Rape is one of the worst and most heinous forms of assault that can be afflicted on a human by another. It is abhorred by all societies and cultures. Yet rapes keep on happening with alarming frequency in the society across all countries and cultures. Although some countries and cultures are the worst offenders, there are enough reports and evidence that even the most developed countries are suffering from this criminal act which affects the dignity of an individual so adversely.

Another problem with rape as a crime is that it is not reported. It is estimated that only 12 percent or fewer cases are reported. There is a social stigma attached to rape, and the victims prefer to keep silent. The situation is worse in Islamic countries where the testimony of women has less value, and the women are often accused of being the cause of rape. Moreover, the criminal justice system in such countries is so weak and faulty that it is difficult to get a rapist punished for his crime. It is only in developed countries that women dare to report rapes. This is perhaps one of the reasons that more developed countries are also on the list of countries where highest numbers of rapes take place.

highest rape statistics 2018-2019

Many countries also have different definitions of what constitutes rape. Also, in some countries, marital rapes are considered a crime. These are few of the reasons why one finds a lot of apparent disparities in the statistics of rape pertaining to different countries. Here is a list of 11 countries that rank highest in cases of rapes in 2021. The ranking is based on the incidence of rapes per 100,000 of the population, which is a better indicator rather than only the aggregate number of rape cases reported.

11. United States of America

Rape statistics by country 2018

The rape statistics of USA are very deplorable for the topmost and powerful country in the world. The figures per 100,000 populations were more than 30 rapes. However, this figure has now decreased in recent years to 27.4 per 100,000. A 1997 study by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 91% of reported rape victims are female and 9% are male. US laws define rape as forced penetration by the offender. A 2011 report on prison rape by the Bureau of Justice states that in 2008 there were at least 69,800 inmates who were raped by use or threat of force and more than 216,600 total victims of sexual abuse in American prisons and juvenile detention centers. This is despite the fact that the majority of rapes in the United States go unreported.

According to the American Medical Association, sexual violence and rape are the most under-reported violent crime. There is no agreement on the data, as the FBI recorded 85,593 rapes in 2010, while the Centers for Disease Control counted nearly 1.3 million incidents. Some types of rape are excluded from official reports. For example, the FBI’s definition excludes all rapes except forcible rapes of females. Large numbers of rapes are unreported, and only 16% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported to the police. Moreover, only 25% of reported rapes result in arrest. Nearly 80,000 American children are sexually abused each year. But unreported cases are higher.

According to one report from United States Department of Justice, there were overall 191,670 victims of rape or sexual assault reported in 2005. According to RAINN from 2000 to 2005, 59% of rapes were not reported to law enforcement. This figure for college students was 95% in 2000. Every 107 seconds, one person in the United States is sexually assaulted. Every year there are about 293,000 victims of sexual assault. 68% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

10. Belgium

Countries with highest rape statistics 2018

According to the data by UNDOC, in 2008, the incidence of rapes reported to the police amounted to 26.3 per 100,000 people. The incidences have been on the rise since the years. The last reports put the figures at 27.9 rape cases per 100,000 of the population.

Rape in Belgium is defined by Article 375 of the Penal Code according to which it is any act of sexual penetration, of whatever sort and by whatever means, committed on a non-consenting person. This definition includes marital rapes. There are several factors that may have caused this. One potent factor is the inflow of culturally divergent Muslim migrants from other countries who have been given political asylum. Maximum cases of rapes by strangers are attributed to these.

9. Panama

Rape statistics in world 2018

Panama is an independent country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. The Panama Canal, which is a famous feat of human engineering, cuts through its center. The canal links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to create an essential shipping route. The capital, Panama City has modern skyscrapers, casinos and nightclubs. Panama has a population exceeding 4 million and a heterogeneous culture. Panama by and large is a peaceful country with low crime rates. However, it is a major concern with the authorities that the country suffers from a high rate of criminal assaults on women. On an average it has had more than 25 rapes per 100,000 of population per year. The last recorded figures were 28.3 per 100,000.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Countries with highest rape statistics 2019
Saint Kitts and Nevis is a small nation, comprising two small islands in the Caribbean. The economy of this island nation which earlier was due to sugar production is now totally dependent on tourism. It has 14 or 15 incidences of rapes in a year. These are small numbers, but considering the fact that the population of the island is around only 50,000, the figures translate into 28,6 per 100,000 of population which makes it alarming.

7. Australia

Rape statistics by country 2019
The rape laws in Australia have evolved from the English common law, but have gradually evolved in the late 20th century. In Australia, the reported rape rate per 100,000 people is relatively high. However, this is coming down from the earlier high figure of 91.6 in 2003 to 28.6 in 2010. Yet it has been estimated that only about 15 to 20 percent of cases get reported to the Police. Moreover, non-sexual intrusion and sexual assault are also included in the rape definition as per Australian laws.

6. Grenada

Rape statistics worldwide 2018

Grenada is an island country located at the southern end of Southeastern Caribbean Sea. Its neighbors are the countries of Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Saint Vincent. It is also known as the Island of Spice and is the largest exporter of nutmeg, mace and other spices in the world.

However, despite the fact that rape criminals can be convicted up to 15 years of imprisonment, crimes against women have been a concern. The rape incidents per 100,000 of population is very high at 30.6, but it has decreased from the earlier 54.8 rapes per 100,000 of population.

5. Nicaragua

Highest rape statistics in the world 2018

Nicaragua enacted in 2012, a law called Integral Law against Violence against Women, which criminalizes a wide range of acts of violence against women, including domestic violence and marital rape. Nicaragua, the largest country in the Central American isthmus, is home to the multi-ethnic population such as Europeans, Africans, Asians, and indigenous peoples. Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Central America and Latin America with the low homicide rate of 8.7 per 100,000 inhabitants. But this country ranks high in case of criminal assaults against women.

Nicaragua has 32 rapes per 100,000 of the population. According to Amnesty International’s 2010 report, the rape of girls is endemic. Between 1998 and 2008, police recorded 14,377 cases of rape. This is despite the fact that reporting is low because rape victims often face social hostility and indifference from authorities. Since 2008, abortion has been made totally illegal. This has been criticised as oppressive to rape victims who become pregnant.

4. Sweden

Country with highest rape statistics 2019

Sweden is a surprising entry in this list. This is considering the fact that it is one of the developed countries of the world, with women liberalization as a top agenda in its social development. However, the fact that it has about 64 cases of sexual assault per 100.000 population belies the fact that is a developed country. This is from the reports of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). According to this in 2012, Sweden had 66 cases of reported rapes per 100,000 population, as per the data are given by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. This was the biggest number reported to the UNODC in 2012.

However, it must be noted that many countries do not report any rape statistics to the UNODC, and some report deficient numbers. The Swedish police record each instance of sexual violence in every case separately and also has a comparatively wide definition of rape. Moreover, a greater willingness among Swedish women to report rape in relationships also explains the relatively high rates of reported rape in Sweden. Also, the recent influx of refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries where the status of women is low may have contributed to these cases. In Sweden, 1 out of 3 Swedish women have been sexually assaulted by the time they leave their teens. During the first half of 2013 more than 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants in the Stockholm, and over 300 of those were under the age of 15.

3. Lesotho

Highest rape statistics in the world 2019

Rape continues to be one of Lesotho’s main social issues. In 2008, according to UNODC, rapes recorded by the police was the highest incidence of any country. The number of rape incidences ranges from 82 to 88 per 100,000 of the population. It is one of the poorest countries with almost half the population living below the poverty line. Cases of crimes involving kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, assault, theft, etc. abound along with sexual assaults.

2. Botswana

Rape statistics in the world 2018

After South Africa, Botswana has the highest incidence of rapes at 93 per 100,000 of the population. Also, these cases are mostly unreported so that the actual incidence may be more than three to five times. This country also has one of the highest incidences of AIDS, and they keep propagating AIDS by such heinous acts. The illiterate, almost barbarian population also believes in the myth that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS, which is a major cause of rapes with children. It is a landlocked country in southern Africa, bounded by South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. This developing country with a population of 2.5 million is riddled with severe crimes ranging from theft to armed assaults for money.

1. South Africa

Highest rape statistics in the world 2018

In a March 2012 study, it was found that South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. With 65,000 rapes and other sexual assaults reported, it comes to 127.6 per 100,000 people in the country. Sexual attacks are common in South Africa. The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 2007 bans rapes and sexual abuse. More than 70,000 cases are reported which includes the sexual attack on children. A very high proportion of rape cases are not reported. It is claimed by IRIN, a humanitarian news organization, that an estimated 500,000 rapes are committed annually in South Africa. According to many, in South Africa, rape is so common it barely makes the news. Most sexual assaults get no public attention.

A multicultural society, South Africa is considered one of progressed and developed country. Yet the graph of sexual assault does not come down. The country has recently attained freedom from apartheid and racial discrimination. 90% of the population did not have equal rights earlier. A myth that sex with a virgin cures AIDS also contributes to the high incidence of rapes with children.

Rapes are the most obnoxious of all crimes. The sad part is that it is so prevalent among all societies. Even the developed countries with higher level of education are not immune to this evil. Forcing oneself on an unwilling victim is like imposing slavery on the other. The emotional scars do not heal easily, and in cases of young victims, the effects may last lifelong. Apart from the punitive measures the government and society should work on prevention of rapes. This can be achieved through proper education and guidance of the young so that the humanity can hope for a generation that does not have such crimes in the human society.


  1. muslims wherever they travel bring the rape culture. They destroyed iran, syria and several lands, which they later converted by subjugation to islam. India, which stood firm and rejected their several attempts of torture, killings and innumerable rapes, is an eyesore to these muslims. Perhaps, the same reason they try to defame India using fake names and fake stories.

    In recent history, their aim is making britain in britanistan. Though, in US, they have found someone who can crush them and bury deep underground. muslims, don’t bring your barbaric culture here. Unlike Indians, who were noble and gentle, we will give you a response you will be unable to survive to witness. Don’t play with us. Try to be human, though it’s not what quran preaches. Forget what your pedophile says. He was another delusional rapist who tortured, killed and was the saddest person on earth, perhaps much worse than Mr. Hitler himself.

  2. Look at the idiots wanting India to be on the list. Nice try idiots but this is the reality, India actually has lower number of rape cases and HIGHER CONVICTION RATE. I understand you are used to believing the negative things about India which your media tells you and not do any actual research but this is the reality , Deal with it. Stop feeding your ego by bashing India and start doing some actual research .

  3. I was abducted after a football match and threatened not to play football and WaS raped at Gunpoint the criminals hide the gun then rape you while your drugged up .from leevan rogers

  4. Most men will never get it. They cannot even perceive the sheer extent of the problem — how many women they know (family, friends, co-workers) who have been raped, molested, or assaulted. Men have to believe most women are lying, otherwise it is a massive condemnation of the male gender as a whole.

    The facts, however, tell the truth:

    * One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives

    * That means of sexual assault victims: 91% are women; 9% are men


    * 90 percent of perpetrators of sexual violence against women are men

    * 93 percent of perpetrators of sexual violence against men/boys are men

    Last year in a survey of 100 victims of sexual assault (against men and women) by The National Crime Victimization Survey, only 23 of the 100 were reported to police. If you take that small percentage and extrapolate it to the numbers above, that means even the 91% and 9% are low.

    Men will often deflect with the tired old “men get raped too” trope. But as the above figures show, most MEN are also raped by MEN. They really aren’t helping their cause by trying to bring up the “men too” argument.

    This is NOT a “women’s issue” — this is a MEN’S issue. And until men are willing to admit their gender has a serious problem, nothing will change.

    • sounds like you are painting all men with a broad stroke there. If this is ok, why is it wrong to say that black men are prone to committing murder? The data indicates this is so in both cases so what is the problem here?

      • She is not painting all men with the broad stroke, she is giving you figures and statistics on rape and the main perpetrators, which happen to be men. Can you, just for a second, address the statistics and not try and find fault with or blame the messenger? Women reflect on their roles in society and what motivates them, why is it so difficult for men to do the same? And please don’t use the “boys will be boys” evasion so often stated.

      • What she is saying by Men’s issue is, all men need to be concerned. Those not rapist should be concerned for the welfare of the females in their life and family, stand up for women and address the issue.

    • I do not abuse people, my son neither does, even if 90% of men were scum, don’t include me in your diatribe, I neither represent nor follow other men

  5. India Bashing is good pass time for some people, who see only the half glass empty in life. We need to keep an overall fair perspective. USA has been topping the list on per 100k population basis. This is not to justify the rapes in India, but let’s not forget that lot of landmark steps have been taken. Sensitising the cops have lady cops and special courts. At least people are waking up to it and reporting. Very high % of rapes are family rapes and society must change its mindset that woman is not the property of the family and close relatives. At least changes are now happening in the right direction, after a lapse of decades since Independence.

  6. More shocking is people around the world cant accept the truth that their country is in list on india ..shame on international and indian media

    • 1. In muslim countries, statistics are falsified because women can be found guilty od rape and are afraid to tell anyone or they are forced to marry their torturers. As a muslim you should know that.
      2. Take a deeper look at statistics especially in Sweeden and Belgium. Take into consideration that these are countries with the highest percentage of muslims from the middle east. Now take a look which % of ppl there are muslims and what is the percentage of crimes and rapes committed by them. Then voice your opinion.

      “Women have equal value to men in Muslim countries.” – oh really? Can they dress like they want to? Can they drive a car (Saudi Arabia has just let them)? Can they walk alone without a man? Why are you spreading such obvious lies. Read Quaran first and you will know that they don’t have equal rights.

      • Who is reporting it to you then if the are not being reported?
        BTW If you whites and Indians are so good then your countries should never come in this list.
        Ignorance is quite obvious in your comments.

        BTW you idiot, people in western countries also claim that majority of the rapes are not even reported. some claim that every 5th women is raped in USA.

        brainwashed idiot.

        • muslims will not exist if those you’re referring as “whites” were not available to save your behind, the same which you raise umpteen times in a shameful display all across the globe. Uncivilized miscreants like you have harassed the world for over the past millennium. Sadly, many brain-dead individuals in powerful places all over are still unable to see your agenda, or care less for real human life!

      • QURAN give equally rights to females yeah Muslim females wear what they want every Muslim country have own culture dress and everyone live to want yeah Muslim females always need males support for security so what’s u problem about car it is society issue not religion and only happen in Saudia Arabia so stop idiotic face your reality instead of emotional understand

      • The problem with you is that you try to put equality between men and women by using MEN as a standard. When both are born to be different.

        Your understanding of value is complete crap. WOMEN are so valuable they are placed higher than men. They cover themselves to prevent the likes of wondering eyes from MEN, repel any sexual desires from MEN. Because WE all know. MEN are visual creatures, MEN’s sex drive is stronger and more straightforward. MEN think more about sex. MEN seek sex more avidly. Do you think women like being stared at like a piece of meat and not being respected? NO. You wouldn’t understand it because YOU only see women as ‘equals’ when WOMEN are so much more.

        And the ones that do deserve her would know, she is so high value and precious only the one who is worthy is ALLOWED to see her BEAUTY AND know her WORTH. Because of such RESPECT, MEN would do anything in the world to protect her, provide for her, love her, make her happy, worship the ground she walks on. Only if you knew how true MUSLIM women are really treated at home.

        YOU see the Muslim women being incapable because muslim men run around doing errands for her, being her protector wherever she wants to go, giving his time to be with her. IT IS BECAUSE SHE IS JUST THAT HIGH VALUE. THAT is how POWERFUL TRUE MUSLIM WOMEN ARE. That is how a QUEEN should be treated.

        Not allowing women to drive in SAUDI ARABIA makes it a country’s law, it doesn’t present the whole ISLAMIC law. You base it on one country and you think its the ISLAMIC law? how ridiculous. There are so many Islamic countries in the world that allow women to drive. MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, BRUNAI, AFGHANISTAN, IRAN, OMAN, YEMEN, BAHRAIN, ALGERIA, BANGLADESH, EGYPT, IRAQ, JORDAN, QATAR, LIBYA, UAE, PAKISTAN, TURKEY, AND MANY MORE that allows women to drive.


        • An islamist commenting on civil non existent freedom for muslim women, “civil” liberties, and equal “human rights” in a muslim land. Grandeur Joke of the millennium!

    • no they don’t…women have only recently been allowed to drive in some muslim country.. cannot remember which one but women have no rights in muslim countries…

  7. i went through a few websites and they r all from different countries basically. every country is trying to put down the other. can’t these countries just sit down and solve their shit out. seriously i am 14 and if i can think of something like this then these grown ups can do something about this problem

  8. Number of Rape per lakh people

    USA 30
    Belgium 28
    Australia 29
    Sweden 64
    South Africa 128
    India 3
    Folks facts speak of themselves. Do not go by Media noise. So friends, I am surprised by US media silence about US rapes, where as Indian media is defaming India and rape news has good TRP here, NGO are also thriving on running down their own nation .
    Despite of many rapes US media never kicks up storm like Indian media did in case of . 2014 Badaun gang rape , which was no rape.
    I suggest you look a bit deeper before you get misguided by Indian TV circus.

    • true that..and more shocking is people around the world cant accept the truth that their country is in list on india ..shame on international and indian media

  9. India should be on the list…. Because unlike other countries they worship godessess the most…. So they ought to respect a woman than raping her,,, and they fight for their religion and god…. Then they lack no shame in raping a woman…. In fact In india its interesting rapists rape just not for fulfilling the thirt of their tiny fucking less winkie but to take revenge of the other religion…. Got the worst man on earth in India also…..

    • 1. Since India is not on that list, it clearly means that India has lower rape statistics than those countries, so saying that India should be on the list does not make any sense.
      2. You are clearly making a case against the rape of a Muslim girl by a Hindu man, I believe in reference to the infamous Kathua case, about which nothing has yet been proved and it could totally be a conspiracy to defame Hindus. I think you should also talk about the many rape cases where the victim was a Hindu.
      3. Your very apparent prejudice for Hindus presents you as an Islamist and makes you ineligible for any kind of public discussion, so help us and never write in a public forum ever.

      • You do know that this list isn’t actually correct, or to be believed easily. I have found that most of these lists have different information. It’s clearly someone being biased towards their own country! And to tell you the truth mate, India has got to be in the top 5 of rape crimes around the world.

      • Mukta,
        you seem to be quite uneducated. Ahina mentioned nothing about Hindus. India has multiple religions so one could interpret his comment as an attack on all of the religions there.
        I am guessing the old Hindu vs Muslim angst is stronger than ever in India nowadays.
        May I recommend that instead of bringing up religion at the drop of a hat and turning into we are better than you, you say something constructive.
        I have learned through observation that in all religions, cultures and ethnic groups the majority are good most of the time and their is a small minority that do horrible things against others- their own family, community or outsiders.
        Keep this in mind when bringing out the sword and defending your own type as it only serves to make you look foolish.

  10. Dear, this article fully indicates that all articles on the net cannot be believed. It’s a bold example of that. Nothing can be more disturbing that humans hate each other so much… wonder if there are more creatures like humans in the whole of universe…

  11. In USA girls are not safe, there media and government make propaganda against India that how woman in India are brutally harrased and raped but this is not true, because they(people in India) worship woman as god. Foreigners who visited India make comment that how people stare at you when you walk in between them. Staring some one does not grants you a rapist.

  12. Excuse me but education does not stop rape. You could be the most highly educated richest person in the world but still be a rapist. The only thing that will stop rape is punishment.

    • Rape is a crime of violence it’s aim is to have dominating power over another individual. It has absolutely nothing to do with academic intelligence.

        • Dude, you did some work but not good. Yes, Rape is a problem in India and India is tackling it by making the harsh punishment for rapists and bringing death penalty and life sentence to Rapists which shows India is fighting. But there are countries like Pakistan where the culture of rapes is going on within the families. If you look at the rate stats of Pak – you’d realize its far worse than India. Go and check rape stats per 100,000 people. That’s how you calculate the correct rape stats. Instead of blaming other countries, look at your own country. Is there even a single organization in Pakistan that measure no. of rape happened in the country. Actually, there’s few but your government doesn’t let this issue come to the public view.

      • There is literally a practice in that part of the world where women are kidnapped and forced into marriage. how is it ignorant to think india should be on that list?

        • I always thought India to be no. 1 rapist country. Majority of internet community led me to believe so. Guess they are wrong. All the statistics that I saw have India behind US, Sweden,Africa etc. and these are the same countries who laugh at India over rapes. But still I fucking hate when the rapists are jailed instead of hanged.

    • No, you are wrong. India actually has less number of rape figures if you see the real statistics. It is simply because India media is strong and cover most of these stories and rest of the world came to see it. If you see other nations like US or UK. women are actually facing more problem than India women. But they don’t share it with their friends or family. See the below report.

      Ironically UNITED KINGDOM, and many Western countries who thinks INDIA is a rapist country, have much much higher RAPE rate than INDIA.
      You have 6 times more chance of being raped in Bangladesh than in India, yet many Bangladeshis think India is a rapist country.
      You have 9 times more chance of being raped in France than in India. Yet, France is the romance capital of the world and India is rape capital.
      You have 15 times more chances of being raped in USA than in India.
      You have 74 times more chances of being raped in South Africa than you are in India.
      Stats are pretty amazing, couldn’t add Pakistan but both India and Pakistan have same rape rates of 1.8 and 1.7, earlier Pakistan had more rape rate than India.
      Now the country (United Kingdom) and BBC which always claims India is a rapist country have rape rate of 19.1 while India has 1.8, yet they call India a rapist country.
      India is ranked 94th out of 118 countries surveyed, YET, INDIA IS THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.
      For those, thinking western society are pretty well-off and most rape cases are reported, unlike India, then check this out:
      Edit: An organization ‘Mumsnet’ did a survey of rape/sexually abused victims in UK, and was shocked by its results,most of those who had been raped or sexually assaulted (83 per cent) failed to report it to police, and 29 per cent did not even tell friends or family what had happened.Overall about half said they would be too embarrassed or ashamed of the incident to admit it but two-thirds said they would hesitate because of low conviction rates. More than half of the 1,609 female respondents to the survey said the legal system, the media and society at large is unsympathetic to rape victims.

      • In Europe, they only rape children, a lot of them are pedophiles and these cases will never get reported because the victims are too young to understand what is really happening or afraid to report.. If you ask 100 females from Western countries who never reported a rape themselves, there will be at least 20% women who will confide that they were sexually abused when they very young, most of these sexual predators would be their close family members like brother, father etc and these cases will be kept under the blanket.

        • In Europe and USA women can report rape to police, and is taken seriously.
          In these third world countries, women are not free to or it isn’t even considered crime.

          These stats are based on rapes REPORTED to police, and doesn’t mention rapes that aren’t reported.

      • They couldn’t add Pakistan because they know very well that Indian is top raped nation where 5-6 raped report during 3 days so solve your crime instead of blaming others understand

  13. given recent revelations about almost every named male in media… it would seem the numbers are vastly under reported in some nations.

  14. Really disgusting language and inaccurate ‘facts’ used in this article. Calling an entire nation “illiterate, almost barbarian” is straight up racist, sounds like it was written in the 19th century. Sensationalist images used throughout an article describing already horrible acts of violence is just crass and whoever wrote this is a bit of a racist arsehole.

    • why disgusting ..if india was in the list will you write the same that inaccurate facts calling an entire nation illiterate almost barbarian . no then you people will judge the entire nation . stop being biased

  15. Describing Botswana as having an ‘illiterate, almost barbarian’ population is hateful and ignorant. Botswana’s literacy rate is 81%, placing it 92 out of 183 countries in terms of literacy rate (UNDP, 2009). It’s also not correct to say the population believes sex with a virgin will cure AIDS; this belief is not widespread at all.

    Calling an entire nation ‘almost barbaric’ is not measurable, and guys, it’s 2017 – saying this kind of thing is not acceptable any more. Again, it’s hateful and ignorant. Botswana has free healthcare for all citizens, which is more than can be said for one so-called ‘civilized’ country, the USA. Basically, it’s all relative so don’t judge a whole country before actually doing your research.

    The sensational images used in this article are also in very poor taste. Overall this is pathetic, judgmental commentary that doesn’t belong to sit alongside statistics.

    • Actually read the entire article. Some of these countries including the US are high because it actually gets reported. I wonder about the countries where it doesn’t get reported. Like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and on and on. This article is only reflective of countries that report rape and each country has different criteria that constitutes rape. So the collective Data is…..bad data. There are some pretty rude subjective comments made which are inappropriate. My thoughts, wad this one up and chunk it in the trash. Keeping sifting and searching. BS articles are a dime a dozen. Peace!

      • who said rape cases are not reported in the countries you mentioned where did you get your Info dude the reason you say this is just so you could feel good about yourself

      • lol your bias is showing you can’t stomach the truth that the west has the highest rate of rape. U.S has more people therefore more rape. Also Countries with Sharia Law won’t have that much rape it’s obvious why, the rapist would get their heads chopped off it’s as simple as that.

      • Who told u that crimes in not reported in Muslim countries infect they crimes report and held punishment so stop lie and worries infect warrior about your country who rank in list understand

  16. I like how this was a Top 11 List, instead of the customary Top 10 List, because they wanted to have the United States added, but the numbers are intentionally skewed by combining questionable research to pad the statistical results to make this so. The US is in the high 20’s in reality.

    • Instead of saying something against rape in the comments, you are just defending your Nation?
      very nice..
      but being in top 20 from almost 150 countries(let’s exclude 46 countries because they may not have any data) is a very bad thing. also don’t forget it’s a country which is called super power and civilized nation. lol
      So the best you can do is to not rape anyone in your life.

      • Lol do you want to look at India’s numbers, the Middle East? You’re definitely not one to mock another. The fact is rape is bad, but so is misinformation.

      • America isn’t near perfect, but I’m glad it isn’t an idiot letting in thousands of refugees who in turn are raising rape rates at a rather large rate (Honestly feel bad for all women living in Sweden). I’m not saying it’s too far from the list, but it’s obvious the 11th place was added iust to put in the U.S. And yes we are a super power, makes me curious where you come from. Also fuck you. “The best you can do is not rape anyone in your life”? Rape is wrong, and I’d gladly kill anyone who attempted to do it purposefully (believe it or not there is a small grey area with teens). It’s ignorant and it disgusts me when people make such comments. Seriously reconsider saying shit like that.


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