Honey is a product which is produced by going through a natural process and hence it is considered very healthy to consume. It helps to cure many diseases like throat infections, cough, and allergies etc. It is also used as a beauty product at a larger level and helps to gain a shining skin.

Moreover, it is very useful in weight management. It contains many healthy elements like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and it has a lesser amount of calories.

Honey is healthy food. It is useful in weight, throat and cough irritation, allergies etc. When compared to sugar, it contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fewer calories. Honey has many nourishing and moisturizing properties, which can make the skin glow. Take a look on these top 12 best honey brands available in India as of 2022.

12. Al Shifa

Best Honey Brands in India 2019

Twelve in the list of Top 12 best Honey brands available in Indian markets stands Al Shifa. It’s a premium product of Arabs’ Sunbullah group, which offers various food categories.

The brand for over 30 years, have collected the finest honey from the heart of the world’s most popular forests and brought to you in its original form, just as it was created in nature. Al Shifa is equal to 100% natural honey and is standard certified by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO). The brand serves more than 35 nations involving India which are sourced from the best locations around the world.

Al Shifa acacia honey, natural, black forest honey are some of its most requirement variants which can be conducted online through e-commerce websites.

11. Fab India

Best Honey Brands in India

Eleventh in the list of Top 12 best Honey brands available in Indian markets, stands Fabindia. This avant grande brand came into the market in the year 1976 in Delhi, which offers diverse rich crafted products encouraged by the Indian traditions and cultures.

Fabindia’s offers various variants of like Rudraprayag honey, Litchi honey, Egyptian clover honey, Multi flower honey, Wild forest honey, Jamun honey, Honey Tulsi. Each of its honey has a plethora of nutritional advantages.


Best Honey Brands in India

As the name in itself says this brand of honey is quite effective and beneficial. They also manufacture products like Sharbat and mixed powders. The company never compromises on its quality and which is the biggest characteristic of their products. It does not contain antibiotics and other preservatives. A pack containing 500 gms of honey can be purchased for Rs.350/- only.


Best Honey Brands in India

It is one of the prominent honey brands in India which manufactures only honey based products. The largest amount of honey from India is exported from this company and it is quite famous in our countries. It has won the APEDA award once. The honey provided by this company is extracted by hands which are the epitome of purity. The products of this brand which are sold at a larger level include natural honey, blend honey, premium honey, and organic honey and so on and all of these are loved by users. A bottle of little bee Honey containing 500 gms of honey can be bought at a price of Rs.600/- which is a little costlier than the other available brands.


Best Honey Brands in India

It is not a historical brand because it was founded in 2009. But during its small journey of eight years, it has made a name for itself. The company is established in Delhi and they provide the honey from trees and flowers in the forests of Uttaranchal. The honey provided by this brand is claimed to be hundred percent natural. A pack of 400 gms of this honey can be picked for Rs.269/- only.


Best Honey Brands in India

It is consumed mostly by the people who are conscious of their health and its quality is its identity. This brand is famous for the production of various ayurvedic, organic, Eco-friendly and natural products. It starts affecting your body amazingly just after a few days from the start of consumption. One can easily buy a pack of 250gms Natural Mantra Honey by paying just 216 rupees and it is indeed worth the money.


Best Honey Brands in India

This honey brand won the Most Delicious Honey Award in 1994 in New Delhi. It is available is various delicious flavors like Litchi, Sunflower and White Kashmir Honey and the honey of this brand is claimed to be squeezed from a natural process which makes it worth trying. You can buy it at an affordable price of Rs.150/- for 500 Gms.


Best Honey Brands in India

This company is considered to be the biggest supplier of honey in India and they provide the best honey of the world at a very cheap cost. It is one of the most trusted and loved brands of India. They make honey in a laboratory less with world class equipment which contains several nutrients. A pack of 500 Gms Beez Honey can be easily picked from the market by paying a small amount of 70 rupees.


Best Honey Brands in India

Baidyanath is one of the oldest Ayurveda brands in India and it has made its strong identity because of its purity and authenticity. Some of the other best selling products of this brand are Glucose, Chywanprash, Ras Rasayana, Medicated Oil etc. It also contains a huge amount of carbohydrates which is the source of energy. A pack of 250 gms of honey is available for Rs.122/- only.


Best Honey Brands in India

The Himalaya Forest Honey is claimed to be the 100% purest honey which is collected directly from the forests. It is used by many people to cure their cough, allergies and cold and it gives an instant relief. It is purer than others because it contains no sugar or any preservatives which are its best quality. One can lead a healthy life by consuming one or two spoons of this honey on a regular basis. You can buy a pack of 1kg Himalaya Forest Honey by paying just Rs.390/- and it’s worth the money.


Best Honey Brands in India

The name is in itself the trademark of purity. It is a product of the very famous Patanjali Ayurveda Limited which is considered as an Indian FMCG Company. It contains many of the nourishing elements like vitamins, minerals, and fructose etc. A pack of Patanjali Honey which contains 250 gms. of honey is available in the market for an easy price of Rs.70/- only.


Best Honey Brands in India

It is one of the oldest brands and most of the buyers prefer it above others of which are available in the market. The Dabur Company was founded by the SK Burman in 1884 and since it is best-selling among all. It helps the users to sustain a healthy, energized and balanced life. It helps the consumers to get over many problems like skin issues, throat infection, cough, weight related issues etc. One can easily afford a pack of Dabur Honey which contains 400 gms of honey at a very reasonable price of Rs.146/- only.

The above list of Best Honey Brands in India is released on the basis of a ground-based research and the personal opinions of the consumers. Still, it may vary with the perception of others.

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