Beauty, brains, and charms are for a woman to have; six packs, looks, money, intelligence, and charm is for a man to have. India has quite many men that you will look at only once and have a million thoughts running through your head. Have you ever met someone and before they say hello, you have proposed, bought a house with and had kids together in your mind? Yes, these are the kinds of men that we are talking about today. Below are the top 12 hottest Indian boys in 2022.


Hottest Indian Guys 2019

Roshan is one of the hottest Bollywood celebrities we know of today. Following the release of his latest movie that is doing so great at the box office and how perfectly he acted out his part, everything that one could not see can now see. This is the ‘it’ movie that will make you look at him in a different light if you never have. Roshan has done well in taking care of his body. One look at his shirtless body and you will be drooling.


Hottest Indian Guys

Say what you want to say, but Virat is as hot as it gets. I bet if you stood next to him you would feel as though the sun is slightly above your head. As an international cricketer, Virat Kohli has kept his body in great shape, and he has reaped the right fruits of it. I am talking about the many females who are always wishing that he would just say hello to them.


Hottest Indian Guys

Ranveer has graced our televisions a number of times, and as an actor who has mastered his trade, he is most women’s dream man. His charms, quirky nature and everything in between makes you appreciate his person. As one of the favorite men actors in Bollywood, Ranveer has made a name for himself across all age groups, and this has paid off for his career. Yes, he is definitely hot, but the ‘destructor and youth corrupter’ title just does not work with me. Even so, the bottom line is that he is an enticing figure.


Hottest Indian Guys

For a man his age, John is definitely one of the sexiest and hottest men that ever walked in India. Right after his acting career took off; he has never fallen short of the expectations of the public. As he is currently working on a film project called Force 3, his fans are eagerly waiting for its releases. I get the women are just holding their breath as they wait for it.


Hottest Indian Guys

This is yet another enticing character that graces our televisions. All of the films that he featured in are nothing short of excellence. Akshay looks stunning, and for a man of his, age, he has done well to keep up with the competition from the younger guys. His height, body, and looks are perfect. It is as if he is the embodiment of perfection for guys his age. Akshay has beautiful eyes that have this deep stare. With his great qualities, any girl will do anything to have him.


Hottest Indian Guys 2019

A man that holds many titles like this one and with the looks that he has cannot be left out of this list; not in a million years. As an actor, singer, producer, television personality and much more, Salman Khan has come a long way. Even at his age, he is still breathtaking. That facial nerve disorder that he is suffering from will not be enough to take this spot away from him. From the way he presents himself, dresses up and the value he places on himself, he commands respect, admiration and so much more from the fans.


Hottest Indian Guys

Looking at Ranbir pose for the cameras, one will see all kinds of personalities. You will see a gentle spirit, a charming guy, a fashionable guy, a composed guy, and above everything else a very sexy guy. His body is perfect for his height and looks. As an actor, he has featured in so many films and in each and every one of them, he never disappointed. His perfect hair coupled up with his perfect eyes and lips makes his looks exquisite.


Hottest Indian Guys

Shahid Kapoor is also an Indian actor who definitely knows how to stay on top of his game regarding his looks. Show me one of his pictures where he does not look attractive, and I will show you a thousand pictures where he is more than attractive. Shahid has a perfect smile, beautiful eyes, a great body and a great sense of style. He is a beauty to behold. Well, if this is the reason for his massive female fans, then there is no harm in it. It is not as if he can take away his looks. It just suits him perfectly, and we all love it.


Hottest Indian Guys

This hottie will get you drooling any day. He is an actor with a background in the film. With his talent and his looks, I can bet that he is in the film industry to stay and thrive.


Hottest Indian Guys

When one has two professions going greatly for him one as an actor and another as a model, then his looks must speak volumes for him. Shukla is such a man. He has been part of many film families and has done a great job over the years. He is a charmer with an enviable look. His height, body size, eyes and everything else is perfect for him. I pray that his acting career lasts forever so that I can keep seeing him always.


Hottest Indian Guys

Aamir is an actor, producer, and director who is thriving in the film industry of India. He has won so many awards and has even gotten the recognition from the Indian government. Success and accomplishment are just but some of the few things that crown the excellence of Aamir. He is an attractive, creative and charming guy.


Hottest Indian Guys

Also known as SRK by many of his fans, SRK has worked his magic and became one of the most admired, loved and respected actors, directors, and producers in India. He has also received multiple awards for all his great achievements, and this has been good for his career. The fact that he is an athletic being is also part of the reason behind his perfect body. Do not expect this man to age in a bad way.


  1. Vikas “Vicky” Uppal (one of the tallest men from Rohtak, Haryana) is also cool, sexy-faced, and quite handsome though dark-skinned. Although he wasn’t a celebrity and he’s gone too early since 10 years ago, 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I wish he was in this list too.


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