10 Popular Nightclubs in Las Vegas For Full Entertainment, The best of Las Vegas Nightlife

You are too engrossed in your work that by the end of the day you can barely think. Not to sound arrogant, I mean you are too exhausted for anything else. Here is your chance to bounce back and brighten your evening. Not just the evening but an opportunity to excite your life, rejuvenate your energies and get the best of all.

What’s all this about? Las Vegas nightclubs with their outstanding offers. This is where you need to go and down your worries, exhaustion after all the struggles to make those dollars. Home to some of the best cubs in the globe, Las Vegas gets better by the night.

Awesome service, superb entertainment and an opportunity to try your luck in the casinos are among the key aspects to find.

List of top 10 best and most famous nightclubs in Las Vegas in 2017-2018

10. XS Nightclub

XS Nightclub Top Famous Nightclubs in Las Vegas 2017

Located in Wynn Encore, XS is one of the most expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas. With its deep gold decorations, the club is always shining with elegance. This is the place to meet the most notable people on the planet. Those who are never afraid to use their dollars to get entertained. XS is home to the worlds top DJs among them Skrilles, Zedd, Avicii, and Deadmau5. With its booming music, the dance floor is always crowded making it the best choice to meet new friends and escape from lonely life. An outdoor pool is available where you can cool off the night while enjoying a cold drink under the stars.

9. Hakkasan

With five floors, Hakkasan offer the perfect venue to cool off the evening. There is room for everything, a huge and spacious dance floor, a well crafted bar and a lounge. After you are done with dancing, grab a seat at the lounge and relax your muscles. Its resident DJ includes Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Afrojack who are among the hottest in the globe. Combining expertise with the best choices of music, the DJs always ensure the dance is never empty. To ensure your energies never go down, Hakkasan restaurant offers a range of cuisines never experienced in the state of Nevada. Navigating through the different floors of the club is made easy with a string of stairs connecting them.

8. Surrender Nightclub

When looking for that sexy experience, Surrender is the place to go. As the name suggests, here you surrender all your other experiences and open up to an enjoyable experience. With a number of resident artists gracing the floor, entertainment at the club is always superb. Its 5,000 square foot space ensures that you get adequate space to dance and enjoy your time without the commotion that prevails in most clubs. The clubs signature is a 90 foot snake that winds and the back of the bar. The clubs guest lists features the high and prominent and offers a taste of highlife.

7. Omnia Nightclub

If you are out on a date, Omnia nightclub is the best choice. With space measuring approximately 75,00 square feet, the club has adequate space to relax and enjoy. This is further enhanced by its ultra-lounge the place you sit and enjoy your drink in a cool environment. Mezzanine and high-energy main room also offer extra space to interact with other patrons while enjoying the night. It most outstanding feature is the rooftop gardens which offers a panoramic view of Las Vegas strip while enjoying the cool evening breeze. Created in artistic design, Omnia nightclub offers a nostalgic experience.

6. Drai’s Nightclub

Featuring a state-of-the-art modern sound system, here is a great place to enjoy and pass the night away. Located on the rooftop of The Cromwell in Las Vegas strip, Drai’s Nightclub hosts some of the hottest DJs who strive to ensure the guests are fully entertained. The club is always live with an inviting party atmosphere that keeps the patrons on their feet dancing the night away. Guests done with the dance floor, relax, and enjoy watching the 1,785 square foot LED screen wall which offers clear cut images and full of entertainment. Entertainment at the club is always inviting and a must visit place for anyone seeking to get the real taste of Las Vegas nights.

5. Foxtail Nightclub

Foxtail Nightclub Top Most Popular Nightclubs in Las Vegas 2018

Started as a once-a-week spot hotel, Foxtail is among the leading and most enjoyable places in Las Vegas. Featuring girls dancing in the cage, it offers an exclusive experience for nightlife lovers. To spice it up, the club features a stage for live shows and a spacious dance floor. During the night, dim lights of the club give the perfect cool atmosphere. When it gets warn you are not lost for choices, foxtail pool club invites for a cooling lovely swim to keep the guests fresh and relaxed.

4. Marquee Nightclub

Featuring different rooms, the Marquee nightclub is a perfect place to spend the night away. The rooms in the club include a library where you can take time off the dancing and enjoy your drink as you refresh the mind with a wide collection of reading materials. When tired of the indoors, an outdoor pool offer s the perfect resolve to cool the heat of the night. One of the busiest clubs in Las Vegas, Marquee is the perfect place to hook up with hot babes in town. This is not only a place to pass the night away but the best place to interact and who knows maybe get a hook-up.

3. Light Nightclub

The range of entertainment options at Light Nightclub is just inexhaustible. Featuring the hottest DJs in town among them DJ Baauer better known for Harlem Shake, the club offers the right taste of music to keep the guest entertained through the night. This is alongside a large screen just behind the DJ where you get to watch favorite entertainment features as you dance the night away. To spice the experience, the club in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, a team of acrobats who keep the space lighted with stunning performances that include dangling from the roof. Among the newest clubs in town, it draws long lines of guest in the weekends hence the best point to interact and make new friends.

2. Chateau Nightclub

Known for its biggest attraction of bachelorettes, Chateau is the best place if you need to spice up your night with company. With a dance floor, fancy chandelier and a bar, it has all that is required to make the night enjoyable. For a taste of cool air, an elevator takes you to the outdoor patio. This is the perfect location if you want to sit relax and converse away from the noise of the music and the dancers. It also offers a glamorous view of the strip and the surrounding environment. When the morning comes, the Sugar Factory is a stone-throw away where you get served with the right breakfast to start off the day.

1. Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio Top Most Famous Nightclubs in Las Vegas 2018

Hyde Bellagio is a lounge actually but the atmosphere is of a nightclub. The club serves all varieties of drinks to ensure the taste of each guest is catered for accordingly. While inside, guests enjoy the magnificent view of Bellagio fountains. Packed with VIP tables, the club offers the perfect experience for thee night in comfort spiced with outstanding service. It is the perfect place to party with friends and acquaintances offering adequate space for entertainment when need arises to stretch and dance along to the music. Music in the club is provided by the hottest DJs in town who spice the night and make it pass away unnoticed.

Las Vegas is a renowned entertainment center. It is clustered with notable clubs which offer varying experiences for the guests. The list of entertainment option available is massive covering the taste of all including visitors to the town. By visiting the club, you open the doors to unmatched enjoyment.


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