Japanese actors possess little different look as compared to other actors as they have beautiful eyes and handsome looks. Today it is of no secret that the Japanese entertainment industry, when looked by the eyes of a foreigner, puts a lot of prominence among its artists.

Though, that doesn’t essentially suggest that they do not own a place for veterans in the acting industry, nor does it suggest that having young and hot looks is adequate to receive a spot on the top position. Since years, many of these Japanese actors have been engrossed in the acting industry right from their childhood. You may be wandering but unable to know exactly the details of hottest Japanese actors 2022, for that go through below sections:

10. Shun Oguri

Hottest Japanese Actors 2019

Shun Oguri was born to a family consisting of entertainers, comprising a theatre director father and an actor brother; hence he has blood of acting. Initially, Oguri naturally dropped towards acting career, beginning the works at the early age of 12. This actor’s debut role was depicted in the TV drama version of Great Teacher Onizuka, performing the character of the persecuted and mistreated child. After that, he has been shifted on to larger roles, comprising globally renowned ones like in Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, Detective Conan, and many of the Crows movie spin-offs. Oguri polishes in his character as the quiet, poised, and well-organized Takakura, particularly since he plays off very well with Mizushima’s Kudo, which is the precise girl-crazy and brawl-happy.

9. Ryuhei Matsuda

Hottest Japanese Actors

Ryuhei is born to Japanese and partial Korean descent, began acting career at the early age of 15. The actor initiated his acting career with industry A-listers Tadanobu Asano and Takeshi Kitano in the famous samurai drama film entitled Taboo that received him numerous awards. After that, Ryuhei has performed in an extensive variety of roles in the big as well as small screens. In spite of his first big screen project-Gohatto, Ryuhei demonstrated his talent and conveyed his scenes, comprising a disturbing role where he was assaulted by an elder samurai. The actor in the film displayed surprising range, with Kano’s depiction varying from innocent, controlling, and cold-blooded throughout diverse parts of the story.

8. Yosuke Kubozuka

Hottest Japanese Actors

Yosuke initially began his career in form of a model for TV ads as well as magazines, prior making debut as an actor in year 1995 famous TV crime entitled Kindaichi Case Files. This was later followed in year 1998 with the TV series entitled GTO as well as he did a lead role in year 2000’s Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Yosuke earned fame when he played as one of the lead role, Peco, who is compelling and has a real desire for table tennis games. The performance of the role needed the usual charm, cockiness, as well as hot appearance from the actor, which he carried out successfully. Yosuke has stayed as a model for numerous magazines and TV ads before prior he launched his acting career wherein he made debut in year 1995.

7. Eita

Hottest Japanese Actors

Eita is a veteran actor of the Japanese entertainment industry, known to be the elder brother of Kento Nagayama. Eita has performed in numerous TV dramas and even in films, comprising the TV series editions of the Water Boys film. Moreover, he has too performed in several Japanese tv dramas and even in movies Out of all, the most notable role of Eita is in the TV series entitled Water Boys. Other than that, Eita too performed in Tokyo Friends: The Movie and Summer Time Machine Blues. In year 2009, Eita was featured in his leading theatrical role performing a human in a romantic affiliation with a feminine ghost.

6. Masataka Kubota

Hottest Japanese Actors

Masataka is an actor from Kanagawa region who gained mahor acclaim as renowned Japanese actor. He is under Stardust Promotions and has collaborated with several of the actors already present in this list. He is prominent in the industry as the one who is owing to an adaptability that permits him to bounce amongst antagonist and protagonist roles efficiently. In his entire career, Masataka is prominent for 13 Assassins in year 2010, Death Note in year 2015 and Jellyfish Eyes in year 2013. When you would glance at Masataka’s photos doing acting or a photoshoot, you will simply be amazed by his hot looks.

5. Kento Hayashi

Hottest Japanese Actors 2019

Hayashi is an actor belonging from Ootsu, Shiga region and known under Stardust Promotion. This Japanese actor attained his break when he was hunted at Shibuya Station in year 2005, while a school trip was arranged and later he was offered a role in Takita’s film “The Battery.” Moreover, he has performed in over thirty films since year 2007, depicting his acting talents. Hayashi is presently just 27 years old, but within this short span of career, he has achieved a lot of acclaim both nationally and internationally. Hayashi is an actor, renowned for The Battery, Lesson of the Evil, and Parade.

4. Sosuke Ikematsu

Hottest Japanese Actors

Ikematsu began his career early as compared to his competitor actors, launching his leading film role at an early age of just 13. It was the Hollywood film entitled The Last Samurai, from which Ikematsu began his acting career. After that, he has appeared on to feature in many feature length films nationally as well as internationally, with numerous TV dramas. All over the world, he is regarded as a Japanese film, TV, and theatre actor, gaining major acclaim for his role as Higen, in year 2003 film- The Last Samurai. The actor – Ikematsu is just 27 years old, born in Dazaifu, Fukuoka region.

3. Kento Nagayama

Hottest Japanese Actors

Kento is a prominent name in the acting industry since year 2008. It was in that year when he initially launched his acting career through the film entitled Cheer Cheer Cheer! as well as appeared the TV series entitled Pazuru. In this tv series, Kento enticed the public’s consideration in form of a regular cast member named as Tsukamoto Yoshio. It is known that he is unlawfully appraised as becoming renowned for becoming the ounger brother of actor named Eita; however he has since then depicted a body of work that confirms his worth as an artist.

2. Haruma Miura

Hottest Japanese Actors

Haruma is a Japanese actor and melodious singer who formerly made debut as member of the J-pop group known as Brash Brats. Yet, the group is presently on hiatus, while actor Haruma is still actively contributing as an actor.He initially attained reputation outside of the Brash Brats when he was featured in Gokusen 3, after that he performed a character in the drama film entitled Koizora. Haruma’s leading role originated through the Bloody Monday drama series, founded on the manga of the identical name. Mainly, the actor attained fame through in Gokusen 3 and his appearance made in year 2007 film Koizora.

1. Kento Yamazaki

Hottest Japanese Actors

Similar to numerous of his peers, Yamazaki began his career as a model, after he was scouted and hired while he was studying in his third year of junior high school. Kento initially made debut in form of an actor in year 2010, through the TV Asahi drama Atami no Sousakan. Later, he made debut in year 2010 and he is renowned below the Japanese talent Agency Stardust Promotion, adding to his fame. Kento is presently young of age 22, belonging from Tokyo, Japan. Basically, he is identified as an actor, for films like Another in year 2012), Heroine Disqualified in year 2015 and Your Lie in April in year 2016.

Japanese actors are celebrities today enjoying a luxurious life which is made possible through their hard work in the industry. What makes them special is their young, hot look, hot appearance and greatest of all the accompanying acting talents that help them to withstand their position.


  1. Haruma miura is the best and handsome japanese actor nobody can replace him.. He is so perfect.. His performance in ‘sky of love ‘ was amazing my heart is melting .. All the girls are crazy out here .. Love you soo much from India. ❤


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