The first thing while decorating a home/office pops is some elegant furniture meeting the requirements. With dynamic changes in standard of living of the people, the choices have also seen a change over the years. This has led the furniture industry to mold and be diversified. With Online furniture retailers, the game has definitely been boosted.

As per the reports, The Indian Furniture Market was valued $17,922 Million in 2015-16 and is said to be worth more than $32 billion until 2022. There are various furniture brands, Local as well a standard along with some online players in the market out of which we here will discuss regarding the Top 10 Furniture brands in India in 2022:-

10. Wipro Furniture

Best Furniture brands in India 2019

Wipro is one such major company, which has diversified its portfolio and is present in numerous sectors. One of them is the Furniture brand evolved since the time before independence (1945). It is based out in Bangalore and has more than 40 centers all around the world. Their furniture ranges from Office furniture, partition systems, tables, benches etc. The company is known for the innovations it has done over the years and providing quality and style in their designs.


Best Furniture brands in India

World’s top furniture brand, IKEA has its presence in India as well since 29 years. It is a Swedish Company with the main office at Delhi in India. There are several other cities having IKEA store from where people can buy furniture for home and office décor, antiques etc. They even customise the furniture as per your wish and are not much expensive. There are total 10 centers all over the country of IKEA in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc. They are known to provide sophisticated yet classy furniture range.

8. Hulsta

Best Furniture brands in India

A comparative new brand in India, Hultsa, a German brand operates with Brand NOW name. There are only two stores of Hulsta furniture brand in India, one in Delhi and another one in Mumbai but they do make custom-made furniture designs having the furniture-assembling unit in Delhi. The furniture of NOW Brand is quite durable and of superior quality but is on a higher side with regards to the cost.

7. Style Spa

Best Furniture brands in India

Providing a unique and sophisticated range of furniture for Home and Offices, Style Spa has been able to garner the demand of the customers in much less time. They abide by their tagline of Where Life Lives and make the purchasing experience more real and sought after in the store. The brand has stores in various cities of India.


Best Furniture brands in India

A subsidiary of Hindware Home Retail Group by Somany Group, EVOK has been in the market since 1962.The main office is situated in Gurgaon, North India. EVOK has been able to gather a niche for themselves and there is a demand for their furniture even in the online market. They provide furnishing for home and office, which are affordable and blend of innovation and classic.

Being the pioneer in entering Online Business, various e-commerce websites like Flipkart has even furniture selling of EVOK brand. EVOK boasts of around 16,000 furnishing products and is among the biggest manufacture of sanitary products attaining to 40% of market share.


Best Furniture brands in India

Calling itself to be South Asia’ largest Furniture manufacturer, DAMRO has been a much late entry to the furniture market in the year 1996 under Lanco Group of Companies. The headquarter of the furniture brand is at Chennai. DAMRO is known specially for its wooden furniture from sofas, cots to table and bedroom, kitchen furniture etc. They are widely known for their Sofa sets as they are available at cheap cost with high quality. There are around 50 outlets of DAMRO in India itself and have a strong presence in international markets as well.

4. Durian

Best Furniture brands in India 2019

Among the most trusted and quality brands considered in India for furniture is Durian. It was a plywood firm established in Mumbai in 1981 and came into furniture business in 1985. Durian has its first retail store opened in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat in 1999. The furniture brand is ISO certified thus having a stamp of quality on it. The interesting service Durian offers is warranty on the furniture which is as long as 5 years for many.

They deliver the best furniture for office and house involving chairs, recliners, cushion, sofas, kitchen and bedroom furnishings etc. They have all sorts of products for all class of people. Durian office furniture ranges from Rs 2500 to Rs 25,000. There are more than 30 outlets of Durian all over the country.

3. Zuari

Best Furniture brands in India

A well-known Furniture brand, Zuari is operating since the year 2001 in India. It can be called as a sister company to Birla Group belonging to Adventz group. The main office is in Chennai but is spread wide across the country having more than 800 dealers outlets in India. The company is ISO certified and have always tend to deliver products as required by the customers.

It has always innovated and customised going by the demand and needs thus gaining the trust and faith. They master in Home furniture with all fixtures, decor as well as have a gamut of products for office furniture as well. Their network is so widespread that it is easy for customers to reach. Zuari has all types of furniture needed ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 75,000.

2. Usha Lexus Furniture

Best Furniture brands in India

Operating since 1983, Usha Lexus belongs to Shriram group of Companies. It is based in Gurgaon and offers a wide range of furniture for living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. They have all kinds of readymade furniture available at their stores and abide by the industry standards of furniture making. Usha Lexus is known or it’s after sales service as well and for providing One year warranty on Genuine Wood Furniture products. They have more than 30 years of Industry experience and cater the needs of customers with tailor fitting furniture designs. Now they have expanded their manufacturing process to Cookwares and Water Purifiers as well.

1. Godrej Interio

Best Furniture brands in India

One of the oldest and biggest furniture brands of India, Godrej Interio has made itself a niche catering to all types of furniture products for residential as well as commercial purposes. It boasts of great quality furniture which is long lasting as well as has an innovative touch over a period of time. Their innovation with regards to nature in mind is the most beneficial one. There are more than 50 outlets of Godrej Interio in 19 different cities of India along with 800 dealers in the country. The price range of Godrej products is from Rs 1500 to Rs 50,000 which are quite affordable going by the quality they provide. Even Godrej has great online presence collaborating with top end E-commerce websites.

After the Globalisation, Digitalisation, and liberation in the 90’s, Furniture Industry has evolved to much extent. Ever year there is huge growth in this sector. The real estate has moved towards technology and automation thus Furniture industry imbibing the same to provide the customers with best of they can. These furniture brands have earned a name worldwide with their quality, price, and innovations. It can be said that in coming years, the Furniture Industry would surely see a growth in leaps and bounds.


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