Ten Most Famous Restaurants in London: Chosen by London’s Top Chefs and Voted by Trip Advisor

London has got it all from the historic tower of London, coca cola London eye, Chelsea stadium tours to warner Bros Studio.

In addition it is also home to world’s finest and best restaurants. Every traveller wants to feel like he or she is home and this kind of experience can only be found in restaurants that are offering cuisines from their countries and London restaurants offers that too irrespective you’re an African, Asian, Indian, or any part of the continent.

These listed top 10 best restaurants in London have been voted through Trip advisor and received thousands and even millions of reviews from all over the world and immerged victorious. Check the best of London’s restaurants that will not only offer tasty delicacies but also healthy pocket friendly quality delicious foods.

Here are the Most Famous Restaurants in London in 2017-2018

10. TaNgia

taNgia Top Popular Restaurants in London 2018

This is one of the best restaurants in London today. It is independently run by a family who serve the London people a taste of traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. They have a menu that is catering everyone even those people who are not in the moods of taking any food they can go for coffee or other drinks in the bar. The restaurant can accommodate 42 people and its interior décor is one of the beautiful you have ever seen since its Moroccan themed artwork creating a cosy environment.

In addition to selling foods and drinks they also offer wedding receptions, parties, or any other event or an occasion since they can accommodate between 55-65 guests. Some of the starters they offer clients are (Marinated sardines fillets, Chicken pastille, Moroccan soup, zaalouk salad ) and prices range from £ 4.00 to £ 6.50. they also have main dishes such as (Calves’ liver, Marinated Chicken skewer, Marinated lamb brochette, mixed grill, kofta) and prices range from £ 12- £ 16.50.other dishes on their menu are salads. Couscous, tagine, steak, sides and desserts.

9. The Ledbury

Another great restaurant in the heart of London is the Ledbury. This restaurant has made a name for its self and this can be attributed by its recognition internationally as it has been named on the worlds 50 best restaurants in 2016 taking number 14, named best UK restaurant, in 2010, 2011, 2012 and all in London ultimate London restaurant 2013, and 2014.they normally serve their customers with a variety of wines and foods. Food is categorised into tasting menu, lunch, set lunch, vegetarian, tasting menu and dinner. All their food categories are four course ranging from £ 70- £ 140.

8. Taste of Nawab

Established in 1996 in the heart of London, the taste of Nawab has become a great restaurant today and a popular one indeed especially among the Indian community. It’s not without a doubt the best Indian restaurant in North London. Their chefs are an award winning chefs who are most qualified not just to prepare food for the common man but also for a Nawab.

Some of their freshly cooked meals are categorised into starters ( samosa, pakora, kebab, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb chops etc) al ranging at a price between £ 2.90- £ 8.50.they also have Tandoori specialities (tandoori chicken, tandoori king prawn, tandoori trout, full platter, salmon shaslick, etc) all ranging between £ 6.50- £ 23. Others are Biriani dishes, Bengali specialities, thali specials, curries for cool kids, traditional specialities, vegetable side dishes, rice dishes, sundries, breads, and desserts.

7. The clink restaurant

This restaurant has become very popular in London for several reasons. One you will served by prisoners who have agreed and volunteered in its training scheme, and two its mouth-watering delicious meals made with the latest cookery techniques will make you leave with unforgettable experience. They normally support the rehabilitation of prisoners through hospitality training. There menu comprises of starter, main cause, side orders and desserts.

6. The Holy Smoke

Although the restaurant is really small with only 24 tables it delivers superb culinary experiences and service. They normally have three main courses which are starters, main courses, and afters. This restaurant serves its visitors with a British cuisine and as you enjoy your meal it will be accompanied by great wine and some good background music. They charge around £12 for two course and three course at a price of £ 15.

5. Zeret Kitchen

Zeret Kitchen Top Famous Restaurants in London 2018

This is a Ethiopian food restaurant has the best traditional Ethiopian food in all of London. Usually they have menus for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Started in 2004 this family run restaurant has gained popularity in London for its fresh, quality, and tasty food. Most of their ingredients are normally outsourced locally making the food not only tasty, fresh but also healthy. Some of their menu dishes are sides (azefa, mixed salad,kategna), vegetarian (shuro wot, misir wot), chicken, beef, combinations, house special, beer, soft drinks among others.

4. Gastronhome

The restaurant received the certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor in 2016 and has already received an open table diners choice 2017 for a reason. This lavender hill restaurant prepares only the finest traditional and regional French cuisines for its customers. They normally outsource their ingredients locally to satisfy those who are looking for fresh, tasty and healthy meals. If your searching for a French cuisine just head over to the small France restaurant on Clapham’s Lavender Hill.

3. Bar 61 Restaurant

This family run award winning restaurant has been voted as the third best restaurant in London. What makes it stands out over its competitors is high standard of personal service, friendly environment, high quality meat that is so tender, fresh fish and abundance of vegetables and their extensive list of Spanish wines. Their menu comprises of coffee, ice cream, vegetables, fresh salads, desserts, veal specialities, carni, pasta main courses, fish, soups, starters, chicken specialities among others.

2. The Golden Chippy restaurant

Three months ago this restaurant was the best in London and ranked no 1 according to trip advisor. This tiny humble south east London chip shop made headlines in the United Kingdom by beating high ranking and much celebrated high end hotspots like Ledbury among others to lift the crown of being the second best in the city. The major reason why this hotel has been very popular is the fact that there dishes are pocket friendly, their golden crispy soft mushy chips are fresh and the fish tastes even fresher.

Their staff are friendly and the good the good thing about the kitchen staff is that they don’t compromise on quality and the food is just perfect. A look at their menu you will realize they are extremely cheap and here is a few of their dishes Cod £5.5, Rock £5.5, Skate £6.5, Chips £1.8 Spicy bean burger £3.10 Chicken burger £3.10, Southern Fried Chicken 3pcs £3.50, Roast chicken £4.00 Coleslaw & Sweet corn £1.00 Mushy Peas or Peas £1.00 among others.

1. Liman restaurant

Liman restaurant Top 10 Best Restaurants in London 2017

The name Liman might mean “port “in Turkish language but they don’t just offer Turkish cuisines to their customers as there menu is fully packed with mouth-watering cuisines from all around the Mediterranean. The chefs in this restaurant who are ward wining professionals will make you the best tasty food you have ever heard in your life.

Their main menu comprises of soups, salads, cold starters, hot starters, vegetarian dishes, pasta, sides, fish and shellfish, chargrilled, iskender kebabs, oven and casserole dishes, ezmeli kebabs,liman veg meze and liman mix meze. They also have desserts such as Kazandibi, Apple Tart, Ice cream, Sutlac, Sarma backlava, and hot drinks. They also do takeaway and serve wines. For the ultimate treat try Liman restaurant.

We all love food and what matters to people much is not the quantity but quality looking at the health aspect of it and also the taste. These above restaurants have passed the bar to emerge London best and most voted restaurants and each one of them has received a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor.


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