The quality of headphones has started to rise exponentially in the recent years. There are various giants out there trying to produce the best and we will look at some of the best headphone manufacturers in 2022 out there, providing excellent headphones in the market. The giants listed in the article provide quality headphones at a reasonable price and are thus popular among the average high market.


Best headphone brands in India 2019

Audio Technica is a premium headphone manufacturing company that was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1962 which produces some of the best headphones available in the market. With great sound quality and really good built, Audio Technica headphones are truly great. The folks at Audio Technica produce professional quality headphones that can give great audio quality even if used in studios. They have a wide range of models and produce some of the best in each section. With a total net worth of over £15,880,701.00, they continue to remain one of the giants in the audio systems market.


Best headphone brands in India

Started off as an effort by Amar Bose, an Indo-American in America, to produce a better sound system than what was available at the time, Bose has grown to become a pioneer in the audio industry. With a net worth of over a Billion Dollars, Bose has definitely become one of the best. With products that never compromise with the audio quality, they produce some of the best studio and personal headphones as well as speakers. The premium models may seem to be costly even though not as costly as Audio Technica, Bose is worth every penny of what you spend if you are the kind of person who loves to hear audio with great quality.


most popular headphone brands in India

Sennheiser is a German audio outfit that was established way back in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser. As of 2015, the turnover of the company was estimated to be upwards of €682.2 million! This alone shows how big a role they play in the audio market and how they dominate the market as well. Producing devices with great audio quality and that too at a much affordable price as compared to other audio giants is what sets them apart from the other players in the market. With base products that are very cheap, they do not compromise on the quality and try to give the best product for the price at all times. It has grown to be one of the favorites among many enthusiasts.

6. JBL

Best selling headphone brands in India

James Bullough Lansing founded JBL in 1946. Even though they primarily concentrated on loudspeakers and other devices, they have started to become a major player in the headphones market as well. Known for the built quality and amazing designs, JBL also succeeds in providing great quality. At rates that are affordable for most people, they have become a very popular brand in the audio market. Various auto giants like Toyota and Ferrari uses JBL audio systems, so does the premium sector vehicles from Ford. Being a subsidiary of Harman, JBL has a great turnover and Net Worth of over millions of dollars.


top selling headphone brands in India 2019

Founded by music producer & rapper Dr. Dre in 2008, the company is now owned by Apple Inc. Initially, the company was known as Beats by Dr. Dre but upon the acquisition by Apple, they changed the name. With a revenue of more than 1.5 Million Dollars by 2015, they have become a big time player in the audio market. Popular mostly among the crowd who emphasizes on making a headphone a style statement, Beats headphones are definitely flashy and will catch anyone’s eyes. Even though popular and being priced at an average of high rate, they are not popular for the audio quality. Most audio enthusiasts prefer other brands when it comes to audio quality because of the price difference they have to pay for the difference in the audio quality. Beats do not compromise on the wow factor or the looks factor but when it comes to the factor of audio quality, the story is different altogether!


Best headphone brands in India

Skullcandy Inc was founded in 2003 by Rick Alden. The Utah-based company has a revenue of over $266.3 Million and produces various types of audio gadgets. Quite popular among the youth, Skullcandy produces a wide range of products at an even wider price range. With funky and top of the notch designs, they definitely score marks in the design section. With mad color combinations and even crazier designs, the company has succeeded in keeping the customers at awe of their expertise in what they do. They definitely know how to win the market, being able to bring wireless technology into the audio gadgets world way back in 203 which is quite phenomenal. There are here in the market to stay for a long time and that is exactly what is expected of them!


Best headphone brands in India

Sidney N. Shure founded Shure Inc. as The Shure Radio Company in Chicago, Illinois way back in 1925, when it was started off as a supplier of radio parts. The company has continuously grown to become one of the most premium manufacturers of headphones and other audio devices. With a net worth of over £80.6 Million. Shure produces and sells premium headphones which were a wing started in 2009. The audio and build quality from Shure is exquisite and can give the best audio experience to the customers. With various innovative ideas, they have brought forth some really great models over the years that has made wonders in the audio market.


Best headphone brands in India

Philips is yet another electronics giant to make into this list of great headphone manufacturers. Philips was founded as Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips way back in 1891, in a place called Eindhoven in Netherlands. With total assets over €28.35 billion, they have invested into the audio industry quite well and make quite good sales too. They are the cheapest headphones available in this list. By making headphones at a cheap rate with decent audio and build quality, they are quite impressive at what they do. Simple looking yet sturdy designs and above average audio quality as compared to the other audio devices available in the price range is what makes them popular in the market. If very cheap headphones are being looked for, Philips is definitely the answer.


No. 1 Best headphone brands in India 2019

Sony is one of the best budget headphone producing company among the list but, make no mistake as they do manufacture premium devices as well. The MDR, XB ranges from Sony gives the customers the opportunity to buy some really good headphones. Wireless technology has really brought forward some great models from Sony which are popular all over the world. Started off as a subsidiary of Sony Corp., Sony audio systems have clearly marked their path in the headphone and audio industry. Sony Corp. is an electronics giant which was founded in Tokyo, Japan by Masaru Ibuka & Akio Morita in 1946. With a net income of over ¥147.8 billion, Sony is one of the biggest players in the electronics market which infuses Japanese tech expertise in their products.


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