Development is the desire of every state as there are many opportunities and benefits to its citizens. Many countries have been striving to achieve development, but some are yet to meet their target. If you have been researching to know some of the most developed states in India, then you do not have to sweat anymore.

We have taken our precious time to do an intensive research to equip you with the richest information. This article was meant to elite you get the essential information concerning the development of the Indian states. Below are the top 10 most developed states in India 2022.

10. Telangana

Most Developed States in India 2019

Telangana is a great state fully equipped with IT hub and all resources, and there has been a forecast that indicates that shortly it will be among the most advanced countries. Nearly all citizens have been educated thus high competition resulting to fast development. This is the best places you can ever visit, live, and even work. This is the most beautiful place with the most favourable weather in India. Telangana is recently apart from Andhra Pradesh and still holds at Number 10 is a great achievement.

9. Goa

Most Developed States in India

Goa is the most peaceful Indian state where every resident has the freedom although there are women insecurity help defenses. The people of this country can freely move around without their national identity cards. This has had an adverse impact on the dealings with the tourists because of horrific manner. With all these, Goa remains at the top position regarding beauty. Goans are the most peaceful people ever in India. These most well-attracted place with the high number of foreign visitors every year is the one and only Goa.

8. Haryana

Most Developed States in India

This is the top Indian state located near Delhi with an extra fertile land. Haryana is an agricultural land with an enriched natural resource. Haryana is reported to be the most economically developed country in South Asia. It is the heftiest manufacturer of the two-wheeler, motorcycle, cars and much more. It is factual that this is the only Indian state with 100% electricity provision in all rural neighbourhoods.

7. Uttar Pradesh

Most Developed States in India

Uttar Pradesh is a densely populated state thus the main struggle is to control the large population and to curb the high rise of corruption. Actually, it is the most significant state in matters relating to Indian politics among 80 seats to LOK SABHA. It takes the fourth position in popularity regarding Indian economy. There are countless natural resources on top of having the best educational facilities like KANPUR, B.H.U, and so forth. This is the state with the best world heritage located in Agra the Taj Mahal.

6. Rajasthan

Most Developed States in India 2019

Its sumptuousness, wildlife, beauty and much more make it better than the other states in India. Above all that, Rajasthan’s financial and industrial advancement remains unsurpassed. Unlike the other states, Rajasthan is not overpopulated as its population is presently 201. In this state, there is lofty solar padding thus nuclear power invention, setting it as the India’s energy hub. The state is so rich in both culture as well as naturally expanded desert through wetland of Udaipur. More architectures and palaces are found in the Jaipur city, the capital of Rajasthan.

5. Andhra Pradesh

Most Developed States in India

Andhra Pradesh is a fast growing Indian state swamped with every kind of possessions including water ancestry which is essential for growth of food. This is an excellent tourist and sports attraction spot because of its geographical location and civilisation. The state’s development has been achieved because of its Economic, Industrial, Political, and social setting. Before few months Andhra Pradesh was divided into AP and Telangana due to political issues.

4. Karnataka

Most Developed States in India

Karnataka is the fastest growing city as it is the habitat of the most soaring tech industries in India. Bangalore is also the domicile of most of the India’s leading scientific institutions. There are a lot of breathtaking stuff in this city like shopping malls, architectural landmarks and above that; Bangalore is the principal entrance to India. In Bangalore, there are numerous well-known research institutions as well as colleges while offering employment opportunities. This city pre-occupies plentiful telecommunications, profound industries, software companies and much more. It is referred to as the Indian Silicon Valley because it is the leading IT exporter. Coorg is one of the amazing places to visit with the coolest climate and amazing hill views.

3. Maharashtra

Most Developed States in India

Maharashtra is one of the leading states with the highest GDP of roughly $190.310 billion while having a GDP per capita income of $1,568. It is ranked as the second state about urbanisation on top of being the third largest state in India. There is evidence that it has a very high economic growth rate with its most significant contribution coming from the service sector. It contributes over 15% of the industrial output as well as 40% of the total India’s national income. Residents from the other states migrate to Maharashtra because there are uncountable opportunities which include Gujarathis although Gujrat is a recent upcoming state. There are negligible migrations from Maharashtra indicating that it is a very developed country, hence the richest city in India.

2. Kerala

Most Developed States in India

This is the most built up state in India taking up the second top rank in the most developed country list in the whole of India. It is an enormous city, and there is no significant difference between the lifestyle in this town and the rural community. Regarding urbanisation, Kerala is in the top position with the majority of the sky-scraping fellows regarding education. In health and education sectors, Kerala takes the first position as in each panchayath there is at least a health and educational institute unlike in the other states.

The only challenge facing the citizens of this country is the unemployment crisis because of the large population and small industries which are unable to accommodate all citizens. To curtail these unemployment problems the country indulges in the Tourism sector as well as IT. As a result, Kerala hosts the largest IT Park known as the Technopark Trivandrum that caters to over 200 companies. Kerala is commonly referred as GOD’S OWN COUNTRY because of its beauty in about the whole world.

1. Tamil Nadu

Most Developed States in India 2019

Tamil Nadu is one country of its own as it has everything regarding resources which include sea, favorable climate, rivers, mountains, the best people, and many uncountable things ranking it as the leading state in the whole of India. The plentiful developments and infrastructure in this beautiful country have soothed the lives of the citizens. Meenakshi Temple is one of the important places to visit in Tamil Nadu. One of the contributions to its fast development is because it has strong policies to deal with internal problems. While other states are busy struggling to solve their unending domestic disputes, Tamil Nadu is pursuing its development and advancement. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu with more amazing shopping malls and marina beach.

Every state is striving to be the most developed, but we came up with the top states. Everything that has advantages, as well has disadvantages thus the developed countries are still struggling to do away with the small issues that are dragging the nation behind like dense population. In the above information, we have extensively discussed the top states with remarkable features making them rank the most developed countries.


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  3. Top 10 cities in India-The city wise population numbers (2016-17)given above appears to be incorrect.Infact,as per 2011 census report published by Govt of India, the city wise population numbers were much higher than the above numbers!!??

  4. Kerala does not deserve to be on the list. Its one of the least industrialized states of India; in fact MP is more industrialized than Kerala in 2018.

  5. This data is incorrect. Kerala is no.1 in India.
    1. HDI KERALA NO.1


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