Ten Best Biscuit Brands In India To Enjoy Your Tea Time

In this 21st century, everyone is looking for ready-made food products. Biscuits are one of the healthy snacks and it is also favorites of many people, especially at the time of tea in India. So, there is a rise in biscuit brands in India. It is also one of the best choices to kill hunger at a faster rate and it is also preferred by all age groups. Nowadays, there are many brands available in biscuits. The biscuits are differing from each other in flavors like salty biscuit, sweet biscuit, chocolaty biscuit and more. Biscuits are also coming in smaller packets, which are very easy to carry on bag while travelling. As they become more popular as they offer variety in tastes, light weight and are also not expensive. The new brands come in the market day by day. Here I am sharing top 10 biscuit brands of India and these are also very close to many peoples.


ROSE BISCUIT Top Most Famous Biscuit Brands in India 2017

This brand of biscuit was established in 1987. This biscuit is produced by Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited (VBIL). This biscuit is very popular in south India and it is available in both sweet and salty taste. This company also increased its products to Confectionery, Wafers, Cookies and more. The company uses the latest technology and producing high quality product. Sri D.S. Jabamany is the Founder and Chairman of the VBIL Company.


This brand of biscuit was established in the 2000 and headquarters is located in Kolkata, India. These biscuits are available in all over the India and also in Bhutan and Nepal. This brand is famous for its excellent taste and flavor of rusks, biscuits, cookies and cakes. SAJ Food Products (P) Ltd Company is the owner of the brand and the brand was founded by Krishna das Paul. It is also a part of Aparna Group of Companies. The company also deals in freshly made breads, sandwiches, pastries and snacks.


The brand name ‘Nezone’ stand for North East Zone. It is one of the famous brands of biscuit for the north east peoples of India for its good taste and flavors. The company Nezone Biscuits PVT Ltd was launched in 1995 and the company’s headquarters is located in Sonitpur, Assam. The company manufactured sweet, salty and healthy biscuits. Priti Bader and Avni Bader are the directors of the company.


The brand is famous for its wide varieties and range of biscuit. This biscuit presents in different tastes and flavors, especially its Waffy biscuits and chocolate too. This brand is very high in demand as it also offers some wonderful combos. This brand is owned by Ravi Foods Pvt Ltd. This brand enables services in many places as it has a number of plants in various locations in India. The cream brand of this biscuit is gracefully flavored with cream of fruity flavors like pineapple, strawberry and orange. This cream is sandwiched between crunchy, melt worthy biscuits.


This brand of biscuit was started in 1992. This biscuit provides the power of calcium and aims to provide stronger bones. This biscuit provides the benefit of Horlicks in the solid form. So, it is also known as one of the healthiest biscuit. This biscuit comes in two flavors, standard and elaichi. This elaichi flavor of this biscuit is available in many places. The owner of this brand is Glaxo Smith Klien. The company also launched new brands in this biscuit like Junior Horlicks Biscuits. The taste of this biscuit is somewhat similar to Parle G.


ANMOL BISCUITS Top Famous Biscuit Brands in India 2018

This brand of biscuit is launched in 1994 and the company’s headquarters is located in Kolkata, India. The biscuit comes in many varieties and flavors like Cream, Health, Salted, Semisweet and Sweet. This brand of biscuit has around 3000 distribution channels. This brand is very much assured about the hygiene and nutrition range of the products.


This brand of biscuit was launched in 1992 by the Surya Food and Agro Ltd. Company. This company has plants in Noida, Surat and in Lucknow. This brand also offers cookies, chocolates, confectioneries, beverages, cakes and more. The brand comes with a tagline, Priya Gold, Haq se mango. It is one of the trustworthy brands in the FMCG.


In 2003, the ITC group launched this brand of biscuit. This biscuit provides excellent quality and is very economical. This biscuit comes with a tagline, spreading joy. Within 14 years, the company created all types of biscuits. The biscuit provides good quality.


In 1892, the brand was launched in Kolkata with small amount of capital. This brand also offers bread, cakes, biscuits, rusk and more. The brand comes with a tagline, Eat healthy, Think better. One of the most famous biscuit of this brand is a Good Day. This brand is also one of the most trusted brands. The biscuit is available in all places in the India and also across the country. Total income from this brand is around $740 million.


PARLE Top Most Popular Biscuit Brands in India 2018

In the race of all the brands of biscuit, Parle is the winner. The product was launched in 1929 and offers excellent taste and quality. In India, the brand has a total of 7 manufacturing units. Parle G is one of the most selling and favorite biscuit brand in the whole world. This biscuit is liked by all age groups and even children. The brand has around 33, 00,000 distribution, 10 biscuit manufacturing and around 70 confectioneries centers. The brand offers a wide range of biscuits and other products. In the market, this brand has one of the highest sales.

A biscuit is a baked food product that is used in every home, office especially at a tea time. No one likes the same flavor of the biscuit again and again. Big brands are every time favorite of all as they are adding new flavors and varieties in biscuits every time. There are few brands of biscuits which are always close to us. The list above is created on the basis of customer feedback, varieties, selling and all time favorite biscuit of all.


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