India is going through the rapid urbanisation. This urbanisation process involves infrastructural, industrial and economic development. As a result, Indian Electrical Industry has also grown enormously. Electric wires and cables have become a part of our daily life in every aspect because modern lifestyle demands various electronic appliances to fulfil our needs.

Electric cables and wires act as a lifeline for those appliances. Wires should comprise of good conductive features and safety measures. A number of companies are in India to provide good quality products. Checkout the list of top 10 best electric wire and cable manufacturing companies in India 2022.

10. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India 2019

Over four decades Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. has managed to capture the attention of various clients across the world. They specialise in the manufacturing of cables and conductors. It has manufacturing plants in Orissa, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu.

They offer a vast portfolio of products that includes power cables, airfield lighting cables, instrumentation cables, thermocouple cables, mining cables, overhead conductors, building wires and much more.

With their cutting-edge technology, they have a vast customer support network all over the world. They have international tie-ups with Mercury Cables, USA.

9. V-Guard Industries Ltd

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

V-Guard Industries Ltd was established in 1977. Initially, they were recognised for making voltage stabilisers. Afterward, the company expands its wings and currently is known for quality in cables’ manufacturing. They have two manufacturing units located in Kashipur and Coimbatore.

They produce multicore round cables, coaxial cables, LAN or CAT cables, telephone cables, house wiring cables, CCTV cables, PVC and XLPE insulated power and control cables etc. Functioning over a decade V-guard has emerged as cables befitting manufacturer worldwide.

8. Uniflex Cables Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Uniflex Cables Ltd. had established in 1981 with an Elastomeric division, later on, they started manufacturing electric wires and cables. Today, the company is a major cable manufacturer and exporter in India with more than 30 years of expertise in this sector.

The company manufactures power cables, XLPE control cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation cables, flexible cables, elastomer cables, optic fibers and so on. They export 30% of their products in the Middle East and Africa continent. They have a commendable number of clients across the globe by providing quality products at a reasonable price.

7. Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. has a strong presence in Indian cable manufacturing market since 1970. They are known for quality products, power transmission equipment, and turnkey services. They have three manufacturing plants in Gujrat with more than 100 distributors across 16 cities in India.

The company’s cable division produces a wide range of quality products including LV cables, HV cables, UHV cables. They have launched India’s first 500kV UHV cable. The company also manufactures conductors, towers, transformers, isolators, control and relay panels etc.

6. RR Kabel

Best Electric Wire Companies in India 2019

RR Kabel is a Mumbai based company and one of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in India as well as in the world. They always focus on enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their products.

Their two domestic manufacturing units are located at Silvassa and Waghodia. The product range includes building wires, auto cables, data cables, silicon cables, power cables, fire resistance cables, instrumentation cables, appliance wiring cables etc.

5. Universal Cables Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Universal Cables Ltd. was established in 1962 and it is one of the leaders in the Indian Cable Industry. A large scale of cables and capacitors are produced in their manufacturing units located in Madhya Pradesh and Goa.

They are engaged in producing EHV XLPE cables, instrumentation cables, elastomeric cables, PVC cables, PILC cables and a wide range of capacitors. They are currently focusing on producing extra high voltage cables to meet the growing demand.

The company has collaboration with ABB Cables, Sweden. They also run joint ventures with many other internationally acclaimed companies.

4. Havells India Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Havells India Limited is a prominent electrical goods manufacturing company in India with a significant global presence. They produce a large variety of world class industrial and consumer electrical equipment.

Havells India has 18 manufacturing plants across India and the world with an extensive distribution network over 40 countries. They are working with Make in India initiative.

The cable productions include high voltage cables, low voltage cables, heavy duty XLPE power Cables, LT control cables, free survival cables, solar cables etc. Havells is well known for their product’s durability and safety measures. They also manufacture motors, home appliances, fans, lights, switches and switchgear etc in a large scale.

3. KEI Industries Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

KEI Industries Ltd. is one of the best wire and cable manufacturing companies in India which was established in 1968. Since then they are very consistent in producing electrical wires in Indian cable manufacturing sector. They have two manufacturing sites in Rajasthan and one in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The company has a strong presence in global market also.

They produce EHV cables, HT & LT cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, thermocouple extension, rubber cables, stainless steel Wires, house wires and much more.

The company addresses the cabling requirements in different sectors like Power, Railways, Oil Refineries, Steel, Automobiles, Cement etc.

2. Finolex Cables Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India 2019

Finolex Cables Ltd. Was established in 1956 as a small-scale industrial unit in Pune, Maharashtra. They started manufacturing PVC insulated cables and afterward, they became one of the largest electric cable manufacturers in India with more than 30 billion INR turnover.

Finolex has manufacturing units in Maharashtra, Goa and Uttarakhand with 4000 distributors and 20,000 dealers across the country.

The company produces electrical wires and communication cables include 1100 V PVC insulated cables, motor winding cables, automotive/battery cables, UPS cables, jelly filled telephone cables, Coaxial cables, LAN cables, Optic fibers and lot more. They also produce underground heavy duty, high voltage, low voltage, power and control cables.

1. Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Over 4 decade the Polycab is one of the most admired brands in the electric wire and cable manufacturing market in India. It is the leading fast growing company with Rs. 5750 Crore turnover in the Indian market.

Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1968. Ever since Polycab is attracting customers by providing the best quality products consistently at competitive prices. They develop their products regularly by giving emphasis on safety and sustainability, for an ever-changing market.

The cable productions include instrumentation cables, LAN cables, high rise cables, submersible wires, telephone wires, single core & multi-core flexible wires, festoon cable, and many others. The company produces power cables for high, medium and low voltage.

From communication to electrification cables and wires are the main equipment. A fast moving country like India needs a huge amount of development programs and the industrialisation is also in its log phase. The highly populated country does not have any human resource shortage for the betterment of company’s prospect. Indian companies are now expanding their wings worldwide to become a super power. Indian cable manufacturing companies have started to make their prominent footprints in global markets already.


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