We Indians are known for our productivity and watches are something which is required to track our progress. Our day begins with a daily alarm and we are always in hurry to complete our work well before the deadline.

Watches are one of the most prized possessions which are valued the most when it is gifted by our parents or our grandparents chose us as their next owners. You can reverse time but you can work faster and deal with work and personal life. As time is money and we Indians love to invest it in the most efficient manner.

If you are someone who is looking for a branded watch for yourself or for gifting it to someone special then you will enjoy reading this post of top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India in 2022. The results are amazing when we checked for various reviews, prices, quality and after sales services of these well-established brands in India. We checked various models mentioned in their portfolio and both men and women about their opinions. Here is the complete list of top selling, most popular and best watch brands in India as of 2022.

10. Giordano

Most popular Wrist Watch Brands in India

If you are fond of luxurious watches and looks for the best masterpieces to add to your collection then you must go for Giordano. It doesn’t matter how you spell it because when you are having it then you are certainly being the center of attraction of party or your meetings. The main USP of this brand is the timepiece which is crafted for the people of the modern day from the experts. Giordano offers a variety of options which includes digital, analog, and chronograph display with quartz, automatic, and hand-driven movement. You will definitely love the wide range of straps available for these premium watches. Giordano comes on the 10th spot on our list.

9. Daniel Klein

Famous Wrist Watch Brands in India 2022

You can easily get a Daniel Klein wristwatch online from the various e-commerce websites. Its huge popularity and easy availability have placed this brand on the number 9 of our list. Daniel Klien watches are quite popular among the Indians, as DK offers a variety of timepieces. You can easily choose for your casual or formal look. These premium watches can be bought under a decent price range and you will love the variety of options in the straps of these DK watches.

8. Fossil

Famous Watch Brands in India

Known for its wide variety of designs, styles, and great features, Fossil is not just a fashion brand as it is a legend. You can’t resist yourself from buying its various products which include Wallets, Handbags, Jewellery and the most important thing watches for both men and women. The company has now adopted the innovations and entered in the segment of Smartwatches which gives you freedom to do more. If you want to impress someone or love to dress and you are loaded with money then you can definitely own one. The unique designs and great variety have made us place it on the 8th spot on the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India.

7. Fastrack

Best Wrist Watch Brands in India in 2022

Launched in 2008 and especially targeting Young customers the company has now strongly established itself in the Indian wristwatch market. The company operates under the well-known brand Titan as its sub- brand. Maybe this is the reason the brand has now touched a huge consumer base because of Titan only.

The funky designs, sporty looks and water resistance nature of its watches have made it the first choice for Indian youth. The affordable price range and a variety of options for both Boys and girls make this company a super hit. We are putting it on the 7th spot on the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India because the brand has a lot more to achieve as the race has just begun.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Most Popular Watch Brands in India 2022

Tommy Hilfiger is considered as one of the most famous brands of the fashion industry.This American multinational manufactures everything from clothing to bags and perfumes for both men and women. But the specially designed wristwatches are our matter of concern here. These watches are designed for men, women and unisex segment where you can feel the class as well as the comfort when you are wearing them. TH is known for its Classic Watches and Sports Watches and the high price range too. The world famous fashion brand makes 6th spot in the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India.

5. Guess

Best Selling Watch Brands in India

When you are a fashion fiesta and you can afford costly accessories then you must go for GUESS the brand which is known for its costly and stylish wristwatches. This brand manufactures best models of wristwatches and is the best example of great fashion, style, and unique craftsmanship. Guess Dress, Guess Sport, Guess Oasis, Guess Pursuit are some of the models from Guess which are the first choice of first class people. They have it only because they can afford it and these fashion people are known for their style statements. These people are the reason because of which the brand makes 5th spot in the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India.

4. Casio

Top Watch Brands in India

If you own a Casio wristwatch then you probably knew that there is nothing like it available in the market. The brand has been considered as the most popular brand for ages. It comes from a Japanese company which manufactures a variety of electronic products, but it is the love for Casio watches which makes it popular than the other products. Casio watches are prepared for future and hence fully loaded with features which you can’t expect from an ordinary watch. The brand has now entered in the special segment of Smartwatches where you can track you health related activities and GPS locations from your smartphones. These Hi-Tech watches come at a very high price and if you need one then you must have one. But if you are someone who just needs to check the time and look stylish then yes, you can as Casio manufactures basic models too.

3. Citizen

Top Selling Wrist Watch Brands in India

When we are talking about innovations then we can’t miss Japanese companies. This brand is one of the largest Japanese manufacturers of wristwatches. Like any other Japanese Electronics, the Citizen is known for top-notch R&D and best quality products. The brands work for one step ahead as it was the first one to introduce solar panels in wristwatches. This means you are no longer dependent on batteries or cells as your watch will work fine even when you are out of batteries.

The brand is known for its digital watches but it also manufactures the other variants like Analog, Analog-Digital, and Chronograph. The only issue here is the price segment which makes it less popular than the other brands. But the style and the technology deserves this price and hence we put it on the 3rd spot of the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India.

2. Timex

Best Wrist Watch Brands in India

Known for its vintage as well as the latest digital collection of wristwatches Timex is the popular brand all over the world. It comes from Timex Group USA which combines the German engineering with Italian designs in the best possible way to create best-selling wristwatches for its customers. The brand is well known for delivering high-end wristwatches and other electronics and that’s the only reason that makes the Timex a popular brand among Indians.

The R&D wing of Timex has prepared something for everyone. These long-lasting wristwatches have many great reviews on the internet about its quality and performance. The brand is one of the leading wristwatches brands in India and all these factors helped him to secure the 2nd spot on the list of Top 10 best most popular brands of wrist watches in India. You will definitely love the Expedition, Quartz, and the latest Metropolitan collection of Timex wristwatches launched in the country.

1. Titan

No.1 Wrist Watch Brands in India

We Indians love to have TATA products and you will not be surprised when we mention you that Titan a joint venture of Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and Tata Group. The brand is equally popular outside India as we Indians are present in every country. Be it your anniversary gift or just a present from your siblings, Titan watches are popular in India. The publicity by celebrities of Bollywood is not only the single reason of its success but also it is known for its perfection and variety of options available. If you are wearing a Sonata then cheer up as it is under the brand of Titan. A huge variety of watches and great buying options makes it the fifth largest manufacturing company in the world.

You can easily find the collections by the name of Steel, Regalia, Raga, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane, HTSE, Nebula, Orion, Purple, Obaku, Automatic etc. And each year, many new launches joins the high-end collection of the brand.

These watches will tell you what time it is. But it all depends on you to make it the best or worst. Go with something reliable and which suits your personality. We are sure you will not regret our advice. Go and win it !!!


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