10 Most Hottest Hollywood Actors in Their ’30s

Actors are considered some of the hottest people in the world. This is one reason why people go to the movie theaters. That is, they want to see their favorite Hollywood male hunk on screen. Whether he is taking off his shirt in a scene, beating up a bunch of bad guys or saving a damsel in distress; a hot Hollywood man is always at the top of his game.

Their skill as actors and entertainers only slightly surpasses their ability to make females fall head over heels with their seductive male charms. The truth is that each of these men provide a good experience for movie goers. Their looks and talents help to make just about any film a successful Hollywood hit. By the way, all of these guys are in their 30’s.

Here is a list (not a complete one) of the hottest Hollywood actors in their 30’s to date.

10. James Franco

James Franco has been making a lot of films and he did a lot of work during the 2000s. Some of his most notable pieces included the Spiderman film series with Toby McGuire and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He has even been featured on the daytime soap opera shows such as General Hospital.

Franco is a young and hip cool Hollywood dude. He even has a funny side. Especially, when he is hanging around Seth Rogen. They have made some really funny films together such as This is the End and the Interview. Franco gets an A+ for being such a hot Hollywood sizzler for the ladies.

9. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson probably should be number one on this list for the hottest Hollywood guy. In 2016 he was considered the hottest guy in the film industry. Johnson is also known as the Rock and he has appeared in numerous films such as Snitch, Hercules and Central Intelligence.

Johnson is an action hero with gargantuan muscles to back up his tough guy image. Many females like his big pecks and biceps. Even though Dewayne Johnson is a married man (sorry ladies, he is very faithful to his wife) he still has legions of female fans wishing they climb him all the way to the top.

8. Ryan Gosling

Women think that Ryan Gosling is a great dude with a great personality. He is a magnificent person with amazing acting ability he played in films such as Remember the Titans, Fracture, Drive and Gangster Squad. He is one of the best performers in Hollywood today. The ladies love him because he is such a versatile and tuned in actor. He usually plays the good guy in a film and he also plays the leading romantic interest. Gosling is just one all around great performer that knows how to reel the ladies in to the theaters like fish on a line.

7. James Marsden

James Marsden has played Cyclops in the X-Men film series he also has appeared in the 2006 film, Superman Returns. Marsden is a heroic dude that likes to play heroic roles. He can play this part because he always loves to save a honey and rescue a movie fan that can’t get enough of him. Marsden knows that he is as only as good as his fan base. So, he makes the best movies possible to appeal to the women that want to see him onscreen. There are a bunch of women who Marsden whether he is in a superhero outfit or not.

6. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan has a name that is just like the famous basketball player. If it wasn’t for the B in his name, most people would think the legendary b-ball star was playing many of B. Jordan’s films. He is known for his roles in Fantastic 4(2015), Creed and Red Tails. Michael B. Jordon is a buff guy with an athletic figure. He will punch it out with just about anyone. The ladies love his chiseled manhood and can’t get enough of his rough exterior. B. Jordan is a major box office draw for this generation. Many women everywhere just love them some B. Jordon action.

5. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is a Hollywood “it guy” who can get things done. He plays in films such as Neighbors 1 and 2 and many female fans come to see his hotness. 17 Again, Dirty Grandpa and 17 Again are some of his most memorable films. Efron is so hot that he was chosen to appear with Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics. He gladly went to meet this tumbling gymnast superstar. Efron is an in-demand hot Hollywood hunk. The ladies are literally pouring her heart out for this young stud.

4. James McAvoy


James McAvoy is known for his role as the young Professor Xavier. He is large and in charge. McAvoy can act and he has a great wit. The dude is very mature and intelligent. He is the right age where he is old enough to be a responsible and mature man while being young enough to be entertaining and fun.

McAvoy also played in the movies Wanted and the Last King of Scotland. Women love them some McAvoy. They will go out to see him perform. They like just about everything that this dude says and does while he is on film. Way to go McAvoy. You are a certified hot Hollywood man.

3. Ben Foster


Ben Foster is the antihero in Hollywood. He is the type of guy that is great at playing both good and bad guy roles. He has appeared in films such as 3:10 to Yuma, X-Men: The Last Stand and Alpha Dog. He can sometimes come off like a raving maniac or a brutal killer but underneath his tough guy exterior is a hot Hollywood hunk who just needs some love from his female fans.Believe it or not he gets it.

The women love his character roles. Remember that females are attracted to bad boys and bad guys. There is something really hot about guys who cause trouble, kill people and beats everybody up. Yes, females really do want to be with a person like that. Don’t fool yourself they really do.

2. Chris Evans

Chris Evans is a great actor and is known for his role as Captain America. He is a heroic dude that is clean cut and very polite. Most women avoid guys like this. However, when it comes to Evans – not so fast. Women actually fall for Evans because he is a great guy that wants to save them from all harm.

Remember, women love bad boys until that bad boy breaks her heart and leaves her behind to die. That’s when a guy like Evans will come through and save her from her fate. He will then go and beat up the bad boy for breaking a girl’s heart. This dude is just a hot Hollywood hunk that is patriotic and stands up for his lady.

1. Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is Thor the Norse God of Thunder. He wields big strapping muscles and a big hammer that only he knows how handle. Other people try to wield his hammer but they can only grab it. Thor can do a lot more than just grab it, he can swing it around with great power, speed and accuracy. What lady doesn’t find that to be hot? Hemsworth also played in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Dawn and Rush. Ladies will go checkout Hemsworth whenever he appears in theaters. He is just a great box office draw.

Remember that all of the guys on this list are very important to Hollywood because they are leading me, action stars, comedy heroes and exciting figures to watch. So ladies, you better get out to the theaters to watch these guys perform.


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