.

7. Converse

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

The company was founded in 1908 with an idea of stylish and comfortable shoe production in US. The company tried to create stylish tennis shoes and fortunately, this product line flourished unexpectedly and the brand jumped into the sports shoe manufacturing and made it big globally. The brand is mostly liked by the teenagers. The All-Star line of converse is the most popular shoe type till the date which found its inception in 1917. Once, the All-Star shoes were popular in the NBA arena.

8. K-Swiss

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

The Switzerland-based shoe manufacturing company was founded in 1966. The company mainly manufactures tennis shoes and comfortable shoes for some other sports. In 2013, E-Land, a Korean firm purchased the American footwear company.

9. New Balance

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

If you got some decent budget, New Balance can be your pick. From stylish appearance to the smooth steps and amazing fitting- 1906 founded American Multinational Corporation got you covered. It makes high-quality luxury sports shoes for men and women.

10. Li-Ning

Best Sports Shoes Brands In India

Well, it’s time to be familiar with another sports shoe brand that has made the Indian sports enthusiasts addicted to it. Li-Ning is a new Chinese company which is mainly known for its world-class tennis, NBA and badminton shoes and accessories. Carry some big bucks and the awe-inspiring Li-Ning shoe can be yours.

About 55% of the revenue of the footwear companies is generated through men’s shoes and a big part of it is due to the sports line. Indian athletes who represent the nation at the significant levels don’t deserve any kind of compromise, especially in terms of footwear which contributes the most to their success. All the aforementioned brands have found big spaces in the Indian market and are welcomed warmly by the buyers. It’s time to pick your favorite brand because your feet are demanding some more comfort.


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