There are 200+ Latin singers in the whole world but only few of them has achieved success and known worldwide. Although you will get information each of them on internet but this article only contains a list of top ten Latin singer of all time. They are not only famous for their acting or singing but also for their high net worth. As we all know that, Latin singers are quite different from other singers because they can sing on various genres while Latin songs are world famous and almost enjoyed by most of the people especially by the young generation. Latin songs are not only popular in English speaking areas but other non-speaking countries as well.

This article will provide you information about the top ten Latin singers who are known for their outstanding acting and awesome singing; So don’t wait too much just go through the below list and know about top 10 richest Latin singers in 2022.

10. Bruce Springsteen: Net Worth-$345 Million:

Richest Latin Singers 2019

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen is an American songwriter and singer born on 23rd September 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States. He is known as “The Boss” of singing and while he is also known for his work with E Street band. He is one of the richest Latin singers right now and very popular for his pretty and distinctive voice and energetic stage performances. He can sing on various genres like, Rock and roll, rock, folk rock and heartland rock. He can play various instruments as well such as, mandolin, vocals, harmonica, guitar, bass, piano, percussion and drums. He has also earned various awards including two golden globes, 20 Grammy awards and an academy award.

9. Shania Twain: Net Worth- $350 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Shania Twain is a Canadian songwriter and singer born on 28th August 1965 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She has sold more than 85 million records; additional, she is one of the best selling music artists of all time. She can sing on various genres including country rock, country, pop and country pop while she can play instruments guitar and vocals. Currently she is one of the richest Latin singers right now who has earned 5 Grammy awards and 27BMI songwriter awards.

8. Toby Keith: Net Worth- $360 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Toby Keith Covel is an American actor, singer, record producer and songwriter. He was born on July 8, 1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma, United States. He was known for his associated acts in Bobby Pinson, Merle Haggard Willie Nelson, Scotty Emerick, Trace Adkins, Krystal keith, Michalel Salomon and George Strait. He has released his first four album studio albums named dreams Walkin, toby keith, blue moon and boomtown. All these albums earned tremendous popularity for him around and the world currently he is stands on number 8th position in terms of richest Latin singers.

7. Barbra Streisand: Net Worth-$370 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Barbara Joan Streisand is an American filmmaker, actress, songwriter and singer. She was born on 24th April 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She is one of the most iconic Latin singers of all time who has almost dominated the entertainment filed from six decades. He received many awards including Grammy lifetime achievement award, academy awards, Grammy legend awards, 2 academy awards, 10 Grammy awards and five Emmy awards. She is known for her associated acts in Diana Krall, Phil Perry, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Barry Gibb and marvin Hamlisch.

6. Celine Dion: Net worth-$630 Million:

Richest Latin Singers 2019

Celine Marie Claudette Dion is a Canadian businesswoman and singer born on 30th March 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. She is one of the iconic Latin singers right now who can sing on various genres like, R&B, Chanson, Pop and soft rock while also can play vocals. She has also released her debut English language album “Unison” in 1990. She has established herself as a successful singer in North America and other English speaking areas of the world. Currently she stands on number 6th in terms of richest Latin singers.

5. Johnny Mathis: Net worth- $400 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

John Royce Mathis is an American singer of Jazz and popular music. He was born on 30th September 1935 in Gilmer, Texas, Untied States. He is a very famous and popular Latin singer in the world right now who can singer on various genres such as, soft rock, easy listening, show tunes and traditional pop. He is known for his distinctive voice while he has sold over 100 million records worldwide. He is described as a romantic singer and his discography includes Brazilian music, Jazz, tradition pop, soul music, Spanish music, soft rock, rhythm and blues, Tin Pan Alley standards and Broadway theatre.

4. Gloria Estefan: Net worth- $500 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Gloria Estefan is a Cuban-American actress, singer, businesswoman and songwriter. She was born on 1st September 1957 in Havana, Cuba which actress + singer started her career as the lead singer in the group called “Miami Latin Boys”. She was known for her associated acts in Miami sound machine and Emilio Esterfan while also can sing on various genres like dance and Latin Pop. Gloria can also play instruments like, Percussion, Vocals and Guitar. She became famous with “Conga” song while it won the grand prix in the 15th annual Tokyo Music festival in Japan.

3. Dolly Parton: Net worth-$500 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Dolly Rebecca Parton Dean is an American multi-instrumentalist, actress, singer, author, songwriter, philanthropist and businesswoman. She is known for her awesome acting and singing; additional, she was born on 19th January, 1946 in Sevier County, Tennessee, U.S. She is one of the iconic singers who can sing on various genres including gospel, country, pop, country pop and bluegrass while play instruments like, banjo, vocals and guitar. She is also known for her associated acts in Linda Ronstadt porter wagoner, Emmylou harris, Loretta lynn, tammy wynette, Kenny rogers and stella parton. Currently Dolly Parton is one of the richest Latin singers in the world who is well known and famous for her iconic, pretty, beautiful and distinctive voice.

2. Mariah Carey: Net worth- $535 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Mariah Carey is an American songwriter, record producer, singer and actress, born on 27th March 1969 in Huntington, New York, United States. She is quite famous for her pretty voice while can sing on numerous genres like, Soul, R&B, hip hop and Pop. Mariah stands on number 2nd position in terms of current net worth.

1. Madonna: Net worth- $560 Million:

Richest Latin Singers

Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American actress, songwriter, singer and entrepreneur. According to Forbes her estimated net worth is $560 million. Madonna gained popularity from the academy award winning movie “Titanic”. Madonna can sing on many genres including rock, pop, and electronic and dance. She is recognized as world’s top selling recording artist of all time by Guinness world records. Madonna is also known for her outstanding acting and singing while she has achieved everything in her life. She stands on number one in the list in terms of richest Latin singers.

I really hope that you enjoyed the above information about top ten richest Latin stars. The above given information is quite true about them and according to reliable sources like Forbes and Guinness world records. All the Latin singers are famous for their pretty voice and awesome acting while some of them are entrepreneurs.


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