In this age of environmental pollution, it is very difficult to maintain our hair in a healthy manner. There are always chances of dirt and grime sticking to the hair thereby making it look dirty as well as unhealthy. This can give rise to a large number of hair problems that can result in premature hair loss. The best way to take care of these problems is to clean the hair regularly with a high-quality shampoo.

You can find hundreds of brands of shampoos in the Indian market. Each of these shampoos extols its individual virtues. Some companies claim that they do not use harmful chemicals whereas some swear in the name of tradition and Ayurveda.

We produce here under the list of the top 10 shampoo brands in India. They contain some renowned foreign brands as well. However, these brands have a great market in India. Let us look at the best shampoo brands in India in 2022. We have used various parameters to rank the list. These parameters include ingredients used, quality, safety to humans, price, and popularity.

10. Biotique:

Best Shampoo Brands In India 2019

At No. 10, we have the Biotique brand of shampoo. This brand takes great pride in not using any kind of chemicals in the manufacture of the shampoo. They source the requirements of the raw material from Ayurvedic sources. It is a beautiful combination of Ayurvedic therapies and Swiss bio-technology. In the absence of any hard chemicals, this brand promises thicker, fuller, and healthier hair to people. In a way, this shampoo is great because there are no chances of the user contracting any kind of allergies because of the natural products they use in the preparation of this shampoo. You have this shampoo using ingredients like green apple, soya, walnut bark, etc. for its formulation. Priced at INR 124 for a 200 ml bottle makes it an affordable product as well.

09. Himalaya Herbal:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

Himalaya Herbal Shampoo is at No. 9 in the list. Made from pure herbs, this shampoo does not contain any kind of inorganic chemicals. This Company has a reputation of producing some of the finest skin care and cosmetic products in India. Using natural ingredients such as grape seed, aloe vera, goose berries, etc., Himalaya manufactures some of the best anti hair fall shampoos in India. The fact that it contains natural products alone ensures that the consumers do not develop any allergies. You get this shampoo in virtually all retail shops across the country. Priced in the range of INR 100 to INR 1500 depending on the quantity, many people have switched over to this brand.

08. Clinic Plus:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

Hindustan Unilever is one of the biggest manufacturers of cosmetic products in India. Renowned for manufacturing soaps and detergents, they have had their forays into the shampoos and other cosmetic care products as well. We have one such product, Clinic Plus Shampoo at the No. 8 spot in this list of the best shampoo brands in India. Known to contain milk protein that prevents hair fall, The Clinic Plus Shampoo comes in three types, Health, Anti-dandruff, and Normal. The best part of this shampoo is that you get them in disposable sachets for INR 1 to bottles priced at INR 180. Many Indians prefer to use this shampoo to arrest their hair fall.

07. Head & Shoulders:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

When you have a Hindustan Unilever product in the list, its principal rival Proctor and Gamble cannot be far behind. Producing one of the best shampoos for removing dandruff, Head and Shoulders is the flagship brand of Proctor and Gamble. Having its origins in the US, this shampoo brand has made great inroads in the Indian market. The shampoo contains the chemical, Zinc Pyrithione, the principal chemical to prevent the recurrence of dandruff. One of the most popular brands of shampoos in India, Head and Shoulders is at No. 7 in this list. You get these shampoos in small plastic sachets of INR 3 and in bottles as well ranging up to INR 475 for a 675 ml bottle.

06. Sunsilk Co-Creation:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

You have another Unilever product at the No. 6 spot in the list. Sunsilk, one of the oldest shampoo brands in India has made its reappearance in a new form, Sunsilk Co-Creation. There are six different types of Sunsilk shampoos available in the market. Each of these types promulgates a particular advantage such as anti-hair fall, ant-dandruff, etc. One of the best Indian shampoos in the market, Sunsilk has the capacity to arrest the typical hair problems and nourish the hair perfectly. Starting from a disposable sachet priced at INR 1, you have the 650 ml bottles as well priced at INR 350. This makes this shampoo an affordable one.

05. Pantene Pro-V:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

Pantene Pro-V is an excellent brand of shampoo in the Indian market. It provides some of the best solutions to breakage of hair and hair fall. Dryness of the hair is the main cause of breakage of hair. One should keep the hair nourished at all times. The Pantene Pro-V formula ensures that the hair gets adequate nourishment thereby resulting in healthy hair. These qualities make the Pantene Pro-V make a mark at the No. 5 position in this list. This is an affordable shampoo with a 650 ml bottle costing not more than INR 320.

04. TRESemme:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

TRESemme is a popular brand of shampoo in recent times. Many youngsters experience problems of split hair. This shampoo is one of the best ones equipped to treat this problem. This is a worldwide famous brand having made its presence very recently in India. However, in the short time, it has been in the country, it has climbed to the No. 4 spot as far as popularity is concerned. You have six different kinds of shampoos to treat six types of hair problems. Hair care experts have voted for this shampoo as the best when it comes to treating all kinds of hair such as curly, wavy, and straight. Available at a cost of INR 353 for a 580 ml bottle, people can certainly afford to use one.

03. Dove:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

Unilever literally rules the roost as far as shampoos and other cosmetic products are concerned. We have one of their stellar products, Dove at No. 3 in this list of the best shampoo brands in India. One of the youngest shampoos in the market, they have certainly made great inroads. The credit for the success of this product should go to the marketing campaign that concentrated on projecting this shampoo as a women’s product. This appealed to a huge section of the population making it one of the best shampoos in India at present. The presence of milk cream in the shampoo has added to its attractiveness.

02. Matrix Biolage:

Best Shampoo Brands In India

One of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products, Matrix has come up with this brand of shampoo, Matrix Biolage. Originally an American brand, they have a great presence in India as well with a majority of the salons stacking up its products in great numbers. Matrix Biolage shampoo has the reputation of catering to all kinds of hair problems such as oily, dry, and frizzy hair. An expensive brand of shampoo by Indian standards, you get a 400 ml bottle for INR 988. In spite of its higher cost, this brand of shampoo has become famous enough to merit the No. 2 place in this list.

01. L’Oreal Paris:

Best Shampoo Brands In India 2019

When you speak of cosmetic products in the world, one name should come on everyone’s lips. That name is L’Oreal Paris. Having made its presence felt all over the world, this brand has literally swamped the Indian market as well. Offering its solutions to various kinds of hair problems, this brand has lived up to its reputation of being the best in the world. Available in 5 different types, this brand is an affordable one as well with a 450 ml bottle costing INR 457. These factors make this shampoo the best one in India, fit to occupy the No. 1 spot in this list of the best shampoo brands in India

Just as we need nourishment to grow, our hair needs the requisite nourishment as well. The shampoos can present the perfect care by keeping the hair clean and healthy. The various conditioners and Ayurvedic products used in the shampoos can go a long way in rectifying any kind of normal hair problem. This explains why an overwhelming majority of Indians use at least one brand of shampoo listed above.


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