Ten Best Mixer Grinder Brands In India Best To Buy For Kitchen

In 21st century, a kitchen cannot be made complete with a suitable mixer grinder which is one of the important appliances. In India, women fond of cooking cannot suppose their kitchen without this useful appliance-mixer grinder. Brands selling mixer grinder serves numerous purposes in the kitchen such as grinding spices, grinding ingredients, making shakes etc. Brands involved in business of mixer grinder production offers variety of models in different design, size, shapes, features based on requirements of Indian customers. Every brand of mixer grinder follows some unique methodology and has its own merits and demerits however the basic function stays the same.

If you are worried how to add a new look to your kitchen through a striking and useful mixer grinder, refer below brands:

10. Preethi

Preethi Top Popular Mixer Grinder Brands in India 2017

Preethi Kitchen Appliances Pvt Ltd. was involved in the production of mixer grinder since year 1978 and secures at 10th position in this list. Different models of mixer grinder of this brand accessible in the market are Royale, Power-One and Daisy, Steele bear and Magic. The brand is the products in countries like USA, Canada, and Indonesia etc. which suggest its popularity in foreign countries as well. The discrete features of its entire model are high torque, qucik and smooth grinding, noiseless motor and steel blades etc. This Indian brand Preethi is holding huge name in the world, few of the major features that incorporates best in order to name Preethi as one of the valued kitchen care name in the world. Additional features that make Preethi unique are use of 100% stainless steel jar with tough and non-rusting quality and noiseless motor with D series.

9. Inalsa

Inalsa is a prestigious name in home appliance brands all over India, established in year 1967 and it is a preferred choice of mixer grinder among majority of customers. Diva, Eon, Victor, Pride and Impact are few of the models of this brand Inalsa mixer grinder. Customers reviews that this mixer grinder brand is simple to use, comes at low price use of this product is found fully safe and operated in quite low voltage electricity. Customers have submitted positive reviews most of the time since last five decades that is the reason of its increased popularity in India.

8. Prestige

Prestige is the brand owned by renowned TTK Company which carries great name in electrical propelled modern technology equipped appliances. Prestige delivers a range of various price tags mixer grinders with fabulous looks and performances. Key features of the Prestige mixer grinders are stainless steel jars, overload protectors, and least noise based working motor. This brand guarantees special warranty guard for the mixer grinder appliance as few of the best performing jars holds a long-period warranty of over 2 years. This mixer grinder brand strives to resemble its production by its name-‘Prestige’, dedicated to achieve continual fame in India.

7. Havells

Havells is the brand involved in business of mixer grinder since decades and so placed at 7th place in the list on the basis of popularity. The brand produces mixer grinders that offer prominent features like easy locking, led indicator, and powerful motor. Few of the variants of mixer grinder introduced by Havells are namely Sprint, Premio, Supermix and Marathon. These variants from Havells require least electric power consumption with maximum output. Havells is the brand register as one of the recent fastest growing brands in the electrical market of India. Its multiple unique features have made it as one of the favourite brands of Indian women.

6. Kenstar

Kenstar is a mixer grinder brand from famous Kenstar Appliances India Limited, introduced in year 1996 to the electric market of India. Fabio, Stallion Slender, and Senator are few of the prevalent variants of mixer grinder presented by Kenstar in the market. Noteworthy features of mixer grinders from Kenstar are stainless steel jars, powerful motor, super silent and smart sensor technology that make it a noticeable choice. Customers felt that its motor is powerful while in operation as compare to other mixer grinder brands.

5. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards Top Most Famous Mixer Grinder Brands in India 2018

Morphy Richards is the global famous and renowned brand all over world for producing high-quality mixer grinder. It is even known as the international leader in home appliances section and exports its products to different countries like Canada, USA, and UK etc. Few of the popular models are Icon, Ritz, Champ, and Elite etc. Indian customers submit positive reviews for this mixer grinder producing brand as it provides products at competitive price.

4. Panasonic

Panasonic more specifically named as the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is a multinational electronics company and kitchen care product company manufacturing plenty of options as mixer grinder accessible with the guarantee of safe to use. Few of the exclusive features parts of mixer grinders are unbreakable polycarbonate juicer jar, interlocking safety system, flow breaker jars etc.

3. Bajaj

Bajaj is one of the appreciated and reliable business groups in India involved in business of mixer grinder since decades. Well-known models of Bajaj mixer grinder are Hurricane, Tornado, and Helix etc. All the mixer grinder models from Bajaj are high-quality products with optimum prices. Chief features reviewed by customers are motor overload protection, stainless steel jars, multifunctional blade system and powerful motor etc.

2. Usha

Usha range of mixer grinders is the topmost brand in India and these products from Usha holds a great buzz in the International market as well. Toughness with a varied range of stunning models are the top rated features that includes Usha as the third largest brand to manufacture mixer grinder and hence incorporated in to the list. Prominent features of mixer grinders from Usha are super silent motor, stainless steel jars, smart sensor technology. The prevalent models of Usha mixer grinder are Optima Classic, Colt, and Smash. The brand started its operation in the year 1889 and supplies durable and efficient mixer grinders. Compared to other brands, Indian customers have generally shown positive reviews for this mixer grinder producing brand.

1. Philips

Philips Top Most Popular Mixer Grinder Brands in India 2018

Philips is the foremost and reliable mixer grinder brand in the country holding the greatest market share of mixer grinder. Philips is an internationally acclaimed company, founded in year 1891 and started debut in Indian market in year 1930. Since year 1930, the bran is a success and there are no major complaints noticed. This is one of the reasons of Philips to secure first place in the list. Philips has presented a comprehensive range of mixer grinder that comes with great features like excellent quality blades, powerful motor, auto cutoff and many more. Listed features have made it the most favoured mixer grinder brand among customers in India. It is noted that a wide range of top class models of mixer grinder appliance is only obtainable from Philips.

The brands comprised in the listing are placed based on the reviews of customers for varied online based shopping portals. The features encompassed in the mixer grinders from these brands marks the kitchen task easy and it is simple to operate the appliances. It is necessary to understand the price of different mixer grinder brands vary a lot and depends on its characteristic features. Listed brand attempts their best to appeal Indian customers by showing its Unique Selling Point (USP).


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