NBA Cheerleaders are basically the ladies that are practised and train as solid as any athletes and they define themselves off fields and through outreach programs. Their profession ranges from chanting, to powerful physical activity for NBA team motivation, audience entertaining, or rivalry based depending upon planned routines.

Their competitive routines normally vary anywhere from period of one to three minutes, and encompass components of dance, tumbling, jumps, cheers, and stunting as well. For them, it is not of much concern for what team they cheer for, as each one of these girls is just attractive and unique.

Are you interested in knowing the details of hot looking famous cheerleaders that has entertained audience approaching to watch NBA games? Well, for that here is the list of top 10 hottest NBA cheerleaders squads in 2022.

10. Laker Girls

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads 2019

Laker Girls are the dancers accomplishing the cheerleading task for the Los Angeles Lakers team of NBA. These beautiful ladies are essentially hot and worth watching while they are presenting dance performance. They are a semi-professional team and corresponding members accept regular day jobs varying from dancers to waitresses to university professors as well. These cheerleaders typically perform for around 30 routischedulenes over the course of the NBA season. For their excellent performance, they get remunerated $1000 roughly for each match they perform in. Names of their members are Jenny, Teresa, Kelsey, Chole, Shelbie, Brandi, Brittney, Rachael, Chani, Alanna, Deseree, Jessica, Jesse, Karla, Julieanne, Lacy, Tiege, Taylor, Savanah, Sarah, Nicolette, Raquel, Mykayla and Mitchell.

9. Atlanta Hawks Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

These cheerleaders are representing the renowned NBA team consisting of 26 dancers. It is considered that they were nominated by a very severe dancing audition and they are actually worth watching whenever a player scores. Names of the 26 dancers of Atlanta Hawks Dancers are Andi, Bethany, Brittany, Brooke, Crystal, Carly, Christina, Essence, Erika, Gabrielle, Hillary, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jessye, Kada, Kayla, Lauren, Mary Michael, Megan, Missy, Miles, Monique, Nakeisha, Sierra, Shamea, and Tiffany. It is known that in less than 24 hours, hundreds of females will register into the Omni Hotel in downtown Atlanta, anticipating to win a promotion as in form of Atlanta Hawks cheerleader.

8. Raptors Dance Pak

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

The Toronto Raptors NBA team owns the Raptors Dance Pak group of famous cheer leaders since years. They are not permitted to reveal their proper salary because this matter is confidential as definite by the team management. Each year, all of these dancers are nominated using a consistencies round of auditions to choose only the most eligible and skilled cheerleader. Each year, the name of cheerleaders for the NBA games of the Raptors is declared highlighting the talented and beautiful looking members. It is definite that the hot cheerleaders from this group have succeeded in grabbing attention of audience when they arrive to watch matches.

7. Thunder Girls

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

These cheerleaders signify the NBA team entitled as Oklahoma City Thunder team, which is presently one of the greatest successful NBA teams all over the world. It is expected that Thunder Girls receive approximately $10,000 for every match. The Thunder girls cheerleaders encompasses of 20 hottest that were nominated after a short audition in year 2016. Names of cheerleaders from Thunder Girls are Jessica, Tiffany, Sarah, Rachael, Tiara, Lauren, Kimberly, Stephanie, Courtney, Jenny, Jamie, Kayle, Kim, Kara, Kalyssa, Chelsie, Addie, Alicia, Alex, and Brooke. The dance team manager and choreographer of Thunder Girls named as Paige Carter will provide preparatory classes to assist anybody prepare for succeeding in auditions.

6. Miami Heat Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads 2019

It is well-known that the word Miami itself offers us an idea of hot ladies and also that thought suits well with the Miami Heat Dancers. It is considered that the hottest dancers in the entire NBA are a share of this troop- Miami Heat Dancers. Names of its 23 hotties are Adriana, Alexandria, Alexandra, Angie, Ashley, Ashlee-Ann, Bianka, Carin, Brianna, Gabriela, Giuliana, Jessenia, Jeanelle, Karina, Michelle Sasha Stephanie Tangela, Katelyn Kristina Lindsey H. Lindsey M. and Teressa. This latest group of returning veterans and novices will be capable to cheer the NBA team, hence provide them a large Miami welcome to AmericanAirlines Arena.

5. Rockets Power Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

Rockets Power team is the only team to win titles of 3 NBA dance team as well as they are the greatest powerful dancers in the entire NBA presently. It is considered that the auditions are about to take place just about the corner for the period 2016-2017 series in July this year. These cheerleaders are currently the costliest dance team as compared to its competitors. The well-known dancers in this group are Alysse, Carly, Ashlee, Jackie, Casey, Paige and Sierra. It is considered that Rockets Power Dancers will provide 4 audition prep classes to assist people to make preparation for auditions. The corresponding prep classes are created to demonstrate you a foretaste of RPD choreography, pace and style.

4. Celtics Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

Beauties cheerlead for the Celtics is considered to be extremely old, celebrated and well known NBA team -The Celtics. Similar to every other NBA team, the cheerleaders for this particular team are initially prepared for auditioned, then shortlisted and finally selected. The squad of 16 dancers selected for present year’s games are Victoria, Tawnee, Tinaiya, Sarah, Peyton, Michaela, Lindsay, Molly, Maire, Marissa, Janelle, Jessie, Christen, Ashley, Alyssa and Cara. The present season highlights the eleventh position in which the Celtics Dancers have presented entertainment at TD Garden in excellent way. The particular season’s crew, including of 16 girls from all over the country, will present performance at each home game and make off-the-court presentations at some Celtics events all over the season.

3. Chicago Luvabulls

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

The finest NBA team needs the unsurpassed Cheerleading dancing squad hence signifying the Chicago Bulls is actually the Chicago Luvabulls. A large squad of 25 most beautiful dancers and are few of the maximum paid and celebrated dancers in the world from Chicago Luvabulls. Names of cheerleaders are Whitney, Nicole, Rachel, Missy, Megan B, Megan S, LaDreauna, Lindsay Z, Lindsay H, Mackenzie, Kristine, Kelly, Jessica B, Hillary, Allyson, Amelia, Briana, Brielle, Hannah, Caitlin, Cerissa Ariana, Emily, Jessica L and Alleson. The national discussion over recompensing specialised cheerleaders picks up steam, few women wishing to team up the Luvabulls find the gig as a pastime and do not supposed to be remunerated.

2. Spurs Silver Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads

Cheerleaders of spurs Silver Dancers are one of the greatest and hottest NBA Cheerleaders for present year as well as for 2022. This is the reason why they stand at Number 2 position on the list of the richest, hottest as well as the maximum prevalent NBA cheerleaders in 2017. Basically the Spurs Silver Dancers are a squad of 15 hot as well as talented dancers, who actually do not signify any specific team because they have their personal identity as NBA cheerleaders. It is considered that the dancers gross approximately $32000 per head for each NBA match for whom they perform cheerleading. Names of such 15 hot and attarctive dancers are Valaeri, Teresa, Taylor, Mallory, Lauren, Shauntelle, Marissa, Brittany, Desiree, Desiree, Indey, Erica, Alyssa, Brianna, Ally and Ariana.

1. Dallas Mavericks Dancers

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders Squads 2019

Dallas Mavericks Dancers cheerleading group is owned by the famous NBA giant named as Dallas Mavericks. These members are the prosperous and the hottest looking cheerleading squad in entire NBA. It comprises of 20 super-hot dancers like Karielle, Meredith, Katelyn, Raegan, Sydney, Hayley, Elise, Amber, Lauren, Kassandra, Ashley H, Veterans Emily M, Kathryn, Janae, Lexie, Hunter, Ashley W, rookies Ansley, Emily V, Alexis. They are recognized in short as DMD, these dancers were nominated in year 2015 after a short audition held in the Hilton Anatole hotel. These cheerleaders have proved their talents as few of these dancers are included on the list of topmost 100 dancers of the world, adding to its popularity.

Today majority of people see the NBA matches as they support their favourite team. Few people see the NBA matches on account of their sports passion for the entertainment value, while some watch simply to entertain themselves through performance of attractive cheerleaders on the field.


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