The arrival of summer in the India has just created considerable demands of ceiling fans in every household as it is the most economical yet effective way to stay cool and refreshed. On the basis of criteria provided by BEE( Bureau of Energy Efficiency)and other factors such as longevity, wattage, mechanical durability, safety, air delivery, appearance, & size ceiling fans can have varied prices and manufacturer.

Crompton, Orient, Havells, Bajaj and Usha are amongst the leading ceiling fan manufacturer brand in India that manufacture the fans of 1200mm sweep as per the criteria of BEE. As the fans are most common house appliance every household are consisting of it and to help you out which brand has top tier fan-models, we have listed top ten best ceiling fan brands in India in 2021.

10. Relaxo Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India 2019

An ISI certified company, Relaxo not just having Indian domestic market but also the vast overseas market. Relaxo is known for its economical, efficient, and durable ceiling fans which are technologically advanced made to save energy. All the fans made by Relaxo are following the BEE criteria for maximum power saving and extended life cycle so common people can afford it. The most famous ceiling fan made by Relaxo is Virat and this Relaxo model has the lion share of the market of ceiling fans.

9. Item Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Item ceiling fan is part of Metro Group of Industries which is manufacturing household equipment and it is their another step after making electrical equipment. Though Ortem fans do not have the wide range of ceiling and other fans they have created its name for providing most energy efficient and economical fan in the industry. When it comes to speed and performance Orton fans have no synonymous with their popular ceiling fan model called Item Winner.

8. Bajaj Ceiling Fans

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Bajaj fans are part of Bajaj group which is manufacturing household equipment which makes the life easy. Bajaj is about to create a niche market for itself in the ceiling fan market with their most reliable and conventional ceiling fans. Moreover, most Indians are aware of the Brand name BAJAJ for more than two decades now. Fans like Bajaj Euro and Bajaj Magnifique scored top in terms of styling, durability, energy saving and economically.

7. Havells Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

An Indian brand having research and development house has HQ located in Ahmedabad. Havells has been in the ceiling fan business since 2003 and responsible for creating technologically most advanced and stylish ceiling fans in India. Moreover, they are developing other electronics as well as mechanical equipment for the household purpose. The company is ISI certified and known for best-designed premium ceiling fans. The company won many awards and title when it come to energy saving equipment. Popular fans manufactured by Havells are ES-50 and Opus.

6. Khaitan Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India 2019

An Indian brand, the oldest one known for their most economical and energy saving fans in India. It is also rated by the EPRO as one of the top ceiling fan manufacturing brands with their unique styling of the blades. Khaitan is responsible for creating the most energy efficient and durable fans in India along with other electrical products.

5. Orbit Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Orbit green fans are known for their unique fan blades and most uniquely designed fans for maximum energy saving and long life. Orbit fans like Jupiter and Saturn are BEE #5 rated which as most durable, energy efficient and stable fans. Though they are not offering the variety of product range but they have earned the reputation of ceiling fan brand with their advance ceiling fan technology and designs.

4. Superfan Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Super ceiling fan is known for providing the wide range of fans including tower fans, wall fans, ceiling fans etc. Moreover, their electronic wall fans also have remote controls to control the speed of the fan. Their X1 and X7 fans are equipped with the technologically advanced motor system which significantly reduces the input power requirements of the fans while providing great output. Super ceiling fan manufacturing the most energy saving, Eco-friendly fans at the lowest price possible.

3. Orient Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Another Indian brand that comes to save you on arrival of this summer. Orient is the company which is ISI certified and ranked #1 by BEE standards. Orient is making some of the most economical and energy saver as well as environment-friendly fans such as ORIENT tech, ORIENT smart saver 50 which has longer life span. Their fans like SUMMER
CROWN and ENERGY STAR are amongst the ranked #1 by BEE standards. Orient fan is part of Orient electric which has manufacturing facilities situated in Ahmedabad and manufacturing Fan, Home Appliances, Lighting & Switchgear and other electronic items for households. Aero quite is the most selling ceiling fan ever manufactured by Orient fans.

2. Usha Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India

Usha is the most popular ceiling fan brand in India with their wide range of products and most economical ceiling fans. USHA fans have the variety of fans which includes wall fans, exhaust fans, tower fans, table fans, ceiling fans and pedestal fans. These fans include Usha Erika’s Tower Fan, Usha Swift DLX 3 Blade, Usha New Trump 3 Blade, Usha Maxx Air 3 Blade & Usha Maxx Air 3 Blade which all are following the criteria of BEE and ranked #1 by BEE standards. Usha fan is providing most efficient and economical fan for more than decades now making it the most popular ceiling fan brand in India. This is the only brand which has the fan for every occasion, you just have to name it and Usha fans will bring it to you.

1. Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Brand In India 2019

Crompton has the variety of products range which includes ceiling fans, table fans, and other fans. They have launched ceiling fans like AURA PLUS, HS PLUS and COOL BREEZE DECO PLUS which are rated #1 by BEE and ISI certified. Crompton is providing fans for every occasion with their wide range of ceiling fans and other conventional fans. Moreover, they are the pioneer of BLDC fans technology that makes the fans even more efficient and economical with longer life span. Moreover, they are also selling lighting equipment for households and the HQ is located in New Delhi.

Moreover, there is the manufacturer that develops fans with BLDC technology, BLDC is the latest and most energy efficient technology available nowadays. Brands like Atomberg, Orient, and Havells are responsible for manufacturing most efficient ceiling fans in India with BLDC technology. Though other brands help common people to provide ceiling fan at the lower price and great efficiency making them most common household appliance. These ceiling fan brands are previously progressive it terms of technology which makes the product most economical and efficient to make life easy. Hope this list of top ten ceiling fan brands in 2021 will help you to figure out the right brand for you.



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