Have you ever been to a farmer’s house anytime? Most of the people living in the cities might not even have seen a farmer’s house let alone visit it. The first things you invariably find in the courtyard would be the farm animals such as cows, bullocks, at least half a dozen hens, a couple of dogs, and his prized possession, the tractor. Every farmer in India dreams of owning a tractor.

The tractor is a multi-utility vehicle for the farmer. In addition to its usual work of tilling the fields, the farmer uses the tractor for transporting his produce to the market. He even uses the tractor like we use our cars. Some of the farmers lease out their tractors to other underprivileged farmers allowing them to till their land. Hence, it is their prized possession. No farmer would like to let go of his tractor under any circumstances. You should imagine the joy in the farmer’s household the day the tractor enters his compound for the first time. They welcome it as people welcome the new bride after her wedding.

Coming back to the basics, the tractor is a sturdy vehicle. It is the equivalent of the military tank to the farmer. It can transport him over all kinds of terrain, rough or smooth. There are many tractor manufacturing companies in India. Every state might have a couple of their own local brand of tractors. Every tractor is a powerhouse. It would not be possible to discuss all the tractor companies here. We restrict our discussion to the top ten tractor companies in India in 2021.

10. Angad Tractor: SAS Motors

Best Tractor Companies In India 2019

Incorporated in 2003, SAS Motors released their first Angad Tractor in 2004. The very name Angad embodies great strength. The Angad 240D Tractor is the flagship brand of SAS Motors Limited. Until date, this company has sold more than 6000 tractors. Of all the tractors in its range, Angad 240D is the least expensive. However, the company does not compromise on the quality aspect under any circumstances. Having its base in Uttar Pradesh, the largest agricultural state in India, this tractor caters mainly to the farmers in the northern part of India. Considering its utility, economy, and strength, Angad Tractor is a worthy entrant at No 10.

9. Preet Tractor: Preet Agro

Best Tractor Companies In India

Punjab is an agricultural state as well. Known for its golden wheat and mustard fields, Punjab has one of the highest demands for harvesters. Preet Agro is one of the largest manufacturers of the combine harvester in India. This company manufactures the Preet Tractor. In great demand with the farmers in Punjab and Haryana, this tractor has a vibrant international market as well. In existence since the year 2000, this tractor has become a household name in the northern states of India. They have achieved national recognition as well having won the National Award in 2013.

8. Balwan Tractors: Force Motors Ltd

Best Tractor Companies In India

Originally known as Bajaj Tempo Ltd, Force Motors is one of the largest makers of the three wheeler tempos in India. The very name Bajaj means reliability. This company brings in the same values to their heavy equipment as well. Launched in 1999 with the help of German technology, the Ox and Ox 45 Brand Tractors was an instant hit. The Mercedes Engine is a powerful one. They followed this powerhouse with another one, Balwan 600 in 2004. With its headquarters in Pune, this tractor is very famous in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

7. HMT tractors: Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd

Best Tractor Companies In India

When you use the word HMT, the first thing that comes to mind is the HMT watch. The company is the same. Therefore, you can expect the same reliability. This company is in existence since the year 1953. They are the pioneers in manufacturing the machine tools in India. This company does not compromise on quality matters. Hence, you get the best products. The HMT tractor is no different. A powerful machine in its own right, this tractor is the source of livelihood for the farmers in the states of South India such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

6. John Deere: John Deere India Pvt Ltd

Best Tractor Companies In India

Usually, you find tractors in red or blue color. This company revolutionised the field by bring out its tractors in green and yellow colors. A late entrant in this field in India, they have managed to capture the market in a big way. However, the parent company, Deere and Company, USA is a worldwide leader in this field. Having its headquarters in Pune, this tractor caters to the farmers in Maharashtra, and the southern states primarily. It is making its way up into the northern belt. A powerful machine, this tractor has become very popular in a very short time. Thus, it deserves the No 6 rank in this list.

5. New Holland: New Holland Fiat India

Best Tractor Companies In India 2019

A fully owned subsidiary of USD 15 bn. CHN Global, the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world, this company entered the Indian market in a big way. Countering the Mahindra tractor for its strength, the New Holland tractor has become popular with the farmers in the northern and the western states in India. Having its headquarters in Noida in Uttar Pradesh, this company wants to spread its tentacles all over India. This company manufactured more than 23000 tractors last year to emerge as one of the leading manufacturers in India. This year, you have this company at No 5. You can see them climbing the ranks very soon.

4. Escorts: Escorts Group

Best Tractor Companies In India

One of India largest engineering companies, they take great pride in manufacturing strong and sturdy vehicles. Their motorcycles have withstood the toughest of road conditions in India. They bring the same technology to their tractors as well. In the tractor manufacturing business since 1971, this company has sold more than 600 thousand tractors. Initially, their flagship brand was the Ford Tractor. Today, they have three main brands, Escort, Powertrac, and Farmtrac. For their longevity in the field as well as their ability to churn out strong tractors one after the other, they are worthy of the No 4 spot in this list.

3. Sonalika Tractors: International Tractors Limited

Best Tractor Companies In India

The highlight of the Sonalika Tractors is that their design belongs to the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute. They use the highly successful HMT engines. Incorporated in 1995, this company collaborated with Renault Agriculture France in 2000. Hence, it has now become a subsidiary of the Renault Group. Subsequently the German combine harvester manufacturing giant, CLAAS took over Renault Agriculture. Sonalika is a trusted brand in the tractor market having its presence literally all over India. They have recently raised their production to around 200 tractors a day. This is a fast growing company aiming to reach the top one day.

2. TAFE: Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd

Best Tractor Companies In India

Incorporated in 1960 by the TVS Group, a two-wheeler manufacturing giant in Tamil Nadu, in collaboration with Massey Ferguson, this company is a household name in Tamil Nadu as well as other southern states. On acquiring the Eicher Tractors, this company started to make inroads in the northern and western parts of the country as well. In addition to making these heavy duty tractors, TAFE is the leading manufacturer of diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, etc. They have the tremendous values of the TVS Group behind them as support. You can find the name of TAFE in the top 5 tractor companies any time in India.

1. Mahindra: Mahindra & Mahindra

Best Tractor Companies In India 2019

Mahindra & Mahindra is synonymous with heavy equipment vehicles in India. They are also the largest tractor manufacturing company in India by a long way. Literally one in three tractors in a village would belong to this company. In fact, Mahindra & Mahindra is the largest tractor manufacturing company in the world. Hence, this name is not only worth No 1 in this list but also can top the world list as well. This tractor is famous over six continents except Antarctica, for obvious reasons.

You have just seen some magnificent farm machines in India. These machines are literally like the family members of the farming community in India. They worship them and naturally so, because these machines have come to the farmer’s aid on innumerable occasions. Rain or shine, these machines are always ready at the farmer’s beck and call. Who would not love to have such a companion in their houses?


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