“Always dress like it’s the best day of your life.” You can find this very famous anonymous quote on the internet. This quote should be perfect to describe the top textile companies in India. People judge you by your dresses. Hence, it becomes imperative for one to be at his/her best every time. Every one of you must have at least a couple of dresses if not more from some of the textile companies listed here.

India has always had the top textiles mills, both in the organised as well as the unorganised sector. We refer to the unorganised sector because you find the local mills in Tirupur catering to almost all the big brands in the world including Nike and Reebok. It can surprise you that you can find a weaving unit in every land in this small town near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

However, for the purpose of our discussion on the top ten textile companies in India, we shall consider the organised sector alone. The qualifying standard is such that these companies should have made a notable turnover for the better part of the last decade. These are the top ten textile companies in India in 2022. Various factors are responsible for the rating. One should not look at the annual turnover or the profit alone.

10. Arvind Mills:

Best textile companies in India 2019

For a long time in the past, you could find Arvind Mills among the top three mills in India. In fact, they occupied the top spot for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015. Certain internal problems are the reason for the slipping down of this company from the top spot. With overall sales of Rs 5407.26 crores in 2015-16 and a net profit of Rs 318.85 crores, this company occupies the 10th rank among the textile companies in India.

09. Raymond’s:

Best textile companies in India

Raymond’s has been a consistent performer in this field. It is a constant member of the top ten club. This year, they occupy the No 9 spot. In existence since 1925, Raymond has a terrific presence all over India. You can find a Raymond’s showroom in practically every top city in India. Their slogan, “The Complete Man” has become very popular over the years. This year, they have made sales of Rs 2810.81 crores. The net profit of Rs 82.09 crores make it perfect to rank at No 9 in the list.

08. Mysore Silk Factory:

Best textile companies in India

Mysore is famous for its silk. It is famous all over the world. In fact, the Mysore silk factory is one of the largest fabric manufacturers in India. You can find the products of this factory in practically every household. They are the suppliers of the maximum textile companies in India. Mysore silk is a brand of its own. Operating under the auspices of the Karnataka State Industries Corporation, they have crossed a turnover of Rs 100 crores this year making them one of the fastest growing fabric manufacturers in India. This explains their position at No 8 ahead of textile giants like Arvind Mills and Raymond.

07. Lakshmi Mills:

Best textile companies in India

One of the top fabric suppliers to textile mills all over India, Lakshmi Mills has a turnover of Rs 199.20 crores for this year. Producers of synthetic yarn and cotton, the biggest raw materials for the other textile mills in this list, Lakshmi Mills exports its products as well. One should view their contribution as being instrumental for the growth of the big mills like Raymond, Reliance, etc. In business for a considerable amount of time, one should not take the performance of Lakshmi Mills and the Mysore Silk Factory lightly. Hence, in spite of the turnover being significantly less than the bigwigs in the industry are, these companies find a place here in this list. This is because these big industries would be nowhere without the contribution of these two mills.

06. JCT Limited:

Best textile companies in India

One of the top manufacturers of textile and filament yarn in the country, JCT Mills Ltd, Phagwara belongs to the Thapar Group of Companies. An annual turnover of Rs 913.39 crores, this company has retained its position as the principal supplier of raw materials to various companies in India and abroad. The position of this company would have been better had they not witnessed a decline in their income from Rs 1022 crores in 2015 to Rs 913 crores this year. This dip in the income is the main reason for the decrease in the profit to Rs 5.43 crores from the figure of Rs 8.78 crores in 2015.

05. FabIndia:

Best textile companies in India

At No 5 on the list is FabIndia, the fastest growing retail brand of apparel. It had crossed the Rs 1000 crore turnover in 2015 itself. Starting as an exporter of home furnishings, they diversified into retail apparels, organic food, and personal care items as well. However, their apparel brand has become the most popular in India overtaking big brands such as Zara and Levis. With such a high turnover and still growing, FabIndia is fit to occupy the 5th position in this list.

04. Reliance Textiles:

Best textile companies in India

When there is any discussion of textiles, the most popular name of Vimal should come into play. Reliance Textiles, the textiles wing of the corporate giant, Reliance Industries, occupies the No 4 position in this list. Established in 1966 as a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, Vimal is the flagship brand of the company. They have merged their accounts with Reliance Industries. However, popularity wise, no one can beat Vimal.

03. Grasim Industries:

Best textile companies in India 2019

Established in 1947, Grasim Industries comes under the control of the Aditya Birla Group. One of largest manufacturers of viscose staple fiber, pulp, yarn, etc, this company is a corporate giant. With a turnover of Rs 7656 crores in viscose yarn alone in 2015-16, this company proudly occupies the No 3 spot on the list. In addition to yarn, Grasim Industries manufactures cement, caustic soda, etc. The profit from sale of viscose yarn alone is Rs 1093 crores.

02. Bombay Dyeing:

Best textile companies in India

Bombay Dyeing is synonymous with textiles right since the time they set up shop in 1879. Historically, this is one of the oldest functioning textile mills in the country. In addition to the Bombay Dyeing fabrics, they manufacture bed sheets, towels, etc. With a sale of Rs 1845 crores, this unit has declared a net loss of Rs 85.24 lacs for the year 2015-16. In spite of the loss by the textile unit, we rank this industry at No 2 on the list because of its heritage value.

01. Vardhaman Textiles

Best textile companies in India 2019

The No 1 spot goes to Vardhamn Textiles. One of the largest suppliers of steel yarn and sewing threads, Vardhamn Textiles belonging to the Oswal group has declared a profit of Rs 653.05 crores against sales of Rs 5587.14 crores. Without the contribution from this company, no other company could have entered the list. Hence, this company is a worthy No 1 in this list of ten top textile industries in India.

While presenting this report of the textile industries, we have accounted for the suppliers of raw materials as well. This makes it a comprehensive list. Each of these industries have a contribution to make towards the textile industry.



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