The hair is a vital element of your body as it is a kind of guard that protects the head from harmful sun rays. Shiny, long hair makes you feel younger for years and gives a striking overall look.

This can be made possible by selection of suitable hair oil brands that helps to grow hair rapidly and makes them stronger. This is also used regularly as hairs are subjected to excessive wear and tear from dust, weather, pollution, excessive stress, and poor lifestyle habits. Under such situation, application of hair oil from top brands can help you to benefit.

You can refer below section for the best hair oil brands in 2022 in case you are worried for hair loss or hair growth issues and also refer it to know best hair oil brands in India:

10. Lotus Herbals:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India 2019

This brand is considered as an India’s leading natural cosmetics brand, hence placed in the list. The operation of this brand was started in year 1993 and is headquartered in Noida. Lotus Herbals manufacture and sell herbal formulation based products and provide anti-dandruff products. This particular brand of hair oil is prepared made based on Ayurveda formulation concepts and is applicable against insomnia and in headache relieving. You can smear and massage your hair using this oil fortified with amla, harad, brahmi oil, and bhringraj, to combat early greying and hair fall.

9. Trichup Hair oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Trichup Hair oil brand produces hair oil that helps in refining hair texture, refurbishing damaged hair, decreasing hair fall, etc. Apart from this, Trichup even offers a wide range of herbal hair care products as well as hair solution for hair fall & dandruff, hair enhancing. It is known that hair oil from this brand is formed with the exclusive formulation of 14 powerful herbs, and using sesame oil by a patented process.

8. Dabur hair oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

This hair oil brand was started in year 1884 by Dr S. K. Burman, Dabur India Ltd., which is the FMCG giant. It has nationally applauded flagship hair oil products to offer like Vatika & Dabur Almond, Dabur Amla. Dabur hair oil has covered more than 5.3 million retail outlets, in city as well as rural regions and has a huge brand presence in more than 120 countries globally. Hair oil from this brand is identified for hair strengthening and conditioning as they are made up of Indian gooseberry extracts. This is the reason that customers generally don’t have to concern about its side effects or hair damage.

7. Himalaya:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

This brand was established in year 1930 and has headquartered in Bangalore. You can rely on the hair oil products as it was awarded an ISO 9001:2000 certification in year 2003. Major hair oil products come for anti-dandruff and anti-hair oil from Himalaya. You can avail benefit of hair oil products from this brand at lowest starting price of just Rs.75.

6. Bajaj hair oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Bajaj hair oil is an Indian consumer goods company that caters its major brands in category of hair care, like Bajaj Jasmine Hair Oil, Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil, Bajaj Amla Shikakai Hair Oil, Bajaj Kailash Parbat Thanda Tel and Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil. It is known that this hair oil brand has captured more than 52% market share in category of light hair oil, and also it holds a strong brand heritage and reputation all over India.

5. Godrej Kesh Kala Hair Oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Hair oil from Godrej Kesh Kala brand retains your natural hair color and offers required nourishment. It is supplemented with extracts of Indian mehendi, gooseberry, and shikakai that the hair oil stands out from remaining brands. Apart from this, Godrej shares a huge chunk in FMCG market and hence, its hair oil products are reliable and quality-assured, produced with customer as a base. It is enhanced with coconut oil that benefits to serve hair with moisture and even helps to maintain it in conditioned state.

4. Dove hair oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Hair oil from Dove is enriched with combinations of oils holding the essence of complete nourishment and hair care which is of prime importance. It keeps your crowning glory, decreases problems of hair fall and benefits to combat hair fall problems directly from the root of your hair. It is said that now you can be free from dryness, damage and hair as you can now nourish hair with the part of Dove Elixir to attain lavishly soft and appealing long hair.

3. Himani Navratna Hair Oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

This brand was entered little late in this business but in no time, Himani Navratna hair oil turned out as popular and a recommended brand among Indian consumers. Hair oil from this brand is known for its coolness as can be inferred from its jingle of ‘thanda, thanda, cool cool’. This suggests that it is best suggested to give your hair a cool sensation from daily wear and tear. It holds cooling properties that helps in decreasing stress and tiredness. It is alsi medically proven that its hair oil provides a cooling effect when applied and recommended more to be used during summer season.

2. SESA hair oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India 2019

The parent company of SESA (a premium hair oil brand) is BAN Labs ltd., which was established by Dr D. K. Patel and the brand started its operation in year 1966. This hair oil brand provides variants in hair oil like SESA regular, SESA coconut oil, SESA hair vitalizer, and SESA mastermind. It works on principle of extracting the best out of nature while functioning closely with Ayurveda secrets and life sciences that will ultimately result in naturally healthy and strong hairs.

1. Parachute Coconut Hair Oil:

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Parachute hair oil brand is one of the oldest brands in the country and it has now been a market leader in this category. It holds the largest market share of approximately 53% and gradually challenging with other similar local brands, which is one of the reasons to stand at first position in the list. Gradually, its manufacturer named Marico Ltd conveyed variety in their products with a purpose to stay in competition and fulfil the needs of customers. It comes in range of products like Parachute Advanced Jasmine coconut hair oil, Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic hot oil, and Parachute Ayurvedic cooling oil, etc.

It is common that today majority of people are facing hair falling or dandruff related problems. With advancement in technology, there are now different types of hair oil brands available on the markets. While selecting brands from the mentioned, it is necessary that you pick the one that can nourish your hairs, remove hair fall and dandruff issues and provides a soothing feel.


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