Who does not love to smell good and feel fresh? It is a great feeling to spray on some of best deodorants all over your body and clothes after taking a bath. This fragrance can keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. When we speak of deodorants, the first impression we get is that it is a women’s product. Traditionally, one expects men not to use deodorants. You expect them to have the earthy natural smell. However, the times have changed today with men using deodorants as much as the women do. This has prompted many deodorant makers to come up with products especially for men.

Now, India has a predominantly hot and humid climate whereby sweating is more of the rule than the exception. When there is sweating, can body odor be far behind. Men move out in the hot sun more than women do. Hence, it is perfectly right on their part to use deodorants. We shall now look at top ten of the best deodorants for men in India in 2022. Ratings can differ. It is a matter of pure choice. Some people choose to go by the price whereas some go by the odor. Anyway, it becomes a subjective matter. The popularity factor is important as well.

10. Old Spice

Best deodorants for men in India 2019

Old Spice is one of the oldest brands of deodorants in the world. Known more for their shaving creams and after shave lotions for men, this brand is famous for its everlasting fragrance throughout the day. When it made its first appearance in India, people did not know what the advertisement of Old Spice depicted. This Company is famous all over the world for depicting out-of-the-box ideas while advertising their products. Recently, this brand has come out with an anti-bacterial formulation that promises to keep the skin fresh and clean. You have Old Spice deodorant in the form of sticks as well. The average price is around Rs 180 for a 150 ml bottle. Manufactured by Procter and Gamble, this is a worthy addition at No 10 on this list.

9. Wild Stone

Best deodorants for men in India

You can call Wild Stone a pure Indian brand because of its Indian manufacturing origins. Manufactured by McNroe Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, the Wild Stone has become its flagstone brand. An Indian brand, one expects the product to suit the Indian skin as well as its climate. This company manufactures talcum powders, aftershave lotions and creams, etc in addition to its deodorant. Some of its flavors, especially the Spicy Fresh and the Musky, are extremely popular among the male population. Available at an average price in the range of Rs 175 to Rs 250, this deodorant is becoming popular as a true Indian brand.

8. Nivea

Best deodorants for men in India

The very name Nivea suggests that it a brand purely for women. However, it is not so. Of course, they make more products for women. However, this brand has proved its worth as a good deodorant for men as well. Some of its brands, the Nivea Sport, and the Nivea Cool Kick are extremely popular. They claim that the fragrance can last up to 48 hours. In addition to the deodorants for men, they have exclusive aftershave products like creams and lotions to cater to their male clientele. Competitively priced in the range of Rs 165 to Rs 200 this deodorant ranks No 8 on this list.

7. Set Wet

Best deodorants for men in India

Set Wet deodorants, manufactured by Marico Industries are a new entrant in the field. However, it has captured the pulse of the male audience perfectly. This brand has some of the best advertising campaigns in the market with the current heartthrob of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh displaying his charm. This deodorant is famous for its lasting fragrances. They boast of a very strong fragrance stating that it can soothe the senses beautifully. In fact, they are right as well. This deodorant has a spicy fragrance laced with fruity tones. Competitively priced at around Rs 165 to Rs 180, you have many attractive promotional offers on the internet as well.

6. Garnier

Best deodorants for men in India

Garnier has exclusive products for women as well as men. The ‘Garnier For Men – Mineral’ deodorant has an enchanting smell. This deodorant is famous for imparting an instant cooling sensation. Its ability to absorb perspiration and keeping the skin moisturized at the same time is the strength of this deodorant. This deodorant comprises an important part of the male dressing table today. Ideal for use during travelling, you have an attractively shaped container as well. Its long lasting fragrance is one of the reasons for this brand ranking at No 6. Slightly on the expensive side at Rs 350 for a 150 ml bottle, this is a favorite among the upper class of society.

5. Fogg

Best deodorants for men in India

The Fogg advertisement showing the Indian soldier befuddling his Pakistani counterpart on the border has been a tremendous hit with the audience. The statement, “Aajkal to India mein Fogg char raha hai,” has become a catchphrase. Unlike other deodorants, Fogg is a liquid scent and not a gas spray. This immediately translates into less wastage. The spicy and woody flavor is one of the favorites of the Indian male population. A recent entrant into the deo-market, this deodorant has managed to capture a major chunk of the pie. Priced at Rs 199, this is definitely worth a buy anytime.

4. Play Boy

Best deodorants for men in India

Play Boy is an international brand deodorant. It has a great presence in India as well. This deodorant has some of the earthiest fragrances one can find in the market. Available as a spray as well as liquid scent, this deodorant is perfect for gifting during weddings and other occasions. The price is on the higher side at more than Rs 500 per bottle. However, the fragrance lasts for more than two days at a stretch. This makes it one of the most effective deodorants in the market. You have many discounted offers available on the internet. Possessing an attractive name, this deodorant has captured the attention of the Indian male.

3. Park Avenue

Best deodorants for men in India

Reputed for winning the battle against body sweat, the Park Avenue is a popular brand. It is the perfect kind of deodorant to use while going out for a date. At the same time, this fragrance is an instant hit at the stag parties as well. One of the emerging deodorant brands in India, it is attractively priced at around Rd 175 to Rs 200 depending on the flavor. This makes it popular with the middle class male. He is the one who patronizes the Indian brand more than the others do. The Park Avenue Neo Deo Signature Range is a big hit with the Indian male population.

2. Brut

Best deodorants for men in India

Brut, a deodorant with French origins has the perfect fragrance to suit the Indian male. Known for keeping sweat away, Brut plays an active part in keeping the skin free from bad odor for a long time. One can call it a pure male fragrance because women in India do not usually go for this deodorant. They prefer the milder ones. Brut has a typically strong manly fragrance making it perfectly qualified to hold the No 2 ranking. As far as price is concerned, it is on the expensive side with a 200 ml bottle available at Rs 295.

1. Axe

Best deodorants for men in India 2019

This fragrance has captured the imagination of the Indian male because of its aggressive advertising strategies. Axe is famous for its advertisements that show hundreds of sexy women swooning a solitary male. Such an advertisement can appeal to the Indian male perfectly. One must compliment the ad makers to catch hold of the pulse of the Indian male in a perfect manner. However, the deodorant is a good one in all respects. Otherwise, it would not gave withstood the test of time. Available in many flavors, this product marketed by Unilever in India is worthy of the No 1 spot today.

The tastes of men have changed a lot since the earlier days. You have beauty products especially made for men today. You must admit one thing that you need deodorants in India because of the stuffy climate during the summer months. The months March to July see the maximum sales of these products.


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