Who would not love to have a lip-smacking treat of one of their favourite ice cream brands? The beauty of the ice creams is that they taste as heavenly in the winter months as they do in the summer months. It is a great feeling to have a cup of your favorite ice cream even while sitting inside the comforts of your home with the woolens on. The best aspect of the ice creams is that you will seldom find a person who does not like ice cream. People of all ages, from the age of one to a hundred would love to have the ice cream cone or cup at any time of the day.

There are millions of ice cream brands in the world. Each country has its best and favorite. There might not be space to discuss all the major brands. We shall restrict our discussion to the ten top ice cream brands in the world 2022. They have earned this accolade because of their ability to stimulate the taste buds of the maximum people in the world.

10. Edy’s

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World 2019

When it comes to dairy products, you cannot ignore the contribution of giants like Nestle. You are sure to find them in almost every top ten lists in the world. True to their reputation, we start out top ten with Nestle SA’s Dreyer/Edys. The Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in Cookie Bowls is the speciality of Edy’s. The Sundae Brownie Bowls and the Mint Ice Cookie Cups are a rage among the connoisseurs as well. Nestle has a presence in practically every country in this world thereby making their brands extremely popular. This delicious ice cream is a fit entrant at No 10 on this exalted platform.

9. Breyer’s

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

When you have Nestle on board, you cannot ignore the contributions of its principal rival, Unilever in any way. The Unilever Group is one of the largest makers of the tastiest ice creams in the world. You can find more than a couple of their brands in every Top 10 list of popular ice creams in the world. In this list, we have Breyer’s at No 9. This brand has some of the most delicious flavors on display. They source their raw materials from the best places. You can take the example of their Vanilla flavors. Unilever works with Rain forest Alliance to source the best vanilla beans from Madagascar. This explains their popularity and hence this position on this list.

8. Cornetto

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

You can have ice creams as scoops, slices, as well as milkshakes. However, one of the best ways to have ice creams is the cones. Unilever has again made their presence at No 8 in this list with their cone ice creams, Cornetto. The Cornetto Ice creams are extremely popular all over the world with each country having its own collaboration with Unilever. You have the Kwality-Walls Cornetto in India. Similarly, every country has their favorite brands. You get the Cornetto ice cream cones in innumerable flavors. The chocolate flavors are extremely popular among the children all around the world.

7. Haagen-Dazs

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

You cannot expect Unilever and Nestle to be in the limelight every time. There are other players in the market as well. General Mills Inc. is one such company. The Haagen-Dazs brand is very popular. You usually get this ice cream in the form of cones in ‘n’ number of flavors. Well known all over the world, you can see at least one outlet in all the malls of the top cities in the world. The coffee toppings on top of the creams can entice the taste buds of every person in the world. It is very difficult to resist the temptation of bypassing their outlet whenever you visit a mall. They make their perfect entry at No 7 on this list.

6. Dairy Queen

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

The people of the older generation would recall the heavenly taste of the DQ, Dairy Queen. This is a soft ice cream served in cones. This brand has survived the test of time. Owned by International Dairy Queen Inc, this ice cream is available at all the restaurants and fast food joints in literally every top city in the world. The best part of this brand is that there has been no dilution in the taste even after eight decades of the first cone hitting the streets of Berkshire. This ice cream could make the Top 10 popular ice creams in practically every country.

5. Dippin Dots

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

If the Dairy Queen is famous for its longevity, the Dippin Dots has a reputation of being the newest kid on the block. This is one of the latest companies to join the bandwagon. Having its headquarters in Kentucky, this ice cream is in existence since 1987. Coming in a variety of flavors, the highlight of this brand is the tiny pieces of chocolates and nuts you get as part of this ice cream. This company makes some of the best mouth watering candies as well. This brand is extremely popular among the children all over the world thereby occupying the No 5 position in this list.

4. Cold Stone Creamery

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World 2019

Arizona is famous for its desert. It is also the home of the No 4 ranked ice cream in the world as well. Cold Stone Creamery, having its head quarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the most popular ice cream brand in the United States. The highlight of the ice cream brand is that the major part of the ice cream is made from 12-14 percent of butterfat.

Having about 31 flavors, you can have one for each day of the month and still have a couple to spare. In addition to the ice creams, this company manufactures smoothies, cookie sandwiches, coffee drinks, etc. This ice cream could be a bit expensive compared to the others on this list. However, they compensate this with the excellent taste, making it fit to enter the race at No 4.

3. Baskin Robbins

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

Does this brand need any introduction to anyone? Extremely popular on the ice cream circuit since 1945, this company has introduced more than a thousand flavors until date. This company might have the largest chain of ice cream parlors in the world with over 7500 outlets in more than 50 countries, making it a truly global brand. Just like the Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins has popularised the 31 flavors concept where you can have one fresh flavor for every day of the month. Baskin Robbins should have topped the charts but one should give a chance to others as well.

2. Blue Bell Creameries

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World

One of the oldest ice cream brands in the market, Blue Bell Creameries is in existence since 1907. Having its headquarters in Brenham, Texas, this company used to produce ice cream as well as butter. In addition to its popular brands of ice creams, you get the frozen yogurts and the classic sherbets as well. This ice cream brand has topped many a chart in the past. Along with Baskin Robbins, this is one of the most popular ice creams in the world. Though this brand occupies the No 2 slot here, they have the quality to top the charts anytime.

1. Ben and Jerry’s

Best Ice Cream Brands In The World 2019

We have the Unilever group back again to top the charts. The Ben and Jerry’s brand of ice cream is the No 1 in terms of popularity. They are famous for their chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. Children of all ages as well as adults and senior citizens would be ready to part with anything to lay their hands on this excellent brand of ice cream. The sales figure of $ 1.279 billion for the year 2016 bears testimony to the fact that this ice brand is one of the most popular brands in the world.

If you head to the nearest ice cream parlour after going through this list, we do not blame you at all. In fact, this list of the top 10 most popular ice creams in the world 2022 should bring out the urge in every person to head to the nearest parlour. There might be many more brands of ice creams in the world. However, one cannot include every brand here. That does not entail that they are not good. An ice cream is always an ice cream, delicious to the core.


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