Ten Best Hand Blenders Brands In India: Accept The Technology And Transform Your Lifestyle

Hand Blenders are that modern equipment which makes your tasks in the kitchen easier. In today’s hectic life they have become the essentials and people are used to them. One can make delicious and nutritious beverages using hand blenders within a couple of minutes. One can easily crush and chop the things with it. There is a large range of hand blenders available in Indian market which makes it tough to pick the one amongst all and they come with a price range from 600 INR to 6000 INR among which one can choose according to his budget. One of the best-known brands which manufacture hand blenders is Orpat, Philips, Morphy Richards, Prestige and many others giving tough competition to each other. Below is the list of top 10 best hand blenders available in Indian market which are loved by users:-

10. Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender

Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender Top Most Famous Hand Blenders Brands in India 2017

It is one of the best and powerful hand blenders available in the market. It is built with an 800 watts of a motor which is powerful enough to chop herbs, spices, fruits, cheese and nuts quickly. The best thing about this blender is it doesn’t create a nuisance and works smoothly. It is very easy to use and this product comes with a warranty of two years. The company also provides a beaker and whisker along with this wonderful blender. However, it is a bit costly but its worth the money.

9. Philips HR1350/ C-250 WATT HAND Blender

Philips is one of the most promising brands in India which manufactures electronic products. The hand blender manufactured by this brand comes with a budgeted price. It comes with a 250 Watt powerful motor. It gives the best performance while making soups, shakes, and purees. It comes with a warning of a continuous usage for maximum 30 seconds only but it doesn’t catch heat easily and it has a speed button which makes it easier to use and handy. It can be easily cleaned and maintained.


It is listed among one of the most popular hand blenders of India which works efficiently. It is loved by users for saving their time and it is mostly used for crushing and mixing tasks. It works very easily and smoothly. Its motor comes with a strength of 250 watts which can easily grind the ingredients. It is easier to clean and use. The only shortcoming of this product is that one can easily lose grip over it. However, during cooking, our hands get wet so users demand a blender having good grip. Still, it is a smart buy for people who are going to bring a hand blender home for the very first time.


Prestige is one of the most prominent brands in India providing a variety of kitchen equipment. It is the 2nd most stylish hand blender available in the market while the first one is manufactured by Morphy Richards. It comes with a combo of blending jar and whisking beaker. It has a sharp chopper which can easily mix and chop the things. Its handgrip is much better as compared to the Orpat hand blender and it has a motor of 200 watt which works efficiently but it is not durable as it catches the heat very easily. For the reason the motor is placed at the top of the blender it becomes hard to work with a heated blender and it is the biggest issue people while using it.


It comes with a much lighter weight and the most attractive design. It is made of full plastic shaft material and it has a powerful motor of 300 watts as compared to the prestige hand blender. Its speed button is soft to press which makes it handy and more attractive but its fault is that the blades provided are not sharp and they don’t even move sometimes while crushing and mixing. On the other hand, it has a good grip so it can’t be easily slipped off the hands. This product comes with a warranty of two years.


BIG BOSS B-115 160 WATT HAND BLENDER Top Famous Hand Blenders Brands in India 2018

This hand blender is easily portable and comes with a motor of 160 watts. Along with it, many accessories are provided which increase to its quality and efficiency. Its speed can be controlled with two buttons. It comes with an amazing stand which makes it handier and as far as the task of its cleaning is concerned it doesn’t make the user tired. The cost of this hand blender in the market is 1675/- only.


It is one of those hand blenders available in Indian market which the users have counted upon. Many accessories are provided by the company along with this product which makes the task easier. Its design is simple and it has a strong grip. One can easily afford it a price of Rs.749/-


It is one of the most reliable hand blenders available in the market. It comes with accessories of high quality and it is quite easy to operate and clean. Because of its battery of 150 watts, it processes in a smooth manner. It has 3 different kinds of blades which can be used as per the choice and need. It can easily be picked up from the market by paying a price of INR 1275/- only.


This brand is famous for its wide range of kitchen appliances. It comes along with a highly powerful battery of 600 watts. It is loved by the users because of its soft grip. The detachable plastic jar makes it more attractive and worthy. It’s price of INR 2380/- a bit costlier than the other blenders available in the market.


WONDER CHEF NUTRI BLEND BLACK Top Most Popular Hand Blenders Brands in India 2018

It is designed with black colour and floral print which makes it look more attractive especially for female buyers. It comes with a motor of 400 watt which is powerful enough to rapidly blend the food items. It can easily be operated by children as well because it starts working on an average of 220 to 240 volts. The another quality which it possesses is its detach-ability. One can take it home by paying an amount of INR 2436/-

In the hectic life of present age the technology has taken over our routines and we have become used to it. The hand blenders are one of those modern innovations which make our life relaxing to a certain extent so that we can be relaxed for a bit. Even though there is a wide range of hand blenders available in market at present but the above-stated list can help the buyer to a great extent in choosing the best one.


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