Clothes are a way of self-expression. What a person wears says a lot about him or her. Clothes have become more than a necessity in the modern world. As a result of this attitude branded clothing has become a craze in the nation.

Some people are brand conscious while others are trend conscious in India. Whatever the case maybe, Indian people are very particular about good clothes. Many Indian customers do not mind spending a few extra bucks on high-quality clothes. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular and best clothing brands in India in 2022.

10. Levi’s

Best Clothing Brands in India 2019

Levi’s is one of the top clothing brands around. It is by the Levi Strauss & Co which is an American clothing company. They are known for their comfortable clothing. The company is privately owned and debuted in India in 1995. Levi’s has established themselves in 100 countries across the world. The brand has slowly become the go-to place for youths to purchase jeans and casual wear. They are the biggest trendsetters of the country. Levi’s has a broad range of products for men, women, and seasonal wears. They sell shirts, tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and t-shirts except for jeans.

Levi’s has a good hold on the market. They have around 400 stores located around 200 locations in the country. Their high-quality clothing has left a mark on the market.

Levi Strauss & Co is worth around $4.5 billion according to Forbes. The company has made around $4.49 billion in sales. The company’s current CEO is Charles Bergh. Levi’s has around 12,500 employees.

The Average salary of Levi’s employees:

Sales Lead- $10.76 per hour
Senior Account Executive- $131,708 per year
Product Specialist- $78,188 per year
Senior Planner- $91,455 per year
Graphic Designer- $98,529 per year
Senior Designer- $131,447 per year
Store Manager- $55,768 per year
Levi’s products start from- $26.12

9. Allen Solly

Best Clothing Brands in India

The Aditya Birla Group presented Allen Solly in India. It was launched in the Indian market in the year 1993. The brand is iconic and known for its high-quality clothing and style. They have revolutionised Indian clothing. Allen Solly’s clothing lines can easily transform your wardrobe. They have a huge section for men and women formal wear. Allen Solly uses vibrant hues and bold colors in their clothing.

They also sell tees and casual wears under the label of Mandarin Collars, White Summer, and Denim Detour. They sell jackets, overcoats, tunics, leggings, denim, dresses, trousers, and blouses. Recently Allen Solly launched the Allen Solly Junior that exclusively sells children clothes. They have more than 490 departmental stores around India.

Allen Solly is worth around $76820600.00. They are currently dominating the Indian markets and are a part of Aditya Birla Group.

The Average salary of an Allen Solly employee:

The average wage of an Allen Solly employee is around $ 184.36 to $ 307.27. Their annual salary ranges from $3072.70 to $7681.76.

Allen Solly products start from- $15.36

8. Provogue

Best Clothing Brands in India

Provogue is a Mumbai based brand established in 1997. The brand is known for its style, innovation, and quality. Provogue has made a name for itself for their unique designs, vibrant colors, sharp cuts, and perfect fits. They sell wallets, belts, jeans, shoes, chinos, tracksuits, dresses, blouses, shirts, and skirts in their stores. The brand has around 350 stores in over 73 cities in Indian. Provogue has been the providing clothing solutions for over a decade.

Provogue is worth around $5 billion.

The Average salary of a Provogue employee:

Senior Provogue employees earn around $74,000 annually and $4,950 for signing bonus.
Provogue products start from- $ 15

7. Pepe Jeans

Best Clothing Brands in India

Pepe Jeans London was established as a company in 1973 which is based in Spain. The company has youth patrons across the globe. The company is globally known for its denim and casual wears. The brand was launched in India in the year 1989. After their launch in India Pepe became the hot favorite clothing brand amongst the young people in India. Pepe offers high-quality clothing for children, men, and women. It provides premium quality jeans, coats, and t-shirts.

The net worth of Pepe Jeans is around $2120164.38. They have $ 5392592.01 in revenue and $645267.42 in profits.

The Average salary of a Pepe Jeans London employee:

A Pepe Jeans employee earns around $9.96 per hour.

Pepe Jeans products start from -$24.89

6. Van Heusen

Best Clothing Brands in India

Van Heusen is a premium lifestyle brand that embodies high fashion with formal clothing. The brand is known for their range of clothing for party wear, corporate wear, and ceremonial wear. The name of the brand reflects elegance and grandeur in the minds of Indian customers. They make unisex corporate clothing and accessories. The brand has become famous for its gorgeous textiles and superior fittings. The brand comes under the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation which is an American clothing company. It also owns luxury brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. The cooperation has its headquarters in Manhattan.

The PVH co-operation is currently worth $7.8 billion. Their current CEO is Emanuel Chirico and has around 34,200 employees working under them. They have generated around $8.02 billion in revenue and $572.4 million in profits. The company has assets worth $10.7 billion.

The Average salary of a Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation employee:

Sales Associate- $19,000 monthly
Sales Associate- $17,000 monthly
Sale Executive- $14,000 monthly
Van Heusen products starts from- $ 15.36

5. Park Avenue

Best Clothing Brands in India

Park Avenue is a Mumbai-based clothing brand from Raymond Limited. The brand was launched in 1986 and has become one of the most respected clothing brands in India. The cloths are made from the best premium quality fabrics. They have even earned the title of the leading “Ready Made Garment” for men in the Country. They sell formal wear, ties, trousers, colognes, deodorants, and the famous beer shampoo under this label. The brand has around 65 Exclusive Brand Stores in India.

Park Avenue is a clothing brand from the Raymond Group. The group is worth around $1.9 billion. Gautam Singhania is the CEO of the Raymond Group.

The Average salary of a Raymond Group employee:

Deputy Manager Human Resources- $ 1474.94 yearly
Vice President- $ 5.5 million annually
Designer- $ 6606.51 yearly
Marketing Officer- $ 9249.12 yearly
Park Avenue products starts from- $ 6.15

4. Wrangler

Best Clothing Brands in India

Wrangler is an American clothing company established in the year 1947. The brand has captured Indian audiences for its style and beautiful textiles. Their rugged and stylish jeans for men and women have become iconic. The company sells clothes for tough outdoor jobs along with casual wear. Wrangler has become the most popular brand in India since its launch. The brand gives a warranty of one year on all its products. The brand is sold under VF Corporation.

VF Corporation is worth around $12.6 billion. They have revenue of around 12.3 billion and have around 58,000 employees around them.

The Average salary of a VF Corporation employee:

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant- $70,000 per year
Customer Service Manager- $39,711 per year
Operations Manager- $63,289 per year
Assistant Manager-$34,168 per year
PMO Manager-$80,000 per year
Wrangler products start from- $20

3. Lee

Best Clothing Brands in India

Lee is an American apparel brand which offers clothing options for both men and women. They sell T-shirts, jackets, blazers, jeans, and shirts. The brand was established in the year 1889 in Salina, Kansas. The company is part of the VF Corporation. The company has around 400 employees and has shops all over Indian cities. They are known worldwide for their jeans. Lee is a brand also under VF Corporation. The company spends around $40 million per year on advertising. The brand has around 60,000 workers working for them.

Lee products start from -$20

2. Flying Machine

Best Clothing Brands in India

Flying Machine is a company launched in 1980 in India. They are one of the bestselling clothing brands in India. They are famous for their comfortable clothing line. Flying Machine offers a broad range of clothes for both men and women. They have a range of comfortable cotton shirts, jackets, tees, and pants for every occasion. They are masters in providing comfortable clothes at an affordable price. The brand also sells accessories like bags, belts, sunglasses, and wallets.

Flying Machine is worth around $800 million. They have the annual income of $47 million and has around 25,620 employees.

The Average salary of a Flying Machine employee:

The average wage of a Flying Machine employee is unknown.

Flying Machine products start from -$12

1. Spykar

Best Clothing Brands in India 2019

Spykar, is the most famous casual clothing brand in India. The brand opened its first store in 1992 and have come a long way. They provide premium quality shirts, trousers, tees, jeans, dress, and accessories for both men and women. They have been voted as the ‘most exciting Indian brand’ by the Economic Times. The brand is a part of NSI Infinium Global Pvt Ltd. The company has around two decades of experience in setting trends. The brand is committed to providing the latest trends according to the changing tastes of the youth.

The Average salary of Spykar employees:

An employee at Spykar makes around $ 2302.20 annually.

Spykar products start from -$16

Out of the ten top clothing brands, you can find both corporate and casual wear in seven brands listed above. If you are in India, you should consider checking them out. These brands can be found in any big mall and city in India.


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