Cartoons are something which is watched by kids of all age groups. Who does not enjoy watching them after all? Even people of our age watch cartoons sometimes maybe not regularly to freshen up our moods. Even our grandparents enjoy watching them sometimes!

These animated characters not only make us laugh but also indirectly teaches us the most important lessons of our lives. One special feature of these cartoon shows is that they never bore us we enjoy every single moment of the show. These cartoon characters have a great impact on children. They learn to communicate in English and learns to express better by following these cartoon characters. Psychologically, it is said that children grow faster when they watch cartoons. These cartoon shows expand the imagination and creative powers of children. Here is a list of top 10 famous and hottest cartoon characters of the world in 2022.

10. Superman

Hottest Cartoon Characters 2019

This Superman always remains a personal favorite of everyone who loves to watch cartoons. This character is so famous which is available on books, TV shows, and movies. In the year 1993 Jerry Siegel had invented the character of Superman. DC Comics had published and promoted the comics of Superman. Since then Superman gave life goals to children. Every child wanted to fly like him higher and higher and wanted to be a savior in a red cape. Till date, he has been flying, destroying evil characters by his laser eyes and super powers which he had acquired from the sun. He has a number of powers like he can freeze the breath, fly at a great speed, he is durable too! Due to his rough and tough persona, he has been named as the ‘Man of Steel’. The moment he was aware of his ultimate powers, he has been using it for the welfare of humanity. This actually teaches every child to help people with whichever way they can.

9. The Powerpuff Girls

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Craig McCracken had invented these three powerful girls for Cartoon Network. These three girls would never accept defeat from any of their enemies. These three popular girls named Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles represents as a symbol of courage and bravery among all the children. Blossom being the leader of this group is the most responsible and determined girl which gives life goals to all the girls who want to achieve something in their lives. Blossom with the signature color of blue can freeze objects with her breath, Bubbles chooses to be of blue color and has a sugary personality and Buttercup defines herself in the color of green and has a spicy personality. They have great team spirit, power and strong enough to get rid of all the difficulties and enemies that come on their way.

8. Winnie the Pooh

Hottest Cartoon Characters

This cute bear has been ruling our hearts since a long time. The world of Disney has gifted us this character which was invented by A.A.Milne. A unique feature of this animated character is that Winnie being a bear has all the emotions and intentions that a human being has. He is a friend which one would always want to possess. He is a proud poet who recites on his own wishes. He just loves to eat especially milk, honey, and other products. Wearing a cropped red top he has become one of the personal favorite cartoon characters of children.

7. Scooby Doo

Hottest Cartoon Characters

In the year 1969, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears had invented an animated character of a dog who could talk which became popular among all cartoon lovers. This dog was named as Scooby Doo. Scooby is a brown color dog who is quite lazy. Scooby just does not want to complete any task and just wants to eat and sleep. He with his friends which include Norville Rogers, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and Fred Jones go on solving mysteries which leads them to deal with various kinds of difficulties and the enemies being supernatural creatures.

6. Dora the Explorer

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Dora is young, beautiful girl who explores various places. When I was small she uses to give me serious travel goals and always encouraged me to explore new places. Though she is an American girl she has the values of a Mexican. She is equally loved by girls as they use to love Barbie. She explores the world with her pet monkey named Boots and solves all the problems which come on their way. The villain of the show is a cunning fox named Swiper who creates obstructions in the path of Dora and boots. Dora is one of the thought-provoking characters in the cartoon world. At the end of every episode, Dora reaches her destination successfully and always gives travel goals to all.

5. Tom and Jerry

Hottest Cartoon Characters

In the year 1940, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera had invented this two funniest character of Tom and Jerry which is a personal favorite cartoon character in all the households. This cartoon show has shown the rat and cat fight in the most amazing manner. Though Tom and Jerry keep fighting it is also true that they cannot live without each other. Jerry is quite intelligent which makes Tom fail to capture him always. Their friendship is unique in their most magnificent way.

4. Oggy

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Oggy is a blue colored cat whose favorite pastime is cooking, eating and watching TV. Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky are cockroaches who love to disturb and irritate Oggy all the time. This is a similar series like Tom and Jerry. The entire show is an event between Oggy and these three cockroaches. It is a fun filled roller coaster ride for children and they enjoy watching this show.

3. Doraemon

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Fujiko Fujio had invented the Japanese cartoon character of Doraemon. This is a story of a robotic cat who has time travelled to help Nobita who is a notorious lazy boy who never does his work on his own. Nobita always uses the gadgets provided by Doraemon to solve all his difficulties which lead him to fall into more troubles. These troubles are solved only when Doraemon comes to rescue him. Doraemon has a good relationship with all the friends of Nobita especially Shizuka who is loved by Nobita. This show too gives friendship goals to children when they see the relationship between Doraemon and Nobita.

2. Bugs Bunny

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Bugs Bunny is a rabbit who has a nonchalant way of eating carrots. He is so smart and witty that no one can outsmart him. He keeps speaking to the audience and wins all kind of conflicts and difficulties. In the year 1938, this cartoon character was invented by Leon Schlesinger Production.

1. Mickey Mouse

Hottest Cartoon Characters

Walt Disney in the year 1928 had invented a cute mouse animated character which came to be known as the famous Mickey Mouse. His popular attire consists of large yellow shoes, red shorts, and white gloves. His girlfriend is very popular and known as Minnie. It is a very old cartoon series which has been popular among all the generations till date.

This list would eventually get you back to the memory lane of cartoon series which we have been watching since our childhood days. These animated characters have always been a part of our daily lives since we have been grown up watching them.



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