A cup of Chai, a rainy season and some somosas and Pakoras are the favorites of every Indian. Tea is one of most needy and popular beverage which is almost consumed in every family. Most of the people cannot live without it; it is just like opium for them because it provides refreshment and energy in the morning. tea is also good for health it reduces metabolism and maintain blood pressure and keeps you fit and reduce weight as well.

Although there are many brands in India which are dealing in tea but all of them are not good, and sometimes you also get confused that which one is best for your family health. In order to provide best information in this regard we have found some 10 best tea brands 2022 which are hugely consumed by the Indian families.

10. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea

Best Tea Brands In India 2019

This tea brand was introduced in the year of 1966. It is a very famous tea which is known for its unique taste. At the same time, this tea brand is quite famous in India and has been endorsed by many famous personalities such as, Niladri Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, Sail Ali Khan, Rahul Sharma, Ayan Ali Khan etc. “Wah Taj” is the tag line of this famous tea while on the other hand many other variants are offered by the Taj Mahal such as, Taj Mahal Gold, Taj Mahal classic, Taj Mahal Darjeeling and Taj Mahal Nilgirs, Earl Grey Green tea, Taj Ginger flavoured tea bags, Taj Cardamom Flavoured tea bags, Taj Mahal Breakfast, Homey lemon green tea etc This is one of the best tea brands in India which is loved by the families just because of its eminent taste and quality. This tea is packed by the Hindustan Unilever product.

9. Tata Tea

Best Tea Brands In India

When it comes to tea brand in India you cannot avoid Tata tea which was set up in 1962. It is a joint venture of Tata sons and James Finlay and company. Largest market share is holds by the Tata tea. The tea comes with energizing, great and refreshing flavour. Tata operates in the all the continents in the world. Some of other variants of Tata tea is, Tata coffee, Joekels, Tetley, Good earth, Jemca, Eight O’clock coffee, Himalayan water, Tata tea Agni, Tata tea life, Tata tea premium, Tata tea gold etc.

8. Tetley Tea

Best Tea Brands In India

This famous tea brand is owned by the Tata global beverages limited. In 1837 it was by Joseph and Edward Tetley in Yorkshire, England. This brand was taken over by the Tata global Beverages limited in 2000. Tetley is known for its great taste and currently sold in 50 countries. It comes in various forms such as, tea packets and tea bags. While some other variants of Tetley is, Tetley flavoured tea, Tetley green tea, Tetley black tea etc. one of the most loved tea by the families around the world just because of its quality and great taste.

7. Brooke Bond Taaza tea

Best Tea Brands In India

Broke Bond Taaza tea is known for its great taste and unique aroma which makes it ideal for families around the world. This is a product of Hindustan Unilever limited. It provides awesome taste and much needed refreshment to the minds of people. Some of its variants are known as, Taaza masala chaska, Taaza dust and Taaza gold.

6. Lipton Tea

Best Tea Brands In India

Lipton was introduced in 1890 by the famous Thomas Lipton. It is another very famous brand in Indian market. This brand is marketed and owned by the Hindustan Unilever limited. It is currently sales in over 100 countries while it is also globally renowned. Some of its variants are known as; Lipton iced tea, Lipton Darjeeling tea, Lipton Yellow label, Lipton white and red tea, Lipton fresh brew iced tea, Lipton flavoured black tea, Lipton black tea, Lipton herbal tea, Lipton tea and honey etc.

5. Pataka Tea

Best Tea Brands In India

Pataka tea was founded by the Pataka global Limited. It was set up in 2000. Now it became a famous tea brand in India just because of its great taste. It provides you refreshment. Pataka primary dealing with beverages such as, food and healthcare, textiles and tobacco, it is one of the famous tea brand in India and most loved by the Indian families. The price of this tea is quite less as compare to other brands tea which makes it standout in the Indian market. Some of its variants are known as, Pataka Mukta, Pataka dust and Pataka leaf.

4. Wagh Bakri Tea

Best Tea Brands In India

Wagh Bakri tea house was founded by the Sir Narandas Desai in Ahmadabad in 1892. This tea is enjoys by the Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat. This is also one of the best teas available in the Indian market which is known for its great taste and unique aroma flavour. Some its variants are, WB perfect, Mili, Green tea mint, CTC tea, Green tea tulsi, Instant tea premix, Organic tea, Good morning, Premium tea, Ice tea, Pure Darjeeling tea, Green tea mint etc.

3. Tulsi green tea

Best Tea Brands In India

Tulsi green tea is quite famous in Indian market as well as in other countries. It is a product of organic India which was founded in 1990. Tulsi green tea has has captured a large market share in Indian market, while it also earned very good reputation in the herbal tea segment. This tea helps in maintaining metabolism and weight and also strengthening immunity system. There are many variants of Tulsi green tea such as, Tulsi tummy, Tulsi cleanse, Tulsi lax, Tulsi sleep etc.

2. Brooke Bond red label tea

Best Tea Brands In India

This is another product of Hindustan Unilever limited. Brooke bond red label is one of the best teas available in the market which is known for its great taste and unique aroma. Most loved tea brand by the hospitality industry and families as well. Some of its variants also very good these are such as, Red label dust, Red label special, Red label Natural care etc. The strong aroma and great taste of Red label is simply unmatchable.

1. Society tea

Best Tea Brands In India 2019

This tea is from Hasmukh & Co. Product. This company was established in 1933 now it becomes very famous in Indian market just because its tea. The great taste and unique aroma of this tea makes it standout in the families. Wide range of tea products are offered by the company such as, Society tea instant, society tea leaf, society dust tea, society ice tea, society tea premium, Society tea Assam CTC, society Masala tea etc. you will love this tea after first sip it has brilliant taste and unique aroma.

From the above discussion it is very clear that, the tea is one of the important beverages in every family. It also keeps you fit and healthy. Through the above discussion we got to know about different tea brands which are consumed by the Indian families. All the brands have different variants and people can choose according to their health and taste. Information is helpful for those who are searching best tea brand for their home.


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