Music is not only a stress buster but also a good companion too. While driving music gives the sweetest company and keeps you happy and joyful. To enjoy a very good listening experience, first, you need a superb quality music system.

Numerous car audio system brands are there to make our musical journey amazing. But every music system company does not provide the best quality sound system. Here is a list of top 10 best car audio system brands in India in 2022 which will surely help you find the suitable one among the top brands.

10. JVC

Best Car Audio System Brands In India 2019

JVC is one of the popular brands in India as well as in India. The Japanese brand specializes in manufacturing car audio system. They offer a vast portfolio of products that includes car audio system, speakers, multimedia receiver, subwoofer etc. Features of JVC audio system are.

  • Compatibility with MP3/ WMA/ WAV3.
  • Android smartphone or tablet connectivity via USB.
  • Supports Bluetooth and gives hands-free operation and calling facility.
  • iPhone and Android device connectivity.
  • Time Alignment and Space Enhancement technology.

9. Infinity

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

The America-based company Infinity has specialized in manufacturing automotive stereo system. They are one of the best companies who manufacture speaker, car component system, subwoofers etc. Infinity is well known for their build quality, features, and technology. The devices are equipped with many smart features like.

  • Slim, sleek, and stylish design.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to communicate wirelessly.
  • Compatibility with the smartphone.

Infinity products are widely used in world famous automobile companies like Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi etc.

8. Bose

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

Bose is a renowned American brand which is recognized for its automobile sound systems and speakers. The company has a strong presence in the Indian market as well as in the world market.

Their car audio systems are widely preferred by everyone because of their natural sound.

The Company has more than 30 years of experience designing car sound systems. Combining with innovations and modern technologies they have developed the automotive sound system to create the ideal listening experience in any type of vehicle from compact to high-end luxury.

Bose sound system are found in plenty of vehicles like Fiat, GMC, Chevrolet, Infiniti, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Audi, Cadillac, and Buick.

7. Blaupunkt

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

Blaupunkt is a German electronics equipment manufacturing company which has a large number of followers in the Indian market. The company is famous for smart looks, great features, and superior sound quality. They are globally acclaimed for making car audio system, multimedia receiver, speaker, subwoofers, antennas and lot more.

Blaupunkt offers many appreciable features such as

  • In-dash AM/ FM/ MW/ RDS, CD/CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW MP3, WMA Receiver.
  • iPod and iPhone compatibility.
  • Software update facility via USB.
  • Built-in Bluetooth with a microphone.
  • Radio Data System.

Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, Holden, Proton, Pontiac, and BMW are in the company’s client list.

6. Alpine

Best Car Audio System Brands In India 2019

The Tokyo-based company specializes in car audio and accessories. The have a strong appearance in Indian market with car stereo system, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and navigation systems. They are one of the best companies in the domain of car audio. The features of.

Alpine car stereo includes

  • 2 or 3-way crossover, sound equalization and digital time correction.
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod.
  • MultEQ technology eliminates acoustic problems and maximizes the accuracy and clarity of the music.

Alpine car stereo systems are used by leading many car manufacturers including Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Marcedes, BMW etc.

5. Clarion

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

Over six decades the Japanese company Clarion has managed to capture the attention of various clients across the world. The parent company of this brand is the world famous company, Hitachi. They are one of the major producers of car audio, speakers, a navigation system, AutoPCs etc. In the Indian market, the company receives good response from consumers. They provide best in the class audio system with good build quality and sound clarity.

The audio systems come with a number of attractive features like

  • CD / USB / MP3 / WMA Receiver.
  • Audio streaming from smartphones.
  • iPod and iPhone compatibility and control.
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Clarion products are used by many automobiles companies like Nissan, Ford, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Peugeot etc.

4. Kenwood

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

Kenwood is a Japanese company which is one of the leaders in the Indian car audio system sector. They produce the best quality stereos at a reasonable price. The company is engaged in producing audio receivers, amplifiers, and speakers for more than 70 years. The features of audio system include.

  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free operation and calling.
  • Built in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to simplify the pairing process between audio system and smartphone.
  • iPhone and Android Music Playback.
  • Digital Time Alignment, 3-Step Loudness Control, and Auto EQ Adjustment sync.
  • Supports Radio Data System.

3. JBL

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

JBL is an audio system making American company with decades of experience in manufacturing speakers and other audio equipment. The consumers of India prefer JBL audio equipment in their cars because of its sound clarity.

The range of products includes car speaker, car subwoofers, car component system, car amplifiers, and processors.

  • JBL amplifiers are equipped with innovative technologies which deliver distortion-free and high-performance playback.
  • Their QuantumLogic Surround Sound technology transforms any stereo audio source into a 7.1 channel surround sound which offers an unparalleled listening experience.
  • JBL mp3 players support CD, DVD and USB drives.

In 2016, JBL was recognized as high-quality car stereo and audio system manufacturing company in India.

2. Pioneer

Best Car Audio System Brands In India 2019

The Japanese multinational Company, Pioneer is one of the most admired brands in car audio manufacturing market. They are famous for manufacturing digital entertainment products. Pioneer offers some best in the class feature in their stereo system. Other than giving the best quality music experience, they offer some smart features like-

  • Built-in navigation system with smartphone connectivity.
  • Supports popular smartphone app like Whatsapp, Google map etc.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy hands-free operation.
  • Its auto time alignment system adjusts speaker output timing. It makes all the speakers virtually equidistance from the driver.
  • A hybrid positioning system gives turn by turn guidance and the AVIC map offers a 3D view of the roads and the adjacent areas.

1. Sony

Best Car Audio System Brands In India

Sony holds the first position in this list. They are well known for their cutting edge technology and product quality. The Tokyo-based company has a massive customer base worldwide. They specialize in the manufacturing of electronic products.

When it comes to car audio system, Sony indicates its significant presence in Indian market with their products durability, quality, and technology. Sony audio system comes well equipped with the high-quality audio and user-friendly features. They always focus on developing new technologies and designs to full fill customers need. They give you the chance to enjoy sound as big as the open road.

  • Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy hands-free calling and to stream music wirelessly.
  • In a high-resolution touchscreen, you can use your smartphone apps or can watch videos.
  • Supports CD, DVD and USV drives.
  • Supports rear view camera connectivity.

Historically Indian people are the music lover. And in today’s world car has a major role in our everyday transportation. We travel a lot and you need to feel fresh in the whole journey. It has been scientifically proved that music keeps our mood fresh. Car audio systems offer us to enjoy music on the open road. So in Indian consumers prefer the best audio systems for their car. This gives a huge opportunity to the stereo companies to make a good business in Indian market.


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