Volleyball is the game which got first invented in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts by a Physical education teacher William Morgan. At that time no one would have ever thought that one day this game would become so much profitable to the players.

Some play it just for entertainment and for getting out from the boredom but some play it professionally and make a lot of money. If this is the notion that this game is little unpopular and less entertaining than all you need is to look after the hefty amount of money volleyball players are making. It is a game requiring 6 players in each team. Let’s take an insight on top ten highest paid volleyball players 2022.

10. Courtney Thompson:

Highest paid volleyball players 2019

With the annual salary of around $400,000 Courtney Thompson is listed under the top ten list of being highest paid volleyball player. She is 32-year-old American professional volleyball player who has taken initiation in the game since her childhood. She used to play in her school and then for her college, University of Washington. She won three state championships back in the year 2002 and was named as Washington State best player of the year. With her international debut in the year 2007, she didn’t get the time to look back. She was the part of US National team and managed to grab the Bronze at the Pan American Games.

9. Carolina Costagrande:

Highest paid volleyball players

The annual salary of Carolina is around $500,000. This 36-year-old Argentinian- Italian professional volleyball player has not left any stone unturned to prove her skill in the court. Initially, she played for the Argentina in the year 1999 to 2002 but later changing her citizenship from being an Argentinian to Italian she started playing for Italy since 2009. Her accolades include winning a silver medal at the CEV Championships League in the year 2013-14 and getting the fourth position in the year 2014 in the World’s Championships. As for now, she plays for Vakifbank Spor Kulubu, Turkey.

8. Morgan Beck:

Highest paid volleyball players

Born on 30th March 1987 Morgan Bank has the annual salary of around $600,000. Apart from playing she is also a professional model. She plays for USA Volleyball national team along with Association of Volleyball Players for pro and Association of Volleyball Players for young guns. She got graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. She has worked with many renowned brands like Nike. In the year 2012, she was regarded as the hottest volleyball player by Complex Magazine. Morgan Beck is believed to be worth millions of dollars and it is expected that in the coming years her net worth is going to rise.

7. Kim Yeon Koung:

Highest paid volleyball players

A South Korean athlete Kim Yeon Koung born on 26th February 1988 with the annual salary of $800,000. At present Kim has signed the contract with Fenerbache, Turkey for three years and is sincerely playing for them. She managed to become the best scorer in the CEV Champions league in the year 2012 when they won the match as well. Her gameplay and her set winning spikes are what make her one of the most prominent volleyball players in the world. Initially, she played for South Korea, Japan and later moved to Europe. No wonder with her playing style she has managed to make a lot of money.

6. Tatiana Kosheleva:

Highest paid volleyball players

Born on 23rd December 1988 Tatiana Kosheleva is a Russian professional volleyball player. Formerly her club career got a boost from Russia playing for Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Kazan and Dinamo Krasnodar. As for now she has joined Turkish side Eczacibasi VitrA in 2016 and playing for them till date. She has managed to grab a lot of championships and accolades for herself which includes World Gold Championship in the year 2010, the European Championship Gold in the year 2013 and European Championship Gold with the national team squad in the year 2015 as well. Overall she has got the privilege to hold around 13 different awards for being MVP, Best Scorer and Best outside Spiker.

5. Jordan Larson:

Highest paid volleyball players 2019

The annual salary of Jordan Quinn Burbach Larson is around $1 million making her one of the richest volleyball players in the world. Born on 16th October 1986 Jordan Larson is an American indoor volleyball player. She is a member of the USA National volleyball team and at present plays for Turkish club Eczacibasi VitrA. She is the recipient of numerous awards and had managed to grab a lot of championships for her name. Some of her notable achievements include a bronze medal at 2016 Olympics, a bronze medal at 2015 World Cup, a silver medal in 2012 Olympics and the most prominent gold medal in the year 2014 in the World Championships. Apart from these, she is also regarded as the best scorer and spiker in many tournaments.

4. Logan Maile Lei Tom:

Highest paid volleyball players

Born on 25th May 1981 Logan is an American indoor and outdoor volleyball superstar. She is the youngest volleyball player from America who has achieved so much in a small age. Her gameplay and static ways have managed to win the game many times. Being born in a sports family with her father as an NFL player, she got the environment to play with dedication since childhood. And this is the reason why she excelled in a small age in her field. She has won an Olympic medal as well. apart from playing volleyball professionally, she is also involved in modelling and in the year 2005 she was included in the top 100 sexiest women of the year.

3. Sheilla Castro:

Highest paid volleyball players

The Annual salary of Sheilla Tavares de Castro is around $1.16 million making her the third richest and highest paid volleyball player all around the world. Born on 1st July 1983 Sheilla has managed to win gold multiple times making her most popular and well-known face in the sports. Her Olympic gold in the year 2008 and 2012 are her biggest achievement till date. Apart from that, she grabs gold at FIVB World Grand Prix in the year 2006 and 2009. As for today the total accolades she managed to hold are 17 awards that include being the best opposite and best outside spiker in different games.

2. Ekaterina Gamova:

Highest paid volleyball players

Katerina gets the annual salary of $1.4 million. About 6 feet 8 inch tall Katerina was born on 17th October 1980 is a Russian professional volleyball player. She has managed to bring a lot of Golds in different tournaments for her country making its people proud. During her entire tenure she played for five different clubs in Russia and at present, she is with the Russian club Dimano Kazan. She is the winner of Olympics Volleyball championship in the year 2004 and 2000. With her quick game style, this tall and giant volleyball player has managed to make one prominent position in the world of volleyball.

1. Gabrielle Reece:

Highest paid volleyball players 2019

The superstar of volleyball with her astonishing playing style and decorated career Gabrielle Reece is the top notch player who gets the highest payment for playing. Her annual salary is around $1.14 million getting her ranked in the first position. Apart from her volleyball career, she is also one significant model and her modelling assignments elevate her net worth manifolds. She is indeed the most popular and well-known personality in the world of sports. With her career being started since college days she has collected a lot of awards, accolades, and accomplishments in her entire career. She is indeed the ravishing beauty with the athletic build making her desirable and graceful.

With so many accolades these highest earning players with their amazing playing style have managed to amuse the viewers all around the world. No doubt these are those who have millions of fans and followers worldwide. If you also like volleyball these are the players to be looked upon for tactics and play styles.


  1. If Zhu Ting’s contract renewal with Vakifbank for 2019 is to be believed, she may be the highest paid player in the world men or women. We are talking in the ballpark of 2M euro’s. An astonishing amount and she gives a lot of it to charity back where she lives in China.

  2. the list here is inaccurate and the author should be ashamed. We all know the best female player in the world right now is Zhu Ting and she is the highest paid female volleyball player around the world. She won so many awards and championships. Her record proof it! That’s the bottom line.


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