Cement is considered as a building block for any construction of infrastructure since years. A great infrastructure represents the strong construction of any country and for that cement is prime element. Considering the importance of cement in construction of buildings, dams, bridges and other structures, India has focused to launch some great companies that excel in producing tons of cement daily.

Since ages, India has excelled in cement industry and owns a huge production capacity. Presently, the overall production capacity of cement in the country is around 165 million tons, which is the second largest in the entire world. Are you worried who are the best Cement Companies in the country to employ your construction project? Well, here listed are the renowned Cement Companies in India in 2022:

10. Rain Cement

Best Cement Companies In India 2019

This Cement Company was founded in year 1986 with current state of the art manufacturing units manufacturing 3.12 million tons per year of cement. It is a self-sufficient company in major raw materials and this offers them benefit of manufacturing quality cement at little production cost.

9. Shree Cement Limited

Best Cement Companies In India

Shree Cement Limited was founded before 4 decades back in year 1970, at Rajasthan. This Cement Company is among the largest cement producer of North Indian region having 9 plants spanning across in different states like Bihar, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Haryana. Through gradual technology advancement, they have enhanced their products over the time and in accordance with international market standards. Every plants of Shree Cement Ltd. have the production capacity of 23.6 Million Tonnes per year collectively. The yearly amount of cement manufactured by it attempts to reach 1.75 crore tonnes.

8. Ramco Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

Ramco Cement was initially assimilated in year 1957 by name of Madras Cement. This Cement Company has headquartered at Chennai recognized since then with years of expertise in production of cement. It possesses 4 Grinding Plants, 5 cement plants, 1 Ready Mix Concrete Plant, 1 Packing Plants, and 1 Dry Mortar Plant spread in India. Currently, more than 2800 expert and qualified workers and quality raw materials are reasons behind its top quality cement production.

7. Ultra Tech Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

Ultra Tech Cement Company is held by India’s renowned business house – Aditya Birla Group. It is known that this Cement Company dominates Indian market with both of its variants White and Grey Cement. It owns 12 integrated cement plants and 19 grinding units in India and has also spread over Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain. The reason of placing this in the list is it is considered as India’s greatest exporters of Cement. Their major products are OPC, Grey Cement, Premium PPC Cement, PPC, Concrete, and White Cement. Apart from their headship in category of Grey Cement, they dominate Indian market through their White Cement Birla White Cement.

6. Prism Cement

Best Cement Companies In India 2019

Prism Cement Company began running since year 1997, being a leading producer of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) in the country. It is more acknowledged as it is leading cement brand in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Every manufacturing factory is furnished with modern technology and skilled workers involved in production. This company have gained many awards for their different products by State Government and central Government as well. Their cement is sold in the market under different prestigious names such as OPC, Hi-tech, Champion, and many more. One more reason of its fame is Prism Cement owns a yearly capacity to manufacture more than 5.5 MTPA.

5. Jaypee Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

Jaypee Cement is supplementary brand of famous Jaiprakash Associates Limited (Jaypee Group), founded in year 1979. It works to produce variety of cements spanning across 10 states of India. It is known to maintain with the pace and speed of the development of the IT industry, networked by using TDMA and TDM VSATs with a dedicated and well planned hub needed to supply 24*7 connectivity in between the plants.

4. JK Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

Initially JK Cement was engaged in cement production right from year 1975, by founding its first cement production division at Rajasthan. This is one of the largest manufacturers of white cement with yearly production capacity of 600,000 tonnes, a reason to include in this list. Ultra Tech Cement owns every kind of contemporary machineries, quality raw materials and skilled workforce involved in high quality production. Presently there are twelve plants running in different states all over the country and the company is also listed in BSE and NSE.

3. Gujarat Ambuja Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

Gujarat Ambuja Cement or recognized shortly as Ambuja Cement is truly an Indian Cement Company for its supreme strength, excellence and judicious price. It was founded back in year 1986 and in short span of 10 years, the company has emerged as the best-selling cements in most parts of India. Cement from this company is particularly made to provide strength to roofs, where supreme quantity of rains and humidity is a concern. It has gained much fame as the company won many awards and tributes for their exceptional progress in cement industry. Names of recent awards are CII Sustainability Award 2016, Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award 2016, FICCI CSR 2016 award, and Chhattisgarh Sustainability Award 2016 for their Chhattisgarh Facility etc.

2. Indian Cement

Best Cement Companies In India

It initially started its operation just before one year of India’s Independence in year 1946 and after India’s Independence; the company has become a forerunner in India’s growth. This Cement Company is listed under NSE and BSE and employs more than 7000 people who are working under its different brands. Its overall annual production capacity is 1 lakh tons cement and has become South India’s premier cement company.

1. ACC Cement

Best Cement Companies In India 2019

Known by full name-Associated Cement Company, it holds rich history working for continuous evolution and success. It was founded in year 1936, and is recognized to be trendsetter of many initiatives in Cement sector. Its innovations are one of the reasons for its top rankings. It was the first Cement Company in India, to incorporate environment protection inside their manufacturing procedure. All over India, there are 17 modern cement manufacturing units by ACC. This Cement Company holds more than 9,000 employees and has several distributors to market their products. This is also the first cement company to introduce Bulk Cement particularly for big consumers’ base.

Currently, the cement sector in India is one of the developed and leading sectors with fame in and outside India. In years to come, this industry has a large potential for growth and appeal new investment from different firms. All of the mentioned companies implements ultra-modern and cutting-edge technology for efficient production.



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