Till date, Taiwan holds the renowned impression in producing few extremely talented actors in the last century. Several of them have gone on to become celebrity in area of dramas, comedies, horror movies, etc. Famous Taiwanese actors specify in film, tv or also in theatre, hence it is not that they are always a movie star.

You can perceive that these are few of the finest Taiwanese actors the nation has ever observed; hence if you’re a citizen of Taiwan or an aspiring actor/actress then in that case, these are the celebrities you must look on. It is known that few of these celebrities began their career just by performing supporting roles in movies and dramas. Presently they have founded their names globally and have been the dream boy of every girl. You can get complete details of famous Taiwanese actors of 2022 after reading below sections:

10. Mike He

Hottest Taiwanese Actors 2019

Mike He is a Taiwanese actor who began his career in form of a model prior making career in acting. Till year 2010, the actor is coped by HIM International Music, while in year 2005, he was featured in two tv series namely Express Boy and Devil Beside You. In year 2006, Mike He was featured in TVBS-G’s series entitled Marry Me! And it is known that year 2011 was a large comeback year for the actor after a comparatively low profile 2010. The actor’s two tv series namely Sunny Happiness and Love Keeps Going that co-stars Taiwanese actresses, kept the back-to-back release on CTV’s 10pm Idol Drama slot.

9. Aaron Yan

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Aaron Yan is a well-known Taiwanese singer and actor, famed all over the world. Aaron is one of the associates of Taiwanese boy band named Fahrenheit, hence he started the career every young. When the actor was young, he and his family hot shifted to Connecticut, in US where he resided for period of five years, and later shifted to Taiwan in year 2004. It is known that Aaron started his acting debut in famous Taiwanese drama entitled I Love My Wife. In year 2015, Yan started his debut in Japan as well as released his initial Japanese single, entitled as Moisturizing.

8. Ethan Juan

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Ethan Juan is a Taiwanese actor and model, who is occasionally accredited as Juan Ching-Tien or also as Ruan Jing-Tian. Ethan rose to fame in the Taiwanese drama entitled Fated to Love You, and he stayed as year 2010 Best Leading Actor winner for his role in Monga of the 47th Golden Horse Awards. It is known that Juan has started his career in the adult entertainment industry in combination with Catwalk Modelling Agency. Being a model, Ethan was featured in the music videos of many prevalent artists, comprising but not restricted to A-Mei, Stefanie Sun, and S.H.E. Ethan even started his debut in the threesome scene along with Michael the Archangel, featuring with Taiwanese boyfriend Energy.

7. Wu Chun

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Wu Chun is a famous and hot Bruneian actor, model, singer, entrepreneur, visionaries, ambassador, youth role model, as well as best health and sport fanatic. Being a model, Wu Chun has performed as well as presented in many international magazines, like Elle for Men, Esquire, Men’s Health Magazine, GQ, Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. Presently, Wu Chun emphases on operating his Brunei-based businesses motivated with fitness and health firm. It is known that in China, Wu Chun works as the director of TV profitable advertisements for InterContinental Hotel.

6. Roy Chiu

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Roy Chiu is a well-known Taiwanese singer, actor, and racing driver. He started his debut in year 2002 with the tv series entitled Starry Starry Night, while in year 2006, the actor was recruited for his obligatory military service. Roy returned to acting career in year 2008 and rose to fame after three years when he performed in the dramas namely My Daughter, Waking Love Up, and Office Girls. It is known that for Roy Chiu, acting was not a leading preference for his career as he was even engaged into sports as well as worked as a star volleyball player. Later, Roy gave up his vision to work in acting in order to carry the gigantic debt suffered by his father’s medical bills.

5. Jiro Wang

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Jiro Wang initiated his career in form of a model and presently he is an associate of a band i.e. Taiwanese Mandopop vocal quartet boy band named as Fahrenheit. In order to pay off the huge debit, Wang operated in three jobs simultaneously, which included flyer distribution, preparing up as a amulet for Taipei’s Zoo Mall, a fashion retail assistant, waiting tables at a bar, a part-time model, and also worked as a construction worker. After completing graduation from Arts College, Wang started to work in the commercial and modelling companies. In addition of sharing work and lifestyle photos, Wang applies his Weibo account to support various charitable causes.

4. Chen Bolin

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Chen Bolin is a famous Taiwanese actor as he was awarded at the 47th Golden Bell Awards by Best Actor for In Time with You in year 2012. Bolin started his career in form of a model in his career growth in late teenage years. At early age of 19, Bolin had his initial leading role played in the Taiwanese film entitled Blue Gate Crossing in year 2002. While in year 2004, Bolin started filming movies in Hong Kong, Twins Effect 2: Blade of the Rose was Bolin’s leading, in which he performed role of the money-mad Blockhead, who is actually the accepted brother of Charcoal Head.

3. Lan Cheng-Long

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Blue Cheng-Long Lan is a producer and actor and, identified for A ma de meng zhong qing ren, Fall… in Love and Police Et Vous. The actor is married one as he has been married to Yu-Ting Chou since year 2014 and the couple have one child. The actor started his acting debut in year 2001 and received consideration for one of his leading roles, a minor cameo in role of Dao Ming Si’s older cousin in Meteor Garden. Till now, Blue Lan has performed in numerous prevalent dramas and films as well as he was featured in “Apple in Your Eye” (2014) and ”Easy Fortune Happy Life”.

2. Joe Cheng

Hottest Taiwanese Actors 2019

Joe Cheng is a renowned Taiwanese actor, model, and singer, who initially began his career as model. Though he began his career in form of a model, Cheng is renowned for his character played as Zhishu in drama serial version of Japanese manga -Itazura Na Kiss, It Started with a Kiss. Apart from that, the actor has attained recognition as an actor in most regions of Asia, mainly Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan. Cheng also launched his debut EP, named as Sing a Song, in year 2009. He also attained achievement in form of a model in one year of signing career.

1. Vic Chou

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Vic Chou is a talented and hot looking Taiwanese actor, singer as well as famous commercial model. The actor is an associate of the Taiwanese boy band named as F4, and has featured in many spectacular Taiwanese dramas. The series owned a variation only in the middle character from his birth name and it is considered that he rose to prominence for his character as Hua Ze Lei in the popular Taiwan tv series entitled Meteor Garden. Vic Chou was the leading F4 member to launch his album entitled Make a Wish in year 2002 and this was later followed by Remember, I Love You released in year 2004. Chou’s third album entitled as I’m Not F4 was launched in year 2007 and outdid Taiwan’s main charts for 3 weeks.

These Taiwanese celebrities are measured their oxygen in life and motivation to continue going up in their actin career. They are hot looking with unique eyes and nose that makes their fans to go crazy behind them.


  1. Hi! I found your post and was wondering if you could help me find a drama. I’ve been trying to remember the name of it for weeks but I can’t. Here’s the storyline:

    It’s centered around a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend and discovers she’s pregnant. She meets a doctor, an architect and an eccentric gang member who all fall for her and help in their own ways. Her mom owns a seaside hotel designed by a famous architect.

    From what i remember of the opening song, the main guy also plays guitar/sings. It has a three men and a baby concept. Does it ring a bell? It’s either a Chinese or Taiwanese drama. Thanks!


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