Luggage Bags become an essential part of life if a person is a voyage addict or had to travel for other personal or professional reasons. It is considered as the most vital possession that could make your journey worth memorable. A smart and durable bag that can engulf your maximum belongings be it clothes, shoes or other related stuff are given the most penchant by maximum travellers.

With least wear and tear property and ability to withstand rainy weather are given priority the most. However, it depends on person to person and their preferable choice. There are numerous luggage brands in India that promise to fulfil every person’s need in desirable fashion but some have worked really hard to get enlisted in the top 10 position in 2022. Let’s take a quick look at them one by one.

10. Princeware

Best Luggage Brands In India 2019

Starting with one Indian brand which is working past 30 years and has managed to attain quite a reputable position in the market attains the 10th position in the list. Princewear encompasses a wide range of collection in the luggage bags section. The bags apart from being affordable even to the middle-class people guarantees long durability and high performance in the long run. Coming in different styles, the material of composition and designs the bags are highly comfortable and easy to use that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. You can pick the one you like the most from a wide range of styles that are constantly been upgraded to endow it to the customers.

9. Victorinox

Best Luggage Brands In India

There are certain brands that make a permanent place in the heart of its buyer. Victorinox is one of them. It has become one of the most trustable and reliable luggage brands in India since time immemorial. Not renowned only in India it has attained its position in the top notch brands worldwide. Light in weight, sturdy with high durability and easy to carry Victorinox bags come in wide range and are getting stylish with each passing day. Once you have a Victorinox luggage bag by your side you can totally relax and loosen up. With required flexibility in the material the bags can accommodate all your belongings and can be expanded in case you have little extra things.

8. Tumi

Best Luggage Brands In India

Around 41 years old and not leaving any stone turned the luggage bags from Tumi are not compromising with the changing era. Famous worldwide for the superior class of bags, Tumi is one of the most authentic companies. It has got the privilege to be the first to introduce soft and multifunctional travel bags in the past that was enough to draw all the attention of the buyers. Until today it is working to be involved in all the latest innovations and get updated to the current trends. Being sturdy and light both at the same time are the primary goal of the Tumi bags and undoubtedly it has managed to be one.

7. Reebok

Best Luggage Brands In India

One of the most famous brands in the world of sports be it apparels, shoes or other sports related accessories, Reebok has branched out itself in the field of luggage bags. Being enlisted in number seven is the proof that it is doing quite well in this sector as well. Extremely stylish and durable luggage bags from Reebok has become one of the preferable choices of the people especially those who like to get a big brand name with their possessions. Highly comfortable to carry around Reebok bags comes with detachable straps so one can make use of them as per the need.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Best Luggage Brands In India 2019

Apart from awe striking accessories, apparels and perfumes Tommy Hilfiger is touching another height with respect of luggage bags. Maintaining the style statement and ongoing fashion trend, the company keeps on launching luggage bags as per the customer’s choice and preference which are sturdy and stylish. When they introduced bags with multiple pockets and detachable straps Tommy Hilfiger becomes the most favorite choice of the people who already have trust over the brand name. With its accessibility in more than 30 countries, Tommy Hilfiger gets 6th rank in our list of top 10 luggage bags in India.

5. Carlton Tribe

Best Luggage Brands In India

I think almost everyone would be familiar with the name. Since it has maintained its position in the favorite list of many users, Carlton Tribe has got all the features to get the 5th rank in the list. Getting introduced from Amazon, they sustain a long list of happy and contented customers. Being high in durability and light weighted these bags become a preferable choice of the people seeking for the same. TSA lock system and 4 wheel spinners are the most attractive features of Carlton Tribe luggage bags. One can get access to them easily through Amazon and can buy even on EMI with a 3-year warranty replacement policy.

4. Skybags

Best Luggage Brands In India

With cool and trendy designs, contrasting color patterns, graphics on the outer coat Skybags has set the standard of luggage bags quite high in the market. No wonder it has become a preferable choice of the youth of the nation. Giving classy yet trendy, cool yet elegant designs, Skybags have not compromised the basic requirements while constructing the luggage bags. Sturdy, light weighted and 4 wheel spinners along with high-quality finishing make it one trendsetter brand in the industry of luggage bags. With so much in so little, Skybags hold 4th rank in the list of top 10 luggage brands in India.

3. Samsonite

Best Luggage Brands In India

Attaining the position in top three, Samsonite has set records since the time it came into being. Working since 1910, it has branched out itself in more than 130 countries and managed to become one of the most favorite brands across the globe. High-quality that can undergo all stress while travelling be it wear and tear or high-class finishing; you name it and they have it. Highly flexible and easy to carry are the some of its feature that made it popular. Nonetheless, with so many brands coming in and going out from the market, Samsonite has managed to sustain its position with its top notch quality of products.

2. VIP

Best Luggage Brands In India

This is my favorite as I have seen my parents using this brand since I was a little kid. With the VIP luggage bags, we used to travel from north to south, east to west without any fear of our belongings getting ragged. It holds the position of Asia’s number one luggage manufacturer and a second position as the largest manufacturer of moulded luggage worldwide. So you can trust its authenticity and reliability. They encompass one of the widest range of luggage bags as compared to the fellow competitors that can be made use of while selecting as per your choice. The bags come in the market only after a rigorous test for the zippers, handles and wheels so one can trust on VIP luggage bags blindly as well.

1. American Tourister

Best Luggage Brands In India 2019

Finally the brand that has managed to attain the top position in our list of top 10 luggage brands is American Tourister. So with a strong round of applause let’s get to know why it ranked pinnacle. With super spacious and highly sturdy designs that have safe zippers and TSA lock, it holds 4 wheel spinner feature making it one of its kind. Being available in affordable to high range it can be grabbed by anyone without compromising the quality. One can make use of it from long travel plans to short weekend getaways. With American Tourister by your side, you own one of the most prizes possessions for your travelling plan.

As we all know that market is flooded with numerous brands of luggage bags that promise to cater all the needs of the customer but all can’t be relayed upon so easily. With this list, you can make your choice if you are planning to invest in one good quality of luggage bag. Make a smart choice and a smarter travel plan and let the voyage be more jovial and fun.


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