Electronics is a vast field. You have different kinds of electronics industries in the world. Some are the electronics manufacturing companies. They cater to the industrial and the domestic market as well. You have the consumer electronics manufacturers in the market. Some of these companies could be the ones like Videocon, LG, Samsung, Nokia, etc. It can be difficult to combine both these categories. Hence, we are choosing to highlight the top eleven electronics manufacturing industries in India. The consumer electronics industries can form the subject matter for a different set of articles.

We shall discuss the top eleven electronics manufacturers now. We have chosen the sales and the profit figure of these companies for the annual year 2017-18. We might have omitted some companies such as Siemens, Qualcomm India, etc because the annual financial reports of these companies display their global performance. That does not place them on an even keel with these Indian companies. Here are the top eleven best electronics manufacturing companies in India in 2022.

11. Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)

Best electronics companies in India 2019

ECIL is a Government of India enterprise (Department of Atomic Energy). This Company manufactures electronic machinery for India’s nuclear stations, defense establishments, space technology centers, as well as cyber security establishments. The largest manufacturer of the Electronic Voting Machines, this company was in the news very recently because of some baseless allegations made some irresponsible politicians about the possibilities of tampering of the EVMs. With sales of Rs. 1397 crores and a net profit of Rs. 11 crores, this company makes an entry at No 11 on the list.

10. Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL)

Best electronics companies in India

Software development is the flavor of the day everywhere in the world. You find automation in practically every field today. HAIL is a $350 million worth company providing integrated automation and software solutions. This company is a market leader in this field. This Company has the credentials of a Fortune 500 company. With offices spread over nine major cities in India, this company has net revenue of Rs. 2187.62 crores and a profit of Rs. 138.51 crores. These impressive figures enable this company to hit this list at No 10.

9. 3M India

Best electronics companies in India

3M India is a multipurpose company dealing in a variety of products such as health care, automotive, electronics, etc. In the electronics field, 3M has the dedication to create products that have the capacity to advance the technology of the morrow. They manufacture all kinds of electronic items such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, automotive electronics, medical and industrial electronics, etc. Some of the prominent products include the privacy filter for the laptops and desktop computers. 3M India is a global company having its presence in the major countries of the world, of which India is one. The revenue from their Indian operations is Rs. 1808.46 crores with a net profit of Rs. 108.34 crores.

8. Crompton Greaves: Now known as CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited

Best electronics companies in India

Crompton Greaves Limited was a household name in the very recent past because of their ceiling fans that stood the test of time. They bring the same enterprise in manufacturing a range of products for the power systems and the industrial systems. Some of their products include transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, motors and generators, etc. Known by a new name CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited, they have earned revenue of Rs. 2495 crores with a net profit of Rs. 75 crores in 2015-16. They occupy the No 8 on this list.

7. Sterlite Technologies

Best electronics companies in India

One of the leading manufacturers of telecom products such as optical fibers, this company, Sterlite Technologies takes the pride position of No 7 on this exalted list. The optical fibers and data cables are the backbone of the 3G and the 4G revolution in India. In addition, this company offers smart city solutions and software services to the industry as a whole. Having its corporate office at Mumbai, this company has earned a net profit of Rs. 181 crores on the net sales of Rs. 2036 crores.

6. Surya Roshni Ltd

Best electronics companies in India 2019

This is the era of electrical savings. The prime Minister of India has emphasised this need to save power in his various addresses to the nation. Surya Roshni Ltd makes this dream come true. Manufacturers of high quality electric LED bulbs and tubes, Surya Roshni endeavours to bring about an electronic revolution in the country. The company has done sales of Rs. 3068.87 and earned a profit of Rs. 62.05 crores to rank at No 6 on this list of the top electronics companies in India.

5. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Best electronics companies in India

In this era of power outages, the batteries from Amara Raja have the capacity to save lives. They are the source of light for many students living in remote locations. The batteries from this company power the inverters of a majority of residential and official premises all over the country. Having its unit and office at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, the sales figures of this company has touched Rs. 4690.7 crores this year. Their net profit stands at Rs. 489.4 crores enabling this company to secure the No 5 rank.

4. ABB India

Best electronics companies in India

The Prime Minister of India inaugurated the longest road tunnel in India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir very recently. The credit for the lighting and ventilation for this tunnel goes to ABB India Ltd. A market leader in power infrastructure, they have provided smart solutions to a variety of projects such as the metro rail in Karnataka. The expertise of the ABB group is behind the success of this company. This company has achieved sales of Rs. 8140.27 crores in 2014-15 with an annual profit of Rs. 299.88 crores. The current figures for the year are not available. If they had been available, this company might have ranked higher than the No.4 that they have achieved now.

3. Exide Industries Limited

Best electronics companies in India

Every second automobile on the roads of India today would have Exide batteries. This battery is the most popular and reliable one of all. You had seen the emergence of Amara Raja batteries at No 5 in this list. Exide caters to a larger clientele and has a significantly higher profit. The corresponding figures are Rs. 7727 crores and Rs. 623 crores making it rank as No 3 on this exalted team. The No 3 position is the most important and responsible position in the cricketing batting order. If you compare this list to the India cricket team, Exide batteries Ltd is the most reliable and important member of the lot.

2. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

Best electronics companies in India

A Ministry of Defense, Government of India enterprise, BEL is the leading manufacturer of radars, night vision devices, integrated warfare systems, weather satellite systems, coastal surveillance systems, etc. They manufacture electronic voting machines as well. This year (2015-16) they have achieved a turnover of Rs. 7521.64 crores and a profit of Rs. 1357.67 crores. They have plans to cross Rs. 8800 crores in the financial year. However, this performance is enough to secure the No 2 spot in this team.

1. Bosch India

Best electronics companies in India 2019

A leading global supplier of technology and services, Bosch has strengthened its presence in India considerably through Bosch India. They provide a variety of electronics services to the automotive sector, entertainment sector, carbide cutting tools, etc. They have a reputation of providing innovation in the field of air-conditioning as well. With an astronomical sales figure of Rs. 10214 crores and profit of Rs. 1248.10 crores, they are the perfect Numero Uno in this list.

This list of the top electronics manufacturing industries has a varied representation from practically all kinds of sectors. We have omitted the consumer goods from this list because we feel that they should form a separate list altogether.



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